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Essential Above Ground Pool Supplies

Nothing can create great family memories in the summer time like an above ground pool. Pittsburgh pool installers can build them quickly, and they are easy to maintain if you know what you’re doing. Here are the items you will need to keep your pool afloat from summer to summer for many years.

Pumps and Filters

Pittsburgh pool installers will tell you that one of the keys to keeping pool water and liners clean is a filtration system. Pool filter pumps attach to the side of the pool through hoses, and continuously suck water into the filter while they are running. The filter runs the water through a sand-based compound which sifts out leaves, cotton, bugs, and dirt. The clean water is put back into the pool, making it necessary only to drain about a third of the pool water each season.


To make sure you have safe, clear water in your pool, you need to keep its chemical levels balanced. This may sound very complicated, but simple kits and testers you can buy from Pittsburgh pool installers make it simple to maintain without a chemistry degree. You need to make sure you have enough chlorine to kill germs, but not so much as to irritate skin. You also need to make sure the water’s pH level is in harmony to keep the water clear and prevent algae from growing. Testing strips make it very easy to see where adjustments need to be made.

Cleaning Tools

You will need to also have some sort of pool vacuum (either manual or automatic) to clean dirt and debris from the pool liner. Liner-safe brushes and rakes can help you deep clean, and surface nets can help you remove and retrieve items.

While basic maintenance is crucial, once it becomes routine, it is easy to care for a pool and keep it up and running summer to summer.

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above ground pool

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