Family Vacations in Martinique

Family Vacations in Martinique

Family Vacations in Martinique

You will enjoy family vacations in Martinique which has an average temperature of approximately 26c/78f degrees. You need to be careful however not to hit the rainy season as this could severely limit your enjoyment of what this beautiful island has to offer.

Humidity various between 80-87%. From June until November Martinique is prone to daily heavy showers, with September being the wettest month of the year. With December through May being the busiest tourist months, you may have to decide if you prefer to have a small chance of showers at the beginning or end of the rainy season, or pay higher prices to mingle with larger groups of tourists during peak season. The further inland you go, the lower the temperatures are likely to be.

With an overall area of approximately 417 square miles Martinique is fairly large compared to some of the other Caribbean islands, but this allows you the opportunity to sample two very different sides to the island on your family beach vacation.

The capital of Fort-de-France is a huge hint to the main language spoken on the island.80% of the people here speak French and so if you or your children have studied French, this is a perfect holiday destination for them to try out their skills – of course the other main language of the island is Creole so you’re not likely to hear the locals speaking perfect classroom French.

Many of the tourists are French and so you’ll be able to listen to and exchange conversation in French with the other guests if you’d like some first hand real language experience on Caribbean family vacations in Martinique.

Fort-de-France was named the capital city after a volcano wiped out the existing capital of St. Pierre in 1902. This is a cosmopolitan city that offers a cultural backdrop of museums and architecture to the neighboring fishing villages.

Your family vacations in Martinique may center around the tree hammocks of Les Salines, but you should make sure that you make the effort to see the ruins that remain of the former capital St. Pierre.

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The Musee Vulcanologique shows what the city looked like prior the eruption of Mont Pelee (still active), as well as displaying artifacts taken from the rubble. The ruins themselves include what’s left of the 18th century theatre, and a jail cell that housed the only survivor of the volcano’s destruction!

Another day trip sure to make a memorable impression is the Route de la Trace which runs north from the capital. Here you’ll see the natural beauty of the flora native to the island, as well as experience the rainforest, and see the peaks of volcanic Piton du Carbet.

As with all of the Caribbean islands, your family vacations in Martinique are a great way to spend quality time together trying out new experiences such as diving and hiking. There’s also a number of places you can have the opportunity of a guided horseback adventure. Now that would be great!

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