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Need a packing list travel for your family vacation? Not sure what to pack for your trip? It seems like so much work especially when packing for the whole family. To simplify travel packing and to avoid forgetting anything (my biggest stress when I pack) is to start with a list a few weeks ahead of time.

My trick to travel packing is that I start a note pad a couple of weeks before a trip of what I want to bring. As I think about the trip I remember, I want to bring those blue shorts, oh yes, sunglasses, that book from Aunt Mary, Jimmy should have his water shoes etc. As I randomly think of things, I write them down. By the time comes to pack, I already have most of my packing list for travel.

If you do not have the time or energy for this, its ok. We have complied this list for Family Packing List – Beach Vacation Print it out and when it comes time to pack, check off the items for everyone as they get packed. It has all the basics that you will need for your best family beach vacation. Add your own items that you want to bring. I find that using this packing list for travel alleviates a lot of work! There is a lot less chance of forgetting something.

What to Pack in Your Carry-On

A passport, for all travel outside the U.S., or your country of residence, for identification purposes


Driver’s License and/or other proper photo identification required for domestic travel

Insurance information

Credit cards

Travelers checks

Airline, Cruise or Train tickets

Itinerary with confirmation numbers and addresses and phone numbers of where you’ll be staying and home numbers

Small change or bills for tipping

Jewelry/ Camera and any other valuables which should not be packed in your suitcase

Prescription Medication

Prescription Glasses/ Sun Glasses

Chewing Gum to ease ear pressure for take off and landings


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Pack anything in your carry on that you cannot live without in case your luggage is lost or delayed (glasses, perscription meds etc)

Pack your valuables in your carry on. Do not pack valuables that can be stolen or money in your checked baggage

Do not pack anything in your carry on that could be considered a weapon like scissors – it will be confiscated

What to Pack when Traveling with a Baby

diapers, including lots for the plane trip in case you miss a connection

diaper rash cream

changing pad

ziploc bag for soiled clothes

baby wipes

receiving blankets

waterproof sheet

car seat



front-style baby carriers

lots of clothes, even for the plane ride, and a change of clothes for yourself on the plane, just in case!

formula, juice, water

bottles, nipples, bottle caps

sippy cup


pacifiers if needed


baby food, spoons, bowl with lid

lots of toys

empty backpack for day trips and outings

travel night-lite

Some more Packing Tips…

Very useful for everyone in the family are pants that become shorts when the bottom parts zips off.

Bring lots of t-shirts including a few oldies that can be thrown away.

Even in a hot climate, bring a jacket or sweater: air-conditioned restaurants and hotels can get cold.

You may think that you need everything but if you are really crunched for space, don’t pack anything that you can buy at your destination. Maybe you really don’t need that 100 pack of diapers, 24 might suffice for the beginning of your trip.

 Print out this Family Packing List – Beach Vacation  and travel right, don’t leave anything behind again!

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