Walt Disney World Vacation

Walt Disney World Vacation – Best Time to Go?

Walt Disney World VacationThe first step to an enjoyable Walt Disney World vacation is to know which attractions and activities best suit your kid’s ages and development stages, then take in just enough to leave your family enchanted and not on the verge of collapse!

I believe kids between 5-12 years of age get the most bang for the buck but all ages will find it enjoyable with proper planning. The Disney site has some great information with an outline of which Disney Attractions, Disney Entertainment, Disney Dining and Disney Recreation is most suitable for various age groups including Preschoolers, and Big Kids and Teens.

I cannot stress the importance of planning ahead of time to which Theme Parks you want to visit on what days and what attractions you want to take in while there.


When is the best time to Go on a Walt Disney World Vacation?

“The best time to go to Disney World, if you want to avoid huge crowds, is 1962.” – Dave Barry

The second step to a perfect Disney Vacation is to decide on the best time travel to Disney World.

The time of year that you go can make or break a visit to Disney World Vacation. Let’s face it; if your kids are off on a school break like summer holidays or spring week, chances are, everyone else’s kids are too. The time of year will affect the price that you will pay for the accommodation. It will also make a difference to the lengths of the line-ups!

If at all possible, take your kids out of school and travel in off peak times. As a general rule, the peak times are when schools have their breaks, and there are varying opinions about off peak times.

According to Disney, the lowest attendance periods are:

  • January (except New Year’s Day) until just prior to Presidents’ Week in February
  • The week following Labor Day until the week prior to Thanksgiving
  •  The week following Thanksgiving until mid-December.

 Peak Attendance is during:

  • Presidents’ week in February
  • Mid March through Late April (“Spring Break”)
  • Memorial Day weekend
  • Mid June through Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and weekend
  • Christmas week through New Year’s Day.

Any times not mentioned here would have moderate attendance. Another thing to consider when planning your Disney Vacation is that special events and promotions going on at Disney World can also influence attendance so be sure to find out if any special is planned during the time you plan to go.

The next step in planning your Walt Disney World vacation is figuring out which Walt Disney World Hotels to stay at.

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