Hawaii Bike Tours

Hawaii Tours by Bicycle

Hawaii Bike ToursIf you’re looking for a new way of Hawaii tours then try a Hawaii tour by bicycle. There are many others who come to this island state to engage in vigorous activities in an environment they simply can’t find elsewhere just like cycling tours.

Scuba diving, hang gliding, rock climbing, hiking and more are all popular here. But few sports-oriented vacationers are quite as fanatical about their chosen love as cyclists. And, given the natural beauty they ride through, one can hardly be surprised.

Cycling is so popular here that if a visitor didn’t want to rent a bike, he or she could buy one and sell it back with ease before they left. So, there’s no reason to complain that rentals just don’t offer the perfect option.

Enjoy one of the 350 sunny days per year offered by Hawaii.

Then take off along any of the over 500 miles of smooth paved roads. Travel through rainforests, over mountain passes or even along the rim of a live volcano. Enjoy the scenery and the view of the volcano with your family to make your Hawaii family vacation complete.

Routes are vetted – and frequently traveled – by cycling experts that lead the tours. These aren’t just reservation takers. They’re frequent and enthusiastic cyclists themselves. They give you a lot of interesting tidbits about the landscape and local history along the way.

Imagine meeting just north of Kona on a Sunday morning at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott on the Kohala Coast. Then it’s off to Waimea for a ride down the old scenic byway with the sun at your shoulder. Along the way you’ll travel over rolling hills and get a great view of the Waipio Valley.
Hawaii Cycling Tours
Bike Tours on the island of Hawai’i – CLICK HERE!

Pause and look down the thousand-foot cliffs. Look out and take in the clear blue sky and white-capped waters. Then take off to a lush, tropical paradise and enjoy the view of one of the island’s spectacular waterfalls. Continue on across the roads of Hawaii’s large farms as you see a sea of sugar cane. Travel on and ride through large papaya plantations.

Travel up the coast to Hilo and finish your ride at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel. Book a room and enjoy the oceanfront view overlooking Hilo Bay for the evening before you head back in the morning. The Hawaii tours like the cycling tours can take overnight so be sure you have packed up your stuff.

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There are routes on several of the major islands that offer equally dramatic views, equally thrilling rides. You may want a smooth, easy journey along the roads of Oahu. Done. Or, you may want to really get that heart pumping not just from the view but the exercise. Ride up near Haleakala Crater then hike up and stay in one of the cabins in the park.

See Akaka Falls on Highway 19. Or, enjoy the Lava Coast of Puna near Pahoa not far from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Take the Old Mamalahoa Highway to Honokaa. Have a bite to eat at the Tex Drive-In then plunge ahead.

Whether you want a short, two-hour ride or an all day marathon there are cycle tours in Hawaii to suit your style. Just hop on and pedal away! Also, Hawaii tours like the cycling tours for your family provides everyone with a fun and healthy activity and also a part of your family vacation.


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