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Family Italy Travel – A Must Do Family Beach Vacation

Family Italy Travel Italy has always been known for family ties, togetherness and relaxation. So why should family Italy travel be any different.

Children are fascinated by a country that is shaped like a boot. While parents love Italy because the beaches are safe, family-friendly and offer the family the most enjoyable family vacation.

The 15-mile stretch from Cesenatico to Ravenna in Romagna is considered to be a perfect destination for a family beach vacation in Italy.

The beaches are sandy and waters are shallow and calm. The beaches offer children a lot of activities to keep them busy. There are water slides, playgrounds and even swimming pools on the beach.

If children get tired of the sun and sand, they can go to the amusement park in Gatteo a Mare. Once they have had their fill there, they can enjoy the wonders of the sea in Rimini which has a magnificent ‘ocean world’.

Parents and kids can really enjoy, relax and be at ease here. It is because of all of the above that this destination is esteemed to be one of the best family Italy travel destinations.

Tuscany is also a region that has a number of beaches suited for a family beach vacation in Italy. Another attractive destination called Marina di Castagneto di Donoratico has nice family friendly beaches. If the kids have had enough of the beach, they can visit the amusement park that is quite close to the beaches.

If you get tired of Castagneto di Donoratico and want solitude, you can visit San Vincenzo. San Vincenzo has lots of hotels and beautiful beaches. It is a small town where life comes to a standstill after sunset.

No visit to Italy is complete without visiting the island of Sicily. Marina di Ragusa is the best beach in southern Sicily. Children will love the water sports here, and not to forget, the ice cream parlors that dot the beach. Marina di Ragusa is a wonderful place for family Italy travel. Of course, when you are in Sicily, you should not miss the famous Mount Etna.

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Naples is famous for its azure water and has long been a preferred destination for family Italy travel.

Children will love Naples for the variety of pizza there, especially when they find out that Naples is the birthplace of the pizza.

You can visit the famous National Archaeological Museum of Naples to view ancient Greek and Roman relics. If you have nothing to do, you can while away your time visiting the beautiful churches.

Italy has so many beaches that are ideal for family Italy travel that the list could on and on. I have taken the liberty to just mention a few. However, do not let that stop you from having the best family beach vacation in Italy ever!

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