Walt Disney World Hotels – On Site or Off Site?

Walt Disney World Hotels Walt Disney World Hotels – The third step to a perfect Disney Vacation is to decide on which type of accommodation you want.

An important consideration in your planning is deciding whether you are going to stay on-site at a Walt Disney World Hotel or off-site at Walt Disney World.

Staying on-site means staying at one the official Walt Disney World Resorts.

The advantages of staying on-site include you are living the Disney experience 24/7, the parks are closer enabling you to get back for rest times, service and quality is usually excellent, special privileges such as central billing, ability to purchase the Ultimate Hopper Pass, and Disney merchandise delivery to your room.

The advantages of an off-site Disney stay include not living the Disney experience 24/7, more choice and variety of accommodations at usually a lower price, more access to non-Disney entertainment and restaurants.

It is really a matter of personal choice and the cost factor. I would recommend that families with very young children do stay on-site because of the ease of transportation and the convenience factor.

Be sure to read TripAdvisor reviews of hotels in Orlando, Florida.

Another option to hotel rooms for Walt Disney World hotels Vacation is an Orlando Vacation Home rental. They can be a large cost savings and are especially useful for families who do not wanting to cram into a hotel room for a week or two. You have an entire house spread out in!

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