Family Beaches in Spain
Family Beaches in Spain

Family Travel in Europe

Thinking of family travel in Europe? The beaches of Europe are famous for their cleanliness and for having some of the best resorts for vacation.

The most neat and clean beaches are those that are also known as blue flag beaches.

The beaches of Europe are ideal for a relaxing and enjoyable family beach vacation. There are so many beaches to choose from that it is always difficult to talk about one and leave out the other.

Family Vacation in Prague

See this picture above, that’s us on a family vacation in the Czech Republic. My son really loved the food and the castles! They have some really nice lakes there but if you are looking for large beaches, there are some other great destinations in Europe.

Here are some popular family beach vacations destinations in Europe you might want to consider:


Family Beaches in Spain
Family Beaches in Spain

Family Travel to Spain

Spain has always been a favorite when it comes to a family beach vacation. Spain has number of family beach resorts along the Mediterranean coast.

If you do not want go to the mainland Spain, then you have the option to plan a family beach vacation on the islands of Spain.

The islands of Majorca and Menorca are extremely popular and offer well priced but high quality family beach vacation. If you want a hotter and drier weather, you can even plan a family beach vacation to the Canary Island which is just off the coast of Africa.

Find out more about the best family beach vacation in Spain


Family Beaches in Croatia
Family Beaches in Croatia

Family Beach Vacation in Croatia

Another great spot for family travel in Europe is Croatia. This destination is fast gaining popularity as a family beach vacation destination.

If you have not thought of Croatia it is about time that you start thinking about it! Croatia has a fantastic coastline, it is also clean, safe and affordable. The locals are extremely friendly.

You can spend your time on the beach or you take time out to learn scuba diving. A number of beaches have qualified instructors who teach you scuba diving.

The most beautiful places in Croatia are located along the Adriatic sea coast – National Park Brijuni Islands, National Park Kornati islands, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Trogir, Sibenik.

Find out more about the best Croatia beach vacations for families.

Family Holiday in Cyprus

Northern Cyprus has all of the prerequisites for the perfect family beach vacation. It has beautiful sandy beaches, warm crystal clear waters and a sumptuous blend of cuisines to delicately tickle your palate.

Northern Cyprus has become one of the most visited family beach vacation destinations in Europe due to its good climate, excellent food and a tourist-friendly ambience.

Family Travel in EuropeNo matter where you are thinking of going for family travel in Europe, you will always meet friendly locals who will go out of their way to make your family holiday a memorable one.

Family travel in Europe is good value for money because of the experiences you get. In addition, the excitement of exploring new culture and cuisine always makes for a fascinating and exciting adventure.

Best Times to Go:

Going to Europe beaches in the winter means freezing temperatures and shorter days. It will cost you less, as you have affordable rates on just about everything but you also may encounter lots of closed attractions. Spring and autumn are probably the best times to travel. Shoulder season has fewer crowds and better prices. The weather isn’t too hot or cold, just right for seeing the sights.

Ibiza, Spain – April – October

Malaga, Spain – March – November

Menorca Island, Spain – April -October

Santorini, Greece – April – November

Corfu, Greece – March – November

Cannes, France – May -October

Dubrovnik, Croatia – April – November

Azores, Portugal – April -October

Malta, – March – November

The Hague, Netherlands – June – September

Sicily, Italy – April – October


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