More Caribbean Family Destinations….

Island Tour and Turtle Farm Cayman

There are other Caribbean family destinations that you might consider for your family vacation. Do your research as some Caribbean destinations are better suited for families with young children as they have more resorts and activities for the younger ones, and some destinations may be more suitable for older children and teenagers.

As far as family beach vacations go however, the Caribbean has lots of options for your family vacation. Just don’t forget the suntan lotion!

Here are some other Caribbean family destinations that may be suitable for your next beach vacation:


Consider Barbados for a Caribbean family destination if you are seeking a peaceful island getaway. Although the south coast is known for its nightlife and the west-coast beach is completely built up, some of the island remains undeveloped.

The east coast is tranquil, and travellers seeking solitude discover that they can often be alone there, yet conveniently close to populated areas.
There are many things to do in Barbados, but we recommend embarking on exciting tours that allow you to fully explore the exotic coral island, with excellent beaches, rolling hills and many deep ridges, with a fascinating distribution of flora and fauna. Among the anomalies that make this island unique is the phenomenal formation of the two land masses that form this truly amazing island paradise.

Learn more about Barbados for your Caribbean family vacation destination.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands Turtle Farm is home to more that 14,000 Green Sea Turtles, also known as “Las Tortugas” or “Buffalo of the Sea. Which child wouldn’t want to hold a tiny little green turtle or to pet a 400-pound hawksbill turtle?

Both unique and educational, the Turtle Farm offers visitors the opportunity to leisurely view the working of an actual operating farm. From the tiniest hatchlings to the massive adults swimming in the one million gallon breeding pond, the Farm is a constant hive of activity. One of the many things to do at this Caribbean family destination.

Learn more about the Cayman Islands for your Caribbean family vacation destination.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

This area is made up almost completely of large all-inclusive resorts populated by couples or by families. Some resorts in the area cater to sports-minded people. Most of the resorts focus on family entertainment.

Caribbean Family Destinations

The exception is at spring break time when groups of university students fly down from Canada and the US. The hotels preferred by spring breakers are the larger complexes, where nighttime entertainment is the liveliest.

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a perfect Caribbean family destination. The smallest children love the sandy beaches, the warm shallow seawater, and the swimming pools constructed especially for them. Kite flying on the breezy days is a favorite pastime.

There’s no end to the activities available for older children, including boat rides, shell collecting, horseback riding, hiking, wind surfing, and snorkeling. The adults in the family will also enjoy exploring the underwater wonders of Puerto Rico.

On land, they will have the opportunity to play on what are considered the best golf courses ion the Caribbean. the best golf Most resort hotels offer programs of activities, and many have play directors and supervised daily fun for various age groups.

Learn more about the Puerto Rico for your Caribbean family vacation destination.

US Virgin Islands – St. Thomas

The three islands and the 60 cays that comprise the US Virgin Islands include some of the most magnificent coast on earth. The area is host to nearly two million vacationers each year.

Most of the islands, cays and jutting rocks that make up the territory are clustered around the 30 square mile island of St Thomas which lies 1000 miles south of Miami, 75 miles east of Puerto Rico and just southwest of the British Virgin Islands.




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