What To Do To Get Your Boat Ready for Winter

What To Do To Get Your Boat Ready for Winter

by Travelon Jo

Owning a boat is a privilege and with that comes responsibility including having to get it ready for winter. When the summer boating season is done, there are several steps you must take to ready your boat to get through the winter in good condition.

Find a Storage Solution

While you can leave your boat outside in the winter, your best bet for keeping it in good condition is to watercraft storage Middle River MD. Storing your boat indoors over the winter will protect it from the elements. Your boat will also be safe from thieves and storage can help prevent any pests from nesting in your galley. If you want to be sure your boat will be as you left it, storage may be the thing for you.

Winterize the Boat

Another part of getting your boat ready for winter is to winterize it. This includes draining water cooling systems, especially the air conditioning system. You should also wash the exterior of the boat to remove saltwater residue and protect the finish. You need to either make sure the batteries are fully charged or take them home with you to give a booster charge over the winter. Finally, you should top off the fuel tank so you can get going when the boat’s back in the water.

Remove Anything Valuable

Finally, remove any valuables you have onboard. The things you won’t want to leave behind are fishing equipment, any water toys you have as well as electronics. You should also take home clothing and other fabric items to clean and prevent from getting mildew over the winter. The last thing you want is to come back on board to smelly clothes and mildewed sheets and towels.

The end of the boating season is always sad and having to get it ready for winter but enjoy the season with your family. As you know, spring will be back before you know it! Remember to follow these steps and you will be out on the water, enjoying yourself, before you know it.

Travelon Jo
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