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3 Tips for Planning Family Vacations in Tahiti

Family Vacations in TahitiFamily vacations in Tahiti can be truly an adventure.Tahiti is an island paradise that lies in the South Pacific that offers a number of unforgettable experiences for your next family beach vacation. Tahiti is a an island formed from volcanic activity, and much like Hawaii it offers you awe-inspiring views of mountains and coral reefs, as well as stretches of black sand beach.

It is most famous for being a honeymoon location, but in recent years it has begun to attract families in search of some fun under the sun as well. The following tips for family vacations in Tahiti should come in handy if you ever decide to visit.

1. Stay within reach of modern conveniences.

Sure, travel means living on the wild side once in a while. However, you should save roughing it for times when you do not have your kids in tow. Unless your children are teenagers or all grown up, it is best to stay on the main island rather than visit the outlying areas, which may be far from modern conveniences or indeed, of medical care, and other emergency needs. Note that the big hospital is on Tahiti Island itself, and that flights from smaller islands may not be as frequent as you would prefer.

Children can get sick while travelling, and they often get bored, act up, or refuse to eat what is in front of them. Make sure that you have easy access to bottled water, familiar packaged foods, or quick fixes like an arcade or a television set to amuse them when they get cranky.

2.  Be smart when booking accommodations.

As with any island popular with tourists, rooms in Tahiti can get pretty pricey. To stay within your budget, choose bungalows or rooms that come with beds for more than two people. A large room with two queen beds or an apartment-style accommodation that comes with its own kitchenette will be just right.

Tahiti Family Vacations

A kitchenette even gives you the added bonus of preparing your own food now and then so you do not have to eat out for every meal.

Overwater bungalows are popular in Tahiti, and indeed, there is no better way for you to enjoy the utter tranquillity and beauty of the island. However, they can be dangerous if you have small children, or if your middle-schoolers or teenagers tend to horse around especially if they are not strong swimmers.

3.  Choose a family resort in Tahiti.

Family vacations in Tahiti are for mom and dad to reconnect or to spend some peaceful time on their own too.

To spare you from having to constantly run after or monitor your children, find a family resort that has a kids’ club or offers babysitting services.  This way, your kids are safe and occupied while you can enjoy some guilt-free time to yourself.

Family vacations in Tahiti are a lot of fun, particularly if you are well-prepared.  Follow the simple tips above to lessen your stress and increase pleasure during your holiday.

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