Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness: Defining it and Prevention

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can strike anyone and especially kids. So what causes it and how can it be prevented? It is a common problem for people travelling in vehicles like cars, in other modes of transportation like trains, airplanes and it is most common in boat travel. When you have this type of sickness, it will happen without notice. It will start with a queasy feeling and then cold sweats. You then get dizzy and after that you will have nausea and start vomiting.

What causes it?

Motion sickness happens in your brain. It senses movement by the signals that are given through body parts like your ears, eyes, muscles and joints. When those signals get mixed up and your brain gets confused, you then get motion sickness. A particular example would be a boat when you are down below. The inner ears will sense the motion of the boat but the eyes cannot tell if it is moving.

How to prevent it

There are several steps that you should follow so that you would have minimal chance of having air sickness, sea sickness or any other kind while travelling. Here are some of those steps that you can follow:

  • First you should have a good breakfast before you leave. Not a full breakfast but just good breakfast should be fine.
  • You should bring something to eat or drink that has ginger in it. Some suggest to bring along a mini – six – pack of ginger ale should be good. You should sip a bit once in a while so that your stomach will settle down. Or you could eat some ginger cookies, biscuits or candy. Anything with ginger in it should be great.
  • Rest for a while if you are travelling by car. Make a pit stop and make the person affected sit on the front seat.
  • Open a window so that fresh air can get in.
  • Look out at the window and focus on something outside it like the sky.

When someone or you get motion sickness, always remember these tips and just relax. Your family beach vacation or wherever you are has not been ruined, this too shall pass.

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