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Considering a Disney Vacation? – Walt Disney World is the ultimate vacation for kids and families young and old, no question that it has suitable activities for all age groups, but does a Disney Vacation offer value and overall satisfaction?

There is no short answer to this question, but overall I would say yes it does (and that is why I had to include this type of vacation even though let me make it clear, Orlando is not a beach vacation!)

The Magic Kingdom in Florida and Disneyland in California are similar parks in many ways. Families ask “Should I visit one if I’ve seen the other?”The answer is YES, especially if you’ve only visited Disneyland. Walt Disney World in Florida offers 4 major theme parks (including the Magic Kingdom which is similar to Disneyland), water parks and more for a perfect Disney World Vacation.

There is also the Disney Cruise Line – a whole other way to enjoy all things Disney.

Some Basic Tips for a Disney Vacation:

Going to a Walt Disney World theme park is any kids (and big kids like mom and dad) dream. Going to Orlando for a weekend family getaway does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Right now, airfares are at a very affordable rate and flights and hotel accommodations are easily booked either through online or through your travel agent.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $316.00 to $583.00 per person depending upon where you decide to stay (either close to the Walt Disney World theme park or further away). It is an exciting one for the entire family and it is not just only an affordable weekend getaway.

Here is an example: When you stay at the Legacy Grand Hotel and Suites which is only 3.7 miles southeast of Orlando, you can avail their services for only $316.00. Or for $413.00 you can stay at the Hilton Resort at Walt Disney World that is located in Lake Buena Vista.

You will not have to drive a great distance to and from Walt Disney World and waste precious time and that is the benefit of staying close as you can to the theme park. You will be able to select those areas in the park that are on the top of the list or should we say the kids’ list in addition by planning the weekend getaway beforehand.

There might not be a chance to afford to stay on site in Walt Disney World given the current economy right now. Free shuttle bus and /or rail service to the theme park is what the advantage of staying on site that most hotels offer. People are allowed to enter the park before guests who are staying at other properties further away is another addition for guests who are staying at the on – site hotels.

A weekend does not give you much time to visit all of the nearby attractions Universal Studios and Sea World so do plan to stay for at least the week to really be able to see and do everything..

When you book your package, you may want to buy the theme park tickets ahead. The need to wait on the lines will be reduced and will allow your family to go directly to the park when you touch down in Orlando. Huge Savings on Disney World Tickets, Buy Now!


Disney Vacations



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