Family Vacations in Seychelles
La Digue Beach

Family Vacations in Seychelles: What to Do

Family Vacations in Seychelles
La Digue Beach

What do people do on family vacations in Seychelles? If you’re planning a family beach vacation for this holiday season, then you can’t go wrong with this beautiful cluster of African islands that are set like jewels in the middle of the big blue sea.

There are lots of new things for you and your children to experience on this group of 16 islands known for having some of the best beaches in the world. But there’s more to do there than just lounge around on the sand or swim. Here are some fun activities for family vacations in Seychelles.

Enjoy the beaches in the Seychelles

Seychelles Family Vacations

Sun and sand are naturally one of the top attractions of the Seychelles, but as mentioned earlier, you can do more than just sunbathe or take a dip.You and your family will be delighted to find that you’re in the middle of Paradise – to get to the beach, you’ll got through lovely shaded valleys and see amazing granite rock formations before coming to stretches of fine what sand.

You can even rent a car and look for a secluded empty bay or bring along your snorkeling equipment to see the fish and coral.

Family Hiking in the Seychelles

There’s no better way to truly savour the teeming plant and animal life on the island than to take a hike with your kids through the luxuriant green foliage of Mahe on family vacations in Seychelles.

You’ll discover tropical birds with bright plumage, as well as species of harmless snakes and tiny frogs hiding in the plants.There are wonders big and small, including mountain peaks and ocean views. Try visiting the Seychellois National Park for a truly rewarding hike.

Go shopping

Shopping is an entirely gratifying experience, especially in an exotic location.Victoria is a charming town that serves as the capital of the Seychelles.Visit the outdoor market in the morning and get a chance to buy the freshest seafood as fishermen lay out the catch of the day.

There’s snapper, grouper, mackerel, and even the occasional shark.You’ll also get to feast your eyes and your palate on fresh fruit and vegetables like mangoes, coconuts, and unusual spices.

Try the Seychelles Nightlife (for the Parents)

Of course, no vacation would be complete without a bit of nightlife. If you pick a family-type resort, you can rest assured that your children are taken care of while you and your partner go out for a nice dinner and maybe a couple of drinks.

There are several fine restaurants and bars where you can indulge your taste buds and try some flavourful Creole cooking as well as international cuisine.

Of course, the rest of the usual island pursuits are open to you during family vacations in Seychelles.There are water sports for active teenagers or older children, including diving or waterskiing.If you’ve got younger ones along, they’ll surely love the chance to see underwater life during a leisurely cruise on a glass-bottomed boat.

To give your family a truly unforgettable experience, take them to the Seychelles.

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