De Palm Island Aruba Waterpark

Some Kid Friendly Attractions in Aruba

Kid Friendly Attractions in Aruba
Arikok National Park Aruba

For a family that wants to find kid friendly attractions in Aruba, no place could be better than Aruba for a family beach vacation. It is a Caribbean island near Valenzuela and which is an autonomous dependency of the Netherlands. Although it is known as a popular destination for romantic getaways and the occasional wild night with friends, it is also child-friendly.

The place is also quite suitable for those of you who want to go on a simple family beach vacation or even just stay in an all-inclusive family resort. If you opt to visit the island for your family trip, make sure to check out the following kid friendly attractions in Aruba.

Archaeology Museum Aruba

Aruba has many museums. One is the Historical museum, the other Archaeological Museum, the Numismatic Museum and the Aruba Model Train Museum. Of these four museums available, the one your kids will most likely enjoy the most is the Archaeological Museum.

It has one of the largest exhibits of ceramic, shell and stone artifacts in the area and also boasts of exhibits which exemplify and portray the region’s various customs, beliefs and traditions – even those which date back to its earliest people and first cultures. The Model Train Museum may also pique their interest, though it is a museum of a much smaller scale.

Arikok National Park

The Arikok National Park has three particular areas of interest, the Aruba lava formation, the quartz diorite formation and a limestone formation. It also has several species of animals found solely on the island of Aruba, which your kids will love to learn about.

The Butterfly Farm Aruba

This particular butterfly farm, while being known as one of the most kid friendly attractions in Aruba will also surely be enjoyed by parents and older children. The farm’s design allows for visitors to actually walk through garden-like areas where the various species of butterflies fly free in all their glory.

The simplicity and beauty of the place is sure to make any one person happy. One can also learn a lot about these beautiful winged creatures at the farm.

Ostrich Farm

Who doesn’t love ostriches, right? Aruba’s ostriches are some of the most wonderful animals to watch. The farm allows children to learn more about these creatures and also to experience feeding the ostriches and seeing them interact with each other. It is certainly one of the kid friendly attractions in Aruba worth visiting.

De Palm Island

De Palm Island Aruba Waterpark
De Palm Island Aruba Waterpark

This island has one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Caribbean. Its Palm Beach is known for having pristine white sand and the calmness of its waters make for excellent swimming conditions. Such makes it especially safe for those parents who wish to take their young children swimming.

Even if your family opts not to stay on said island, many of the resorts and the hotels in the area offer the use of their public areas for changing into swimwear. The beachfront is also quite accessible by bus, car, or taxicab.

In addition to a glorious beach the is snorkelling, banana boat rides, sea trek underwater helmet walk, snuba, a water park, organized daily activities and a full all you can eat buffet and open bar. Oh and if all that make you tired, you can also get a massage.

Baby Beach

The Baby Beach is found on the southern tip of Aruba. It was named such because of the fact that the beach is not any deeper than 5ft at any point.

Many have likened it to a small wading pool and so it is a nice place to take your children to if they are not yet skilled swimmers or are too young to actually venture out into the deep ocean. Further out, is perfect for snorkelling and colorful fish abound.

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