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Child Luggage – Should your kids have their own luggage?

Kld Luggage

So the question is, should kids have their own child luggage? Absolutely! Especially older kids, who like to have some independence and responsibility, should have their own luggage.

Depending on their age, children should pack or help pack some of their own things. Sometimes adult supervision is required to insure that we don’t show up at the beach with all sweaters or there are 10 pairs of socks and no underwear in your child’s luggage!

The Best Carry On Bag for Kids

One of the best things that we got for our son as child luggage is a rolling backpack for his carry on bag. He can carry on his back for hands free or if is gets too heavy, he can roll it along on and off the plane. As long as they are regular size, they are acceptable as carry on and will fit in the seat in front on the airplane or in the overhead compartment.

He packs the toys, books, games etc that he wants for the trip inside and then he has them accessible on the plane or in the longer wait times at the airport.

The Best Diaper Bag for Traveling

A travel diaper bag such as a backpack, is a great design for traveling because it is a backpack it leaves your hands free for the other luggage, stroller or runaway child. It has a lot of compartments, a removable pouch and a changing pad and wet/dry bag included. An essential part of any luggage ensemble.

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Diaper Backpack

Kids love to have their own child luggage so a co-coordinated set with matching pieces is something they will use. Get it as a gift for them before the trip. Your kids will love them so them so much that they will want to carry them everywhere.


Tip: Bright pieces are also easy to spot on the luggage carousel, as most luggage is dark.

The Best Child Luggage

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