Getaway to Balboa Island

Getaway to Balboa Island

There are many islands off the coast of California, but only one has the distinction of being manmade. It was built up from sand and silt in 1902 and was intended as a getaway for LA’s movie star crowd, including Shirley Temple.

Victorian Houses

The charming island is covered with gorgeous Victorian cottages as well as full-size houses. If you do a search online and like what you see, you might want to investigate short term rental properties Balboa Island. You will have your choice of waterfront or inland rentals.

Balboa is a relatively small, but charming island with the distinction of having a sidewalk all the way around it.

Amusement Park

The island boasts one of the few remaining coastal amusement parks called the Balboa Fun Zone. Included among the attractions is a seaside Ferris wheel and an arcade. There’s also a nautical museum, a place to rent bikes and boarding for a harbor cruise ship.

To get to the island there’s a vintage ferry that looks more like a toy than an actual mode of transportation.

Balboa Bar

One thing you really need to eat while there is the Balboa Bar. There are actually two stands that sell this giant slab of chocolate-covered ice cream on a stick. Both Dad’s and Sugar ‘N’ Spice claim to be the original makers of this enormous treat. They are only 100 feet away from each other and battle about it every summer.

Sugar ‘N’ Spice also has the distinction of selling frozen chocolate-covered bananas on a stick.

You may never have heard of Balboa Island before but it’s been a popular destination since the 1920s. It’s a big change from city life and you may feel both as if you are in a small town and have also somehow gone back in time.

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