Pre Travel Family Talk

Pre Travel Family Talk

Pre-Travel Family Talk

A pre travel family talk can really be important. Safety matters are what we usually talk about to our children like as we walking to school, taking public transportation, going to the mall with friends or if a stranger approaches, you teach them what to do.

Before you go on a family beach vacation, to Disney World or on a family cruise, these type of lessons are very important to talk about.

During the pre–travel family pep talk, here are then some of the topics to discuss:

If you are for example taking a family trip to Disney World. There are going to be thousands of people there and it is a big park. There will be a lot of line ups and your kids might get bored and wader off.  

  • So in your talk, you should talk to your children about what they should do when they get lost whether it would a theme park or anywhere else you travel to. A security guard or a theme park employee should be who they should look for. You children will find them easily because they are quite noticeable.

The difference between friend and foe is not sometimes known to children.

  • Talk about the importance of not approaching any stranger – at any time. Tell your children to run and find you or a person in uniform if a stranger tries to get them to go with them somewhere.

Cell phone use can make all the difference in looking for your child in this day and age.

  • Give each one a phone if your children at that age where they know how to use a cellphone so that if they do get lost somewhere they can just give you a call and give you some clues on where they are. Another option is walkie talkies.

When there is something odd or interesting nearby, kids tend to wander off because it gets their attention.

  • When you say to them that they should stay in one place, it is for their protection and it is very important that they understand that.

Teens are the most prone to abduction according to statistics.

  • This is a family vacation and you must make that clear for your teenagers. It must be thoroughly explained to them that there might be predators out there who may be watching them and they need to stay alert for anything suspicious.

After the pre travel family talk, make sure you have a map of the area where you are going on vacation so that you and your kids can be familiar with the area. Once you arrive at the destination, pre plan meeting areas so everyone is prepared. Most important, have fun but also stay safe.

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