Curacao family vacation

Family Vacations in Curacao

Curacao family vacation


What about family vacations in Curacao? With the increase in tourism throughout the Caribbean it’s getting harder to see how the real people live, or rather lived there prior to the tourism boom.

With so much of the islands’ economies now balancing on the vacation service industry for tourists, the real Caribbean flavor is getting lost in many islands where there’s more of a newly painted theme park atmosphere.

If you choose to take your family vacations in Curacao however, you’ll have more of an authentic experience. Although you’ll be able to do many of the things you’d do on the other islands, you’ll also observe the island as a working community with industries that run parallel to but not necessarily crossing the tourism path.

Consequently, you’ll find that there is a good public transportation system in place around the island, but you’ll be sharing it with real people who are commuting to/from work rather than other vacationers getting dropped off at the next hotel or resort.

Best Time to Visit Curacao

With an average temperature of 28 degrees, it’s not overly hot in Curacao, but it’s customary for the highest temperatures to hit around noon, and for a breeze to cover the island at night. The regularity of the weather pattern means you can be much more confident about your clothing choice each morning on this Caribbean family vacation!Curacao Vacations

If you are adverse to rainfall then you should avoid making a reservation in Curacao during September to December. With the cruise ships having their high season between October and April, the best time for a family vacation is therefore somewhere between April and September!

Family Activities in Curacao

Curacao is one of the lesser tourist areas so although you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied, if you have children you should be aware that theme parks and activity centers won’t be found here. Many of the hotel resorts will have activities for children but you may find that these are expensive. However if your kids are happy in the water and playing on the shore, you’ll all have a great time.

One must see place for the family is the Curacao Sea Aquarium which is south of Willemstad. Whether you want to snorkel, dive or even have the opportunity to talk about the day you petted a sea lion, this is the place to go!

A relatively cheap thrill for family vacations in Curacao is to enjoy is taking the short 4 min ferry which operates when the Queen Emma Bridge opens to allow taller ships through its waters. The bridge swinging open is fascinating enough, but the full experience of being on the ferry is something that will add a little more color into your day.

Despite its non-traditional tourism reputation, Curacao is a great Caribbean destination for a family beach vacation. Partly because of the Caribbean feel, but also because it does mesh two very different environments together so well which allows family vacations in Curacao to get a feel for the real life beyond the normal bric-a-brac visitor driven façade.

Find the best deals, compare prices and read what other families have to say about hotels in Curacao.


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