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Our family travel tips are based on the fact that the more things change, the more family vacations stay the same. The family sedan turned into the family station wagon, turned into the family minivan, which is now the family SUV.

Even with the arrival of personal DVD players, iPods and handheld video games — shock — kids still battle it out in the back-seat! Here are some family travel tips for your next family vacation to help keep the peace and make your vacation stress free – well almost!

  • First things first, before you even leave the house; it’s a good idea to get your kids prepared for the trip. If they are old enough to read, give them books about the area you are travelling to or find information online. If they are younger, read to them and show them pictures of the places they will see.
  • If you are travelling to a foreign country, give them samples of food they will taste or music or language they might hear before you go to help ease the culture shock upon your arrival.
  • Make sure you have your passport: If you’re going to be travelling internationally, you will need to have a passport. While there are a few countries that don’t require visitors to have a passport, these are the exception, rather than the rule.
  • If you’re going to be flying, don’t forget to pack a spare set of clothes in your carry-on luggage. While thousands of travellers fly from one destination to the next without hindrance, horror stories of lost luggage abound. Having a change of clothes will help make your trip a little more comfortable in the unlikely event that your luggage is lost.
  • Arrive at the airport early: If you’re travelling to another country this summer, chances are you’ll be flying. With ever tightening security restrictions, line-ups at security check points and boarding gates don’t always move as quickly as they used to.
  • Arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes earlier than you think is necessary. This will give you plenty of time to clear security, and will reduce the chances of missing your flight if there is a problem getting through security.

 Family Travel Tips and Advice

Do you have a travel question that you need answered? Ask us at Best Family Beach Vacations and we will try to get you the answer!

Need a travel packing list for your family vacation? Not sure what to pack for your trip? It seems like so much work especially when packing for the whole family.

Here are some suggestions for what to bring and some kid travel games. You know best what your children like, and try to bring lots of bang for the buck, i.e. toys that will entertain them for a long time, but pack small.

If you are visiting a new destination and visiting different areas, there may be lots to do once you get there and the time to find out what there is before you go!

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