family luxury vacation packages

Family Luxury Vacation Packages – 3 Indulgent Ideas for Your Next Trip

family luxury vacation packages

It is that time of year for you and your family to find family luxury vacation packages. Perhaps this time around, both you and your spouse have saved enough from your salary to actually splurge on this year’s trip. Going for a vacation package is actually good as you and your family no longer have to worry about the main aspects of your trip.

All you have to do is decide on which family luxury vacation packages most suit your needs, study them, and pay for said package. Most packages already include accommodations, food, and even special trips, tours and services that you might avail of.

Whether you want to stay in a family resort or just go on any family beach vacation, this is an option you need to seriously consider. Some of the most known family luxury vacation packages are listed below.

1. Hotel Caesar Augustus in Capri, Italy

Hotel Augustus CeasarThis family vacation hotel is found on a cliff above the sea on the Isle of Capri. It has several suites with exquisite views of Mount Vesuvius.

Apart from suites, there are also guest rooms which cost a little less but also have balconies with a view that faces the Bay of Naples.

Gastronomic delights can be found in its in-house restaurant, the Lucullo Terrace, as well as a beautiful swimming experience in its infinity pool.  On-site amenities include a shuttle service, Wi-Fi, a multilingual staff, an outdoor pool, gardens, and a lovely patio.

Their most popular package includes up to four persons, valid for all ages, and includes a junior suite that is connected to a deluxe room. There is also a roundtrip transfer from the Capri port to the hotel, bottles of wine and fresh fruits, and breakfast and lunch for four persons every day.

2. Balaji Palace at Playa Grande in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

Balaji Palace at Playa Grande in Rio San JuanThe resort can be found in the north shore of the Dominican Republic. It has a total of thirteen rooms, with each one having high ceilings and multiple double doors. The entire place is decorated in bright, warm, cheerful colors, giving its guests the chance to relax in a peaceful tranquillity. Activities that can be found in the resort include excursions, Pilates, snorkelling, yoga, and billiards.

Their packages also include a garden suite, welcome drinks, and three meals for up to four people every day and picnic lunches. There is also free Wi-Fi access in the resort.  Balaji Palace also offers babysitting services for the young ones.

3. Beaches in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Beaches Ocho RiosThe Beaches resort found in Ocho Rios is one of the best family luxury vacation packages available. It has an action-adventure waterpark, a golf area for the family, and a twenty-two acre tropical garden that the entire family can explore. There is also a large private white-sand beach, 5 gourmet restaurants, 5 swimming pools and even a scuba diving practice pool.

The family suites are spacious, with views of lovely Jamaica, and a separate living space and patio. The vacation package offers air credit and even a free Catamaran cruise.


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