Family Vacation to Jamaica

A Family Vacation to Jamaica the Kids Will Love

Family Vacation to Jamaica

When consideration a Caribbean destination for your annual holiday, a family vacation to Jamaica has to be close to the top of the list! Although most Caribbean islands are known for their beaches, and everyone expects tropical sunsets and turquoise blue oceans, Jamaica seems to have an added magic about it.

Is it the relaxed atmosphere, or the music of Bob Marley? Whatever it is, Jamaica in the western Caribbean is the holiday destination that dreams are made of! There’s no time of year when the weather isn’t good in Jamaica. There is a rainy season that runs between May to November, but rain usually comes down in showers that pass quickly and allow holiday makers to get on with their activities without too much upset.

The one exception to this is the Portland Parish area so if you’re intending to visit the quiet area of Port Antonio on Jamaica’s northeast coast, you may prefer to avoid the rainy season months as it can literally rain for days there. For tourists, high season is from Mid-December to around Mid-April, with Christmas being the most expensive time for visiting Jamaica.Jamaica Vacations

If music is something that is putting a family vacation to Jamaica high up your list of possible destinations, then you’ll want to visit Negril. With a myriad of water sports to explore by day, you’ll find the reggae keeps going all night.

If you’re in the Negril area you could take a rafting trip on the Great Morass, now there’s a memory just waiting to be made for your family vacation to Jamaica! Lovers of reggae won’t want to miss the tributes to Jamaica’s favorite son, Bob Marley. A visit to the Jamaican capital of Kingston will put you close to the Bob Marley Museum. At one time this museum was a recording studio where Marley recorded, but now it’s a tribute to his life and work.

Nature lovers will be captivated by the Ocho Rios area of Jamaica. Located on the eastern side of Montego Bay this is home to the world famous Dunn’s River Falls. Here you can stand and marvel at the sight of the waterfalls and limestone, or get into your swimsuit and take a dip in the waters at the bottom of the falls. Either way, it’s an experience you won’t regret or forget.

A family vacation to Jamaica is a great idea because it’s got something for everyone. From water sports, to family activities, from a bustling urban scene, to quiet get back to nature retreats. Whether you want to stay at an all-inclusive resort in one location for your entire vacation, or island hop to get a taste of what Jamaica is all about, you’re sure to want to come back another year!

Top Destinations for a Family Vacation to Jamaica

Jamaica Resorts – Jamaica Beach Vacations
Plan your next Jamaica vacation, find out where to go in Jamaica, which Jamaica resorts will suit your family and why Jamaica is a great place for a family beach vacation.

Family Vacation In Montego Bay
Family vacation in Montego Bay , or Mo Bay as it is usually referred to, is the center of Jamaican tourism and market town for a large part of western Jamaica.

Family Vacation In Negril
Family vacation in Negril: On the western tip of Jamaica you’ll find laid-back Negril, with its dramatic black coral cliffs and world famous Seven Mile Beach.

Family Vacations in Ocho Rios
Family vacations in Ocho Rios. Ocho Rios said to have come from the old Spanish word for roaring river or, in modern Spanish, eight rivers, is roughly 67 miles east of Montego Bay.

Family Vacation In Port Antonia
Family Vacation in Port Antonia: Port Antonio, one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful bays, is surrounded by the Blue Mountains.



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