Family Vacations 101

Family Vacations 101

Family Vacations 101Here is your family vacations 101 training – to have a successful family vacation, there are some basic rules to live by. Follow them and you and your family will have a great vacation. Travelling with kids can be made easier when you plan ahead with these tips.


The family vacation is a time-honored tradition, but many parents find themselves even more tired and worn out after the vacation than before it started. Travelling with kids can be very demanding. But it doesn’t have to be so tough. When you plan your next family vacation, use these tips to help make vacationing with kids a roaring success.

1. Choose your destination carefully.

Of course, you want to choose a place everyone will enjoy, but also think about the implications of your destination. If you’re going to the beach and you live in New Hampshire that would be quite different from going to the beach from Missouri. You have different options on where you go and how you get there.

Keep those needs in mind as you choose a destination.If you’re considering Disney World or another theme park, but your children are of widely differing ages, consult a guidebook to decide which park provides the best options for all your children.

2. Use the best transportation for your kids.

Travelling on a plane with a child can be a little challenging, but if your destination is more than a few hours away by car, flying may be the best option. Think through the various ways you can reach your destination, including renting a minivan for a more pleasant drive, or buying a DVD player for the back seat of your current car.

3. Pack carefully.

Travelling with kids sometimes means improvising, but try to keep that to a minimum by making sure everyone has appropriate clothing, shoes, books, toys, and medication. This last is absolutely critical, as a sick child can ruin even the best vacation.

4. Keep them occupied.

This may sound obvious, but the best way to keep kids happy on a trip is just to give them something to do. Pack activities and toys to keep them busy. If your kids are old enough, let them pick their favorite things, but make sure you check to insure that there are enough activities and enough different things to do and is part of family vacations 101.

5. Keep them fed and hydrated.

Tired, cranky kids are often hungry and thirsty kids. Whether you’re travelling by plane, car or train, carry along plenty of snacks and make sure the kids have enough to drink. Sugary soft drinks and even juice can increase thirst rather than really quench it, so make sure your kids get plenty of water, as well.

Travelling successfully with kids is really no different than travelling successfully without kids. You have to make sure everyone’s needs are met. Kids just have slightly different needs that may include that special blanket or a copy of their favorite comic book.

The main problem many parents have in taking a family vacation is not that their kids are misbehaving, but just that the trip and the kids are not compatible, either because the kids are bored, or because they’re tired, hungry, or thirsty. Taking care of all those contingencies makes for a fabulous trip.

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