family vacations in Ecuador

Have the Best Family Vacations in Ecuador

family vacations in Ecuador
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One of the ideal places to have a family vacation is at the beach. What idea would be better than that of having your family vacations in Ecuador? The country’s official name is Republica del Ecuador and it is located in South America.

Its neighboring countries include Peru and Colombia, while the Pacific Ocean borders it to the West. As a tourist area, Ecuador is home to the Galapagos Islands, which, of themselves, hold many a family resort suitable for your family vacations in Ecuador.

Different areas in the county experience

Different climates, with mild weather around its valleys and mountains and a humid subtropical climate near its coast.

The Pacific coastal area, however, has severe rainy seasons so you should make sure not to have your family vacations in Ecuador during these times, if you plan on having a family beach vacation.

As for currency used, Ecuador has moved on from the peso to the US dollar and centavo coins issued by the Banco Central of Ecuador.

Traveling to Ecuador

Traveling to Ecuador is not as difficult, as there are two international airports in the country, one in Quito and the other in Guayaquil. The latter even opened a new airport last February 2013, though the highway to the airport will not be completed until 2014, making travel to the terminal a little bit difficult.

Guayaquil, where one of the international airports is located, is actually one of the most recommended places for people taking family vacations in Ecuador. It’s quite a city, with different museums, boardwalks and wide green areas.

Malecon 2000 is a walkway/boulevard located beside the Guayas River and has different forms of amusement for both the parents and children. There are several parks where the entire family can go, as well as monuments (La Rotunda, the Moorish clock tower, etc.) and the aforementioned museum.

For those families who want to just relax and eat, maybe watch a movie or shop, the Malecon 2000 is a perfect venue.

Of the various parks to visit, Parque Seminario is a well-known children’s favorite as it has a big population of reptiles.

If your family opts to go to the Galapagos Islands, you will not be disappointed. The Galapagos is composed of 14 main islands and a few other islets. The biodiversity in the area is amazing, with flora and fauna that any nature-loving family would love to discover. Many resorts can be found in the area as well, making it a perfect destination for those who just want to chill and bask in the rays of the sun.

Taking a trip to Ecuador for your family vacation will not be a decision you regret. From surfing to motorcycling to paragliding and hang gliding, the South American country has it all. Activities are not limited to those involving the water, as families can also opt to visit the Incan ruins, taste the various inexpensive seafood and other delicacies of the country.

Ecuador is a great experience not only for the nature and physical activities but also for the cultural exposure and lessons.

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