family vacations in Guadeloupe

Family Vacations in Guadeloupe

Family Vacations in Guadeloupe

What about family vacations in Guadeloupe? The butterfly shaped island of Guadeloupe is the destination if you’re looking for contrasts. With each of its “wings” offering you a different type of scenery and climate, visit both and you’ve got a two holiday’s in one!

On one side you have Grande-Terre which is home to gentle rolling hills and beautiful beaches offering all kind of sporting activities.  all kind of sporting activities. On the other you have Basse-Terre with its rugged mountain backdrop and rainforest to explore.

A family beach vacation to Guadeloupe is perfect for any family who loves the outdoors because it offers so much diversity.

Unlike some of the other Caribbean islands, Guadeloupe has extreme differences in climate and this may affect the time of year you wish to go, especially if you are hoping to explore some of the more extreme parts of Basse-Terre. Temperatures in Pointe-a-Pitre range between a high of 28 and a low of 19 degrees in the winter, and a high of 31 and low of 23 in the summer.

With Basse-Terre being higher the temperatures there are lower, and it is also is subject to more rain than across on Grande-Terre (390 inches annually as opposed to 71 inches!) so if you’re intending to have a camping/hiking family vacation in Guadeloupe, make sure you seek out professional advice about the right time of year to go for the area you’re planning to explore.

For the perfect family vacations in Guadeloupe you should try to spend some time on both sides of this beautiful island. Focus your main holiday on the “wing” that best fits with your interests, but spend at least a couple of days exploring the terrain on the other side.

There are also a few islands for you to explore off the mainland that will give you the opportunity to see how life used to be before tourism hit the main island.

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On Grande-Terre, be sure to take some time out from your sunbathing and water sports to visit Porte d’Enfer. Also known as “Gate of Hell”, this is a stunning cove that’s sheltered by cliffs. It’s the perfect Caribbean backdrop for a family picnic, but watch out for the strong currents if you’ve got small children with you.

Pointe de la Grande Vigie is the islands most northerly point and on a clear day you can see all the way to Antigua about 45 miles away!

On Basse-Terre there are three main routes you can follow, but what you can’t miss on your family vacations in Guadeloupe is a visit to Parc National de la Guadeloupe.

With rainforest, jungle waterfall, swing bridge and even a small zoo, this is either a great place to spend a few days exploring, or just take a one day trip to get a feeling of being in another part of the world completely.

When considering your choices, a Caribbean family vacation in Guadeloupe may not immediately spring to mind, but take a look at what it’s got to offer- you’ll probably be surprised!

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