How to Plan Family Reunion VacationsFamily reunion vacations often require the sensitivity and precision of a military manoeuvre to get it up and running and ensure a fairy tale ending. You know your family best; so make provision for the difficult septuagenarian, the rash of babies, cranky toddlers, cousins who don’t get along, and the Type As who want to be at the centre of everything.

Family Reunion – Where to Have It?

The first thing to plan on a family reunion vacation is of course the venue. Since modern families, though as similar as peas in a pod are as scattered as peas on the floor, it is best that the venue is equidistant from all concerned. This is unless everybody unanimously agrees to meet at grandma’s house.

Depending on the size of the group, however, it’s worth considering other options. A no-man’s land would seem the best way to go. If older relatives are part of the family tree, it would only be reasonable to pick a destination as close to them as possible. Once this has been decided on, it’s time to fix it on the map.

Family reunion vacations can take place at a beach resort, camping in the woods of a National or State Park, a resort theme park, a serviced apartment in a historic city, or even a private cruise. The trick here is to pick one that is affordable to all without seeming too seedy or cheap.

Family Reunions at a State Park

Camping in a Park site for a group vacation has its benefits, and the first and foremost one is that it is mostly affordable while giving you access to plenty of sport and leisure activities. Hiking, biking, mountain climbing, fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking and others will keep the active ones happy.

The sedentary ones can resume reading under a tree on a hammock, gossip to your heart’s content, or stare at the river flow by while contemplating the wildlife and their way of life. Kids get to meet all their cousins, and join kid’s club activities where they learn new skills and generally have a great time. As for the adults they can step confidently knowing there isn’t one underfoot.

Family Reunions at the Beach

Beach resorts are another superb venue where the sea and the sand takes over the planning and you simply have to surrender to what’s on the agenda. From deep sea fishing to snorkelling and surfing, there’s something for everyone on a family reunion vacation.Family Reunions at the Beach

Family Reunions at a Theme Park

There’s bound to be a theme park in the vicinity that does well for a change of scene. Theme parks are a great venue for a family reunion – it will be a vacation the kids will always remember. Find out more about Family Reunion Theme Park Vacations.

Make the Celebration of Love a family affair at Beaches Resorts in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos!

Family Reunion Resorts

Family reunion vacations thrive in a resort hotel ambience that has everything from kids clubs to spas under its dome. Gourmet dining, swimming pools, beauty saloons, gyms, bars, snazzy lounges, and spacious rooms give you a luxurious venue for a family reunion vacation.

A cheaper alternative would be a serviced apartment where you get to cook your own meals and do your laundry while enjoying all the facilities of a hotel.

Organizing a reunion can be a formidable undertaking. However, there is no better means to renew old relationships and build new ones, and to bring the younger generations into contact with the older ones.

It is an important time to renew family bonds and make new ones as well. You may obtain important new information about the past from family members, and you can make contact with and learn about a whole new group of new descendants.

In all this type of family vacation takes some planning but the rewards of everyone being together are worth it!

More tips and articles about Family Reunion Vacations

With some advance planning, your reunion will be a gold mine for you and a wonderful memory for everyone who attends. Your family members may be arriving by planes, trains, and cars from all over the world.

With that in mind, here are some resources Best Family Beach Vacations recommends to help you plan the perfect ‘Family Reunion’ for everyone:

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