Cayman Islands Family Vacation

There is Lots to do on a Cayman Islands Family Vacation in 2023

Before you set out on your Cayman Islands family vacation, you should know that the Cayman Islands cover an area of approximately 100 square miles but despite their size, they cover a multitude of diverse cultures and experiences. It is made up of a three-islands archipelago which includes Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

This means you can stay in Grand Cayman and experience a Caribbean family vacation that has a distinctly westernized feel to it due to the Caymanians providing all the comforts of home in this tropical setting.

Or alternatively you can venture off the beaten path a little and visit one or more of the smaller islands such as Cayman Brac or Little Cayman where you will find life a little slower, a little more colorful, and a lot less like Disney went to the Caribbean!

Seven Mile Beach is the the most famous and popular beach and I will tell you all about that and all the other things that there are to do on these amazing Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

When is the Best Month to Visit Cayman Islands?

From December to April when tourism on the Cayman Islands is at its peak, temperatures are approximately between 20 and 24 degrees. During the off-peak season the temperatures rise to around 28 degrees, and the rainfall is at its worst between the middle of May and October when short showers can be expected most days.

However, as the rainfall and temperature rises, in the Islands, the cost drops for a family vacation and so if you could have your holiday there somewhere between March and June for example, you could find yourself with a tropical bargain!

Cayman Islands Map
Cayman Islands Map

How many days are enough for Cayman Islands?

To fully experience everything that Grand Cayman has to offer, I suggest a minimum of five days on the island. If your time is limited, you can explore the best of Grand Cayman, including Seven Mile Beach in just two days.

For a longer trip, up to seven days will give you plenty of time for sightseeing, relaxing on Seven Mile beach and exploring all that this Caribbean paradise has to offer.

While there are plenty of activities to keep you busy, take some time out during your trip to simply enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere. Whether you’re visiting Grand Cayman for a few days or an entire week, there are plenty of sights and activities to keep your whole family entertained.

From relaxing on Seven Mile Beach to exploring the crystal-clear waters of Stingray City, there is something for everyone in this beautiful Caribbean destination.

Best Things to do on a Cayman Islands Family Vacation

Getting children to explore the outdoors is a great way to develop physical fitness, cognitive skills, and social and emotional well-being. It can also increase Vitamin D levels which helps improve sleep-wake cycles and promotes better health.

Beyond its famous Seven Mile Beach, Cayman offers diverse land-based excursions. Take a helicopter tour to view Grand Cayman from above, discover the cavernous underground wonders of Crystal Caves or visit a botanical park.

In Little Cayman, kids can take part in a turtle-tagging program to learn more about the endangered species. On land, there are plenty of sights to explore with kayaking and paddle boarding among the favourite activities for families.

No matter what type of outdoor activity you choose, Cayman’s varied landscapes provide ample opportunities to get out and explore. Whether it’s a hike through the tropical forests of Mastic Reserve, snorkelling in crystal-clear waters, or beach bonfires at nightfall – you can be sure to find something special that will make your family trip memorable.

And when you’re ready for a break, the island offers plenty of ways to relax and recharge.

Grand Cayman Family Beach Vacation and Activities

If you’re staying on Grand Cayman then George Town and in particular the Seven Mile beach are the places to see. Here the white sand and warm water of Seven Mile Beach is what every visitor’s dream of a Caribbean vacation is all about.

Looking for a fun-filled day under the sun? Look no further than Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman! This beautiful stretch of pristine sand and crystal-clear water offers endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Take a dip in the warm Caribbean Sea, catch some rays on Seven Mile beach, or even go snorkeling to discover the vibrant underwater world. And if you’re looking for some extra excitement, you’ll find plenty of water sports and activities available to keep you entertained nearby Seven Mile beach.

That’s why Seven Mile Beach is not only a must-visit destination for beach lovers – it’s the ultimate playground for anyone who loves to have fun in the sun!

If your family wants the opportunity to do some diving and snorkeling in this Caribbean destination than Eden Rocks and the Devil’s Grotto are close to George Town and you’ll be able to hire equipment near there.

Stingray City Sandbar

There are a lot of things to do in Grand Cayman. For a good reason, Stingray City is the number one tourist attraction in Grand Cayman. It’s a magical experience for kids and adults of all ages. Some claim that a stingray kiss is worth seven years of good luck! Getting up close and personal with wild Southern stingrays is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Stingrays are exceedingly friendly and are accustomed to being hand-fed. They are so comfortable around humans that they often swim up to visitors and rub up against them. They are so curious about the people who visit Stingrays that they often seem to be asking questions.

If you want to be sure you take advantage of this exciting activity, book your tour early in your vacation. Many different tour companies offer trips to Stingray City. However, choosing a private tour company is essential to avoid large crowds.

Many companies provide a high-quality experience with an experienced captain who goes above and beyond to ensure your tour feels private.

You can also choose a Stingray tour with activities like snorkeling or Starfish Point Beach. These tours are great for visitors who want to get the most out of their vacation and see all the Grand Cayman and the other Islands offer.

If getting your feet (hair) wet isn’t part of your family vacation fantasy, then take a submarine tour on the Atlantis Adventure and explore the stunning views beneath the tropical waters.

Cayman Islands Family Vacation on 7 Mile Beach
Family Vacation on Seven Mile Beach

Boatswain’s Beach Adventure Park & Turtle Farm

The Cayman Turtle Farm is one of Grand Cayman’s premier attractions, known worldwide for its conservation programs and public awareness. However, there are other animal attractions in this West Bay district.

Boatswain’s Beach Adventure Park & Turtle Farm combines the best of all that this island has offerings. It’s not only a turtle farm; this 23-acre marine park is an adventure in and of itself with Green Sea Turtles, exotic birds, nature trails, a touch tank, predator reef tanks featuring sharks, eels, barracudas, and more.

Located at the entrance to Stingray City, this adventure park features Breaker’s Lagoon, a freshwater tidal pool, and the saltwater Boatswain’s snorkel lagoon that allows for an up-close encounter with hundreds of species of tropical fish. The park also has a snack shack, restrooms, and a fast 40ft “Turtle Twister” waterslide.

This is an excellent option for families with children. The facility is a sanctuary for endangered Green Sea Turtles and has a children’s activity center with games and hands-on activities to keep kids entertained.

Visitors can learn about the island’s culture through Cayman Street, an outdoor marketplace with artisans and entertainers. This is an excellent alternative to the more expensive cruise-organized excursions, including Stingrays City.

 Cayman Islands Family Vacation

Horseback Riding

There’s more to the Cayman than Seven Mile Beach (but you must visit Seven Mile Beach) and the dazzling array of marine life it hosts, but the islands also boast an abundance of land-based adventures. Culinary and cultural experiences complement untamed hiking trails, stunning heritage gardens, and otherworldly marine encounters.

Horseback riding is an opportunity to escape the hectic pace of everyday life while enjoying the beautiful scenery and feeling the wind on your face as you slowly trot along a pristine Caribbean beach.

Enjoy the fantastic azure ocean views and exotic natural backdrop while enjoying a quiet ride with a friend or family member. The activity is designed to be relaxing, and your guide will determine the perfect speed for you and your horse.

Coral Stone Stables has been offering horseback riding in Grand Cayman since 1996, and they welcome novice and experienced riders. Their horses are fit, friendly, and lovingly cared for, and they limit the number of beach rides each horse does daily to ensure adequate rest and prevent dehydration and exhaustion.

Choose from their many different options, including the famous Swim with the Horses ride, which lets you cool off in the crystal blue Caribbean waters while soaking up the sun and watching an unforgettable Cayman sunset. Then, please return to the stables and enjoy a refreshing drink and snack while they groom your horse and prepare you for the ride home.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

The Cayman Islands wilder side is displayed at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. Strolling through this lush natural attraction is the perfect way to spend a leisurely afternoon for the entire family.

You can see a wide array of native species here, including a rainbow-themed Color Garden, a Heritage Garden with a re-creation of a traditional Caymanian house as its centerpiece, an orchid garden (with the endemic Wild Banana Orchid on display), and a secluded woodland trail.

You can also learn about the island’s blue iguana population at the facility’s Blue Iguana Safari exhibit, part of a recovery and breeding program for this endangered species.

Wander down sunny dirt paths, surrounded by a stunning botanical display that features exotic flowers and plants from around the world. You can also see a few native trees, including Silver Thatch palms, found only in the Cayman Islands and whose fronds feature on the National Flag.

Spend an hour or two at this lovely garden, a unique blend of nature’s splendor, culture, and history. It is the ideal place to relax and re-energize for the next adventure on your list of top things to do in Grand Cayman.

You’ll leave with a renewed appreciation for the delicate balance of nature on this remarkable Caribbean island. Find out more

Grand Cayman: What to SEE, DO and EAT

More Fun Family Activities on Cayman Islands

Hikers should head across to Cayman Brac. Here you’ll find a great spot for championing eco-tourism on your family vacation. Apart from a network of approximately 28 trails around the island, you’ll also find the National Trust Parrot Reserve. Lighthouse lovers will be thrilled to see the lighthouse standing at the Northeast point.

If you want to experience a Cayman Islands family vacation with the least amount of normal tourist traps, then a visit to Little Cayman will be perfect. The smallest of the Cayman Island group this is the most undeveloped and iguanas outnumber humans for the most part.

Apart from being a great place for bird watching, Little Cayman is also a good location for those who love diving.

Spot avian fauna on Grand Cayman Tours, including two endemic subspecies of Amazona parrots: Cayman Brac Parrot, native only to Cayman Brac, and Grand Cayman Parrot, which is native to the Cayman Islands, forested areas of Cuba, and the Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth).

Among other extraordinary fauna you may encounter on your excursions is the endangered Blue Iguana, which is endemic to Grand Cayman. Also present are the Central American agouti, along with the Booby Birds on Cayman Brac.

Cayman Islands offer a lot of diversity in terms of what visitors can expect, and that’s what makes it such a great choice for a family vacation. It’s hard to find one destination that suits everyone, but the Cayman Islands have so much variety, that it can’t fail to do exactly that!

From snorkeling, visiting the Cayman Turtle centre and horseback riding to botanical gardens and an interactive children’s activity center, there is something for everyone in Grand Cayman and beyond.

Get ready for an unforgettable fun filled Caribbean family beach vacation!

Family Resorts in Cayman Islands

On the Cayman Islands, there are various types of family resorts, luxury resort options and accommodations available such as Ritz Carlton, Wyndham, Marriott, and Westin beach hotels. There are also great Seven Mile Beach resort and hotels to consider as well that are family friendly.

Additionally, there are options for private villas, apartments, and even heritage island houses. Pick the one that best suits your family’s budget and preferences to make the most of your stay. No matter what accommodation you choose, there are plenty of fun activities for everyone to enjoy.

The Wyndham Reef Resort – A family friendly resort in Grand Cayman, located on seven miles of secluded beach with a crystal clear bay. It offers activities such as snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and more. The resort also features a mini-golf course, two pools with waterslides, and an interactive children’s program.

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