Travel with Toddlers Stay Sane

Travel with Toddlers: 5 Ways to Stay Sane


Travel with toddlers in tow can be stressful and demanding however with the proper planning, it can be made a lot easier. We have some tips on planning for your vacation with a toddler!

You are all set for exploring fun and frolic at the travel destination that you have been longing for, but does the very thought of travelling with your toddler give you cold feet? Don’t panic. If you plan properly, your little ones will only add to your experience of travelling and having a great time. It can be challenging, but not impossible to manage a toddler on vacation. Here are some of the tips to handle toddlers and have a stress free vacation:

1. Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

The first and foremost thing that you must realize is that you are wired totally different from your toddler. Their attention span, bladder, and patience are nowhere near your levels. A toddler will need to stretch, sleep, eat, go the potty, or get their diaper changed frequently. So don’t hesitate to take breathers as much as possible during travel to give your toddler what they need.

If you don’t, they are GUARANTEED to get cranky and their tantrum is bound to spoil your mood and possibly your trip.


2. Try to Plan around Your Toddlers Schedule

It just makes a lot of sense if your travel plans revolve around your toddler’s routine. If it’s possible try driving or flying through the night when your little one will be asleep. Otherwise, organize your departure long before or after nap time. Make sure to try to feed them at their regular meal time and not just when it is convenient for you. Again, by planning ahead and keeping them rested and fed will avoid bouts of crankiness.

3. Stick to Your Toddler’s Routine on Your Vacation

Try to follow your toddler’s daily routine to make them feel as much at home as possible in an unfamiliar place. They may also feel at ease when you stick to your daily routine. For example, if you always read a book before going to bed, continue to do so when you are on your vacation.

You can also make the hotel crib or bed comfortable for your toddler by getting warm blankets and stuffed animals for cuddling. Tip: Make sure that you bring along a childproofing kit and plug-in night light for the bathroom.

4. Stay Calm and Cool At the Airport and Your Toddler Will Too

If you are going to fly, it is best to familiarize toddlers with airplanes in advance by showing them pictures of an airplane and telling them interesting stories about it. Narrate to them in a fun way, facts about the beeping metal indicators and x-ray machines. When it is the time to pass through them, ask your spouse to lead the way, so that the toddler is convinced about the safety of the process.

Have a sippy cup or bottle ready for them for take off and landing to help equalize pressure in their ears. Bring along some new and favorite toys (non-noisy!) for the flight to keep them busy.

5. Prepare Your Toddler for New Sights, Sips and Savors

If you’re traveling to a foreign destination with your toddler, gather pictures of landmarks, play local music and try serving local recipes to prepare your child of your upcoming adventure. If you are staying with friends or family they have not met before, make sure to show  toddlers photos of the people and pets before arriving to make them feel more comfortable around them. Remember, to your toddler, these are strangers. Children over 3  and older may want to help with planning your trip, so be sure to share information with them and let them choose some activities.

To summarize, keep your toddler rested and well fed, stick to a routine as much as possible, bring along toys and things to do and a favorite blanket or teddy. If you are relaxed and having fun, your toddler will take their cue from you and enjoy themselves too. Family vacations with toddlers can be fun with just a little planning ahead.

Travel with Toddlers Stay Sane



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