Family Vacations in the South Pacific

Family Vacations in the South Pacific – Idle in the Islands of Enchantment

Family vacations in the South Pacific Islands can be found in the vast blue stretch of the Pacific Ocean between Australia and the Hawaiian Islands. Scattered across the world’s biggest ocean, the South Pacific Islands have acquired near celebrity  status for their natural beauty – especially the beaches.

Extending westwards across the Pacific beginning from Polynesia to Micronesia and Melansia are the South Pacific Islands comprising of several gems such as Tahiti, Tonga, Vanuatu, Niue, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, and Solomon Islands.

The charm of a family vacation in South Pacific is in its pristine beaches, warm hospitality of the charming islanders, turquoise lagoons, and safe political, social, and natural environment.

If you are planning for a family vacation in South Pacific, be ready for exciting adventures, exploring tropical scenery, climbing high mountains, watching traditional fishing villages, and standing besides gushing waterfalls.

If you are a sports enthusiast, then there are ample of activities for you including scuba diving, surfing, and fishing.

These islands serve as ideal family vacations in the South Pacific because of their remoteness from the world’s buzz and because of their luxury accommodation at various resorts.

Family vacations in the South Pacific are also very popular because of the tropical and warm climate with only modest temperature changes between seasons.

A family vacation in the South Pacific is not just about chilling out in palm fringed beaches, sunbathing in the golden sand, and swimming in the crystal clear lagoons. It is rather an experience, very unique.

Family beach vacations in South Pacific offer everything that adults and children can aspire for – starting from world class surfing, diving, sailing, swimming, river rafting and going on to explore the magnificent tropical rain forests.

Moreover, the environment of the South Pacific is such that the parents can relax while children have fun, as there are no dangers of poisonous insects, tropical diseases, crimes, and terrorism.

These things have contributed a great deal to make family holidays in the South Pacific a popular choice.

When is the Best Time to Visit the South Pacific?

Although the South Pacific is hot and humid most of the year with warm seas and clear skies, the best time to visit is generally between April and November when the weather is driest. The exception to this is French Polynesia, where the peak season is shorter and runs from June to August.

South Pacific Vacation
South Pacific Vacation

Top South Pacific Family Vacations Tips:

  • Of all the islands in South Pacific, Fiji is the most popular among tourists and attracts millions of visitors every year that comprise both of holiday makers and families. Fiji has some great all purpose family resorts with all day kids clubs and the Fijians make great entertainers. With year round sunny weather, Fiji is a popular South Pacific spot.
  • When we talk about family friendly resorts in Fiji, the word “Bure” will often pop up. Bures will come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and floor plans but generally speaking a bure is a stand alone cabin or cottage.  Many family resorts in Fiji offer this type of accommodation.
  • If you are looking for a truly stress-free family vacation in a tropical island setting, where your every want is anticipated and seen to, check out the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji. This 5-star luxury resort has separate family facilities and dining rooms AND children under the age of 6 is assigned a personal nanny
  • Island Tahiti is the second largest popular island and has a majority of travelers coming from France.
  • The Cook islands are also favorite among the tourists because of their well-developed infrastructure. The Cook islands welcomes more than 1,00,000 tourists every year.
  • However, Samoa and Tonga islands are relatively undeveloped and appeal only to holiday makers looking at budget family vacation in South Pacific.
  • The Cook Islands are currently known as the cheapest South Pacific paradise for travelers. The currency on these islands is all in New Zealand Dollars
  • Rarotonga is well-loved — especially among New Zealanders — as a family-friendly destination, for good reason. It’s very chill for a family vacation.
  • Families traveling to Vanuatu tend to like Port Vila, which is the capital. There are many activities for small children there, and even resorts where, for a few dollars, you can use facilities like swimming pools, playgrounds and private beaches. Older children and teenagers will enjoy staying on Espiritu Santo, the largest island of Vanuatu, where you can dive to a shipwreck and enjoy great beaches and much more.
  • There’s lots of roomy accommodation in Tonga, and plenty of things to keep kids entertained and busy (caves, snorkels, boats, lagoons…). The food is delish, and the Tongans love kids and families!
  • French Polynesia resorts cater to families. The best destinations are Hauru Beach on Moorea with its all tide swimming lagoon and watersports, and Matira Beach on Bora Bora – be sure to visit the lagoonarium where you can swim with manta rays and reek sharks!.
  • From theme parks and family-friendly resorts to activities intended for every age, your family is guaranteed a great time in Australia. When it comes to the best family vacation destinations, Australia ranks pretty high.
  • Another way to visit this area is on a family friendly cruise!
  • With an excellent climate, varied attractions both urban and scenic, and friendly, outgoing people, the South Pacific is a great choice for a family vacation. And everyone speaks English!

South Pacific Islands Map

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Family Vacations to the South Pacific


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