So you are considering some family vacations with teens but do they want to go on vacation with you? Ahh…..that seems to be half the battle. Teenagers can be hard to please and are sometimes a bit ah…well….a bit demanding. And let’s face it, a dissatisfied teen can seriously disrupt a happy family vacation.

Family Vacations With Teens

There is good news however, vacationing with teens can be more enjoyable if you pick the right resort, cruise or destination and take steps to ensure that they are onboard with the family vacation on a whole. How to do this you ask?

First, talk to them about what’s important for them. For some teens, a video game center or spa treatments might be what they want most.

Others may want a vacation where they can experience more adventure such as rock climbing. Most teens will definitely want the opportunity to meet new people their own age and have the freedom to spend some time on their own.

And ultimately, they usually want to do some cool stuff that they can come home and tell their friends about. These make the best family vacations with teens.

Check out the picture below taken on one of our family vacations. We were on a cruise and one of the stops was Cozumel, Mexico. We did an excursion where you drive the dune buggy to the beach and then go snorkeling – do you think our teen loved it – you bet he did!

Vacations With Teens

Points to keep in mind when going on family vacations with teens:

Pick a large resort.

Pick a large resort. Teens will generally be happiest in a very large resort because there will be more to do and there is a higher probability of finding other teens of the same age.

Make sure there is a good beach and a lively pool area

Make sure there is a good beach and a lively pool area. To have some ability to roam around within the resort, is often the best medicine for a teenager on holiday.

Give the some space – maybe more than you think

Give the some space – maybe more than you think. The primary motivation is often to “lose my parents for a while”, so why not give them that privilege. It’s their holiday too!

Pick a resort based on the amenities and activities

Pick a resort based on the amenities and activities. Is your teen interested in scuba diving? Playing tennis? What about snorkeling? Maybe dancing hip hop? Pick a resort that matches such interests.

Some older teens like no-kids resorts

Some older teens like no-kids resorts: Breezes, for example, has several resorts for ages 14 and up. If they however have younger siblings, a resort that caters to various age groups will keep them out of each other’s hair.

Bring a friend

Bring a friend.Consider taking a friend along for your teen. Everyone might have a better time. It may also may you feel more secure knowing they are not roaming around alone – make sure they follow the buddy system.

Ease up

Ease up! Vacations are supposed to be fun. Bend the rules a bit, give them space, let them sleep in – it’s only for a week or two, they will love you for it.

Some Ideas for Family Vacations with Teens

To make all this much easier for you, we have some recommended family vacation resorts that are great for family vacations with teens, suggestions for the best cruise vacations for teenagers and other family vacation ideas with teens in mind.


If you teens like to try new things, enjoy tennis, rock climbing or anything active – then they will love the Bahamas Breezes resort.

Club Med

Club Med was the pioneer of the all inclusive resort. It still is a leader with over 80 villages around the world. Some are geared for teens with lots of activities for them.

Beaches Resorts

This chain of luxury all inclusive resorts will have kids of all ages, including your teenagers, going from morning to night with activities suited perfectly for each age group.

Dreams La Romana

The family all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic has a Teens only club which hosts teen only events like dance parties and bonfires.

Dreams Sugar Bay

This family all inclusive is a great place to take teens. It has a Teen only club with sports, entertainment and nightly events.

Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach

Be sure to check out this resort in the Dominican Republic with a dedicated teen club, 3 pools and scuba diving, your teens will not be bored!

Best Cruises For Teens

Cruises are perfect for all ages – from toddler to grandparents – there are some great ones that we recommend for teens.

Carnival Cruises for Teens

Find out why your teenagers will love a Carnival Cruise

Walt Disney World For Teens

Here are some of the great things to do with teenagers at Walt Disney World.

A Family Vacation in Ocean City Maryland has it all

With over 10 miles of beautiful and unspoiled beaches to enjoy, Ocean City is all about family vacation. The 3 mile boardwalk is ranked one of the Best Boardwalks in America and it is loaded with amusement parks and an arcade. An ideal place to take kids of all ages including teens.

Travel with Teens – Our Top Three Tips
Travel with teens does not have to stressful. Yes they can be moody and “too cool” to have fun, but if you plan it right, they will be having such a blast – they will forget that they are not supposed be enjoying spending time with the family!

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