Old Orchard Beach

Why a Family Vacation in Old Orchard Beach is Ideal

Old Orchard Beach

A family vacation in Old Orchard Beach is a glorious mixture of sun, sand, and surf, with a huge amount of entertainment thrown in. Located along Saco Bay in York County, Maine, here’s the perfect spot along the Atlantic to pitch tent if you’re planning a family travel to Old Orchard Beach.

Kids will love the beach and the amusement park with all the excitement that goes with it.

There’s plenty to explore further afield on your family vacation to Old Orchard Beach. Get a load of culture, history, and art in the city of Portland that lies to the north. Another good neighbor is Scarborough Marsh, the largest salt marsh in the state, with a handful of activities of its own to offer. In the vicinity is Ferry Beach State Park which is definitely worth exploring.

Check out the Old Orchard Beach Pier with a variety of shops, restaurants, and game parlors. Over at Pirate’s Cove you’ll find, of all things, a Mini-Golf that should do well for a change of pace. Funtown USA and Splashtown Water Park will have plenty to keep the whole family in high spirits.

For more action on your family travel to Old Orchard Beach, book in for a sightseeing cruise, whale watching cruise, or even deep sea-fishing if the kids are old enough to brave it.


What makes Old Orchard Beach a great family vacation destination would have to be the ideal concept of an amusement park in the vicinity of the seven-mile beachfront.

Palace Playland  stands tall among all the entertainment venues along Old Orchard Beach with a view to giving the young and the young-at-heart the time of their lives.

Touted widely as “Maine’s Premier Family Beach Resort,” a family vacation in Old Orchard Beach really does have a lot to offer. It’s not every day that you get to go canoeing in a marsh or go on a Lobster Boat Tour and actually see how lobsters are trapped.

There really is more to this old beach than meets the eye.

Enjoy the giant Ferris wheel, the Carousel, waterslides, and fireworks every Thursday night. Ensure you’ve given top priority to this spot on your family travel to Old Orchard Beach itinerary, for your kids will want to come back again and again.

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The best time to plan a beach vacation to Old Orchard Beach would be the summer months. The months of May and June may still have you swimming in cold water, but it gets warmer as summer moves in. If you’re driving down, keep in mind that authorities come down heavily on haphazard parking.





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