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How to Plan Family Weekend Getaways in 5 Steps

plan family getawayFamily weekend getaways can be a lot of fun.Family vacations don’t have to be expensive or elaborate.Sometimes, all you need is each other, a sense of adventure, and few really great ideas.The success of any vacation however, depends largely on how well you plan for the trip.

If you take the trouble to think things through, you’ll end up making the most of your time and your budget. Here’s how to plan your family weekend getaways.

1. Set a budget for your Getaway

It doesn’t have to be very large, but it is absolutely essential for you to have a budget.Establish the amount of money that you can afford to spend on your vacation, and plan your trip around that instead of doing it the other way around.

This way, your little trip won’t cause any cash flow problems when you get back.Remember not to cut it too close – leave a little leeway since you’re almost sure to spend a bit more than you intended.

2. Find a destination

The ideal destination for a weekend getaway is someplace that’s not too far from home yet different enough from your everyday surroundings to be exciting.Ask your friends or search for nearby attractions such as theme parks, state fairs, or natural features like lakes, beaches, or camping grounds.

Try to find a spot where there are a variety of family-friendly activities to keep you and your children occupied.

3. Book accommodations in advance

It might seem like a fun idea to drive around when you get to your destination and pick your hotel on a whim. However, this rarely works out well, especially when you have kids. If you don’t make reservations at a hotel, you might be forced to settle for a less-than-ideal room or rate.

If you book in advance, you may also be able to avail of special rates or find a package deal for families.Try to find a family resort if you can.

4. Plan for transportation

How will you get to your destination?You may be able to drive, or perhaps take a bus, a train, or even an airplane. The closer the location, the less you may have to spend.Certainly, a shorter trip will be easier for everyone especially if you have younger children.

If you’re taking the care, make sure you have a budget for gas and that your vehicle is in good condition.

5. Prepare your necessities

You’ll need some essentials for your family weekend getaways, including a first aid kit, maintenance medication if any, baby formula, diapers, and a bunch of other things that you or your kids can’t live without.Try to pack light, but don’t think that you can buy all the supplies you need on the road.

Things are more expensive in convenience stores and you may not be able to find your usual brands or favourite variants of a product.

Find more tips on weekend getaways for other family vacation ideas.

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