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Cancun Family Vacations

Family Cancun Vacations – Great Place for a Family Vacation

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Cancun Family Vacations

In this area of Mexico, Cancun vacations rule but there are many different areas that are relatively close to each other that make for a great all round Mexico family vacation. Although Cancun is much more than a beach resort, any discussion of this destination would be incomplete without a summary of our marvelous stretches of cool, white sand. Walking along the 14 miles of Caribbean coast in Cancun is what most visitors desire, and it’s all free – all beaches in Cancun are open to the public.

Many of the hotel beaches have lounge chairs laid out under palapas (thatched umbrellas) to shade visitors from the considerable effects of the Mexican sun. Cancun is the busy and lively resort area; the island of Cozumel is a scuba-diving paradise, and Playa del Carmen a young and vibrant resort area.

The Mayan Riviera, a tranquil haven which also contains also a series of extraordinary Mayan archaeological sites: Tulúm, Cobá and Chichén Itzá.

Family Cancun VacationsFamily Cancun Beach Vacations

This lively resort area on the Mexican Caribbean was created especially for tourism, with superb beaches and a large hotel zone to take advantage of the gorgeous aquamarine water and temperate climate. Now, it’s the No. 1 resort area for a Mexico family vacation and all inclusive Mexico vacations.

Cancún is ideal for your Mexico family vacation because of the variety of activities it offers. There are tons of water sports available such as jet skis, diving, snorkelling and a submarine ride. Cancun also boasts a water park, cinema and lots of shopping and restaurants.


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Anonymous March 21, 2014 - 2:23 am

Crown Paradise Club Cancun – Enjoyed it!

We just spent 2 weeks here, really enjoyed the food, the waiters are very nice and quite professional, my son was always happy to go to the baby club. Things they should improve: have more chaises lounges on the beach and umbrellas, not so much loud music around the main pool (but if it bothers you there are 2 more pools, so it’s not too bad). Would like to go back.

Chiam Sharatsky March 21, 2014 - 2:24 am

MA, United States
Gran Costa Real, Cancun, Mexico – Smoke, Kidnapping, and Rock ‘n Roll

0230 (Boston/Eastern time): Check-in at Boston’s Logan Airport for flight to Cancun, Mexico. TNT TRAVEL agent offers upgrade from Coach to First Class for just an additional $198.00 for both my Lady and me. We buy it.

0350: Airborne aboard a PRIMARIS AIRLINE B-757, enroute to Cancun. My first trip to Mexico since visiting border town long ago while in Navy flight training.

0505: Movie starts. Unfortunately, airline has forgotten to electronically connect first class seats, so headphones do not work. Watch silent movie for several minutes while saying unkind things about TNT. Take out book.

0520: First class breakfast: muffin and Fruit Loops. They must be getting dog food in Coach.

0530: Coach is getting bagels and cream cheese. We ask for same.

0945 (Mexican/Central time): After clearing customs, shuttle arrives at GRAN COSTA REAL HOTEL, an alleged “5 Star” hotel. We bought the “all inclusive” package – meals, drinks, tips all paid for up front. We descend into Rap Hell. We were assured by TNT that “spring break is over.” It isn’t. The place is elbow-to-backside with drunken college students, many having assumed the horizontal, gravity-challenged position. Vulgar rap music blares from speakers making conversation almost impossible. Our room won’t be ready (disinfected?) until 1500, so my Lady and I spend five hours trying not to trip over drunks and cringing at the “music.” It’s raining, so we huddle in the lounge in a far corner. Smokers are everywhere (mostly college age women; what do they think is attractive about smoking?) and foul cigarette smoke blankets the room and grounds.

2130: Having checked-in and had dinner, go to bed when loud, pounding rock music wakes us up. Every night at 2100 the hotel has a “show” at poolside, outside of everyone’s room, with pounding-loud music. Lie awake until past 2200, cursing TNT Vacations. Bedroom and bath are comfortable, at least.

Sunday, 3 April 2005

0820: Breakfast at one of hotel’s four restaurants. Order eggs over steak. Get raw eggs over thin steak, all covered with a disgusting green sauce. Inedible. Have to be more careful ordering food here.

0930 – 1600: Hit the beach and the beach hits back. Small beach is crowded and Volkswagen-sized speakers are bellowing-our rap “music.” My lady asks for the volume to be lowered. Ten minutes later it is increased to its previous painful level. Food is served on beach – not bad – lots or beer and margaritas help dull the music. Water cold, lots of seaweed. Sand dirty with cigarette butts and other debris. Staff keeps coming with drinks, however, to dull the pain. Lots of boating in bay, dive boats coming and going, parachute pulls behind boats.

1940: Drinks at pool-side open bar. Approached by staffer who offers us a visit to a sister hotel – GRAN CARIBE REAL – for next day free breakfast and tour. Offers $50 gift certificate, which my Lady parlays into a $100 gift certificate and Mexican Gift Basket. Tour is promised to last under 90 minutes.

2103: In room when 100 Decibel Theater starts for the night outside – curse TNT yet again and leave room for another manhattan. Monday, 4 April 2005

0815: Catch a cab for Gran Caribe Real Hotel for breakfast and tour. After breakfast we find ourselves locked in a room with a salesman who is intent upon selling us 100 weeks of vacation at the hotel chain for $ 38,800. We are polite and reply that we did not come there to buy anything and do not want to purchase any weeks. Guy is relentless but we remain politely uninterested – so – his boss comes over and launches a new attack. 200 weeks for $ 38,800 – 50 weeks for $ 19,000 – he won’t quit and I announce we are way over the 90 minute window and we want to leave. Instead, he brings HIS boss over and cranks-up the pressure. No more pretense of politeness, just bald sales. We stand to leave and he says, “Sit down. I’m not finished. Show me some respect!” That’s it. I put on my Navy hat, stand up, tell him to STFU, and order him to take us back to the lobby. Instead, he gets up and dismisses us to find our way back to the lobby by ourselves. Once back at the lobby they are reluctant to give us our gift certificate and basket until my Lady chews them a new collective anus. We leave with the gifts and a bad taste in our mouths.

1110: Back at our hotel and just in time for the Really, Really, Loud Music to recommence for the day. We ask to have the volume dropped and in response are told they “cannot lower the volume for just one guest.” I flee to the room but noise follows. My Lady toughs it out on the beach, a dedicated sun worshipper.

1810: Have dinner followed by cocktails at the beach bar. Music is off for a while. Listen to drunken British Dianna Ross female impersonator sing Motown songs before falling off the bar, over the bar’s side rail, and down onto the beach. He issues one surprised, “Aawwkk!” as he disappears from view to a chorus of appreciative clapping and cat-calls. Several minutes later he reappears, a little shaky but unbowed. Resumes show tune cavalcade.

2100: 100 Decibel Theater reopens for the night. Have another manhattan. Think-up new names to call both TNT VACATIONS and DIPLOMAT TRAVEL.

Tuesday, 5 April 2005

0710: In lobby, my Lady reiterates her great displeasure about the constant booming music. Staffer listens attentively. I mention I am going to write a web report upon our experience and that seems to get his undivided attention. Have good buffet breakfast, cooked to order. High marks for the food and staff here, at any rate. But a 5 Star hotel this ain’t. Two?

0800-1130: Beach quiet for a change. Someone is raking beach after my Lady’s earlier complaint about it. Peaceful, sunny.

1130: Rap Monster returns.

1230: New development: The Battle of the Hotels shatters the beach. Hotel across the bay cranks-up punishingly-loud music that hammers our beach. As if in response, our beach cranks-up their music. Entire bay is now awash in screeching, discordant, conflicting music. To add insult to injury, our hotel’s Sports Coordinator takes this opportunity to get on her Mr. Microphone. It’s become clear that there is just one window of quite during a day here, from about 2200 to 0700. Must warn others!! The music and booming is so loud that normal conversation on our beach is difficult. On the other beach the sound must be life-threatening.

1830: Stumble, dazed, to dinner. Restaurant has unmarked stone terraces along the floor. My Lady falls off one as she crosses the floor. Pretty banged-up, can’t walk without help. Back to room, lots of ice on bumps. I bring-back dinner in a bag. We drink sambucca and listen to 100 db theater. Another unpleasant holiday surprise at the Real.

Wednesday, 6 April 2005

0815: I help my Lady hobble down to breakfast. Just lettuce for salad. Mexicans don’t seem to have gotten aboard the veggie wagon. Tips are part of all-inclusive, but staff very appreciative of an extra dollar here and there. Last of the college bums seem to have departed.

0850-1200: Beach has been groomed again. Water has warmed and has been cleaned of most seaweed. Tranquil for several hours – then – Battle of the Hotel Bands starts again. We are serenaded by a tender song in which a woman with a Spanish accent warns her boyfriend, “No fornicating with no other women!” or else. We know sound volume propagates logarithmically, so if we can’t clearly hear each other talk on our beach, they must be dropping dead from the music on the other beach. Our hotel – never the shrinking violet – returns the salvo with salsa music, but at a slightly lower volume. Cancun is the noisiest place I’ve ever been, including the BOQ at NAS North Island, CA, which was 300 yards from the approach end of the long runway – the one used by A-3s and A-5s 24/7 for quals. A new “instrument” has joined the din – power paint-chippers wielded by workmen on the pier 100 yards away. Lovely musical counterpoint.

1930-2100: Drinks at beach bar. We meet another couple who paid 1/3 (one-third) what we paid to TNT for the same vacation and they came from farther away (Canada). Bummer.

Thursday, 7 April 2005

0815: Bus picks me up for much anticipated trip to the Mayan ruins at CHICHEN ITZA. My Lady still cannot walk without pain and so stays behind to get some sun. Studied site in college. Mayan Empire lasted over a thousand years, then collapsed between AD 1430 and 1450 for reasons speculated but unknown. Bus is full of Americans and Canadians. Staff friendly and helpful. We have been told by TNT Travel to expect a two-hour drive each way. The toilet is under an alcove, cylindrical, and perhaps 40 inches wide. You sort of stand over the toilet and move a clamshell-shaped door around you into place, leaving your knees up at your chin when you try to sit. We are instructed that toilet on board is “for emergency use only.” That’s a Roger. When I ask to confirm the travel time, the staffer laughs and turns away. As the last hotel pickup, my seat is next to the toilet. Joy. About 2 ½ hours into the trip, we stop at a Mayan village where the people chose to live just as they did in the 15th century. Thatch huts with stone floors, sleeping hammocks slung during the day, a shallow community well, no electricity or gas. Mexican government subsidizes them and delivers pallets of dried corn, which they make into tortillas. Kids seem happy enough. They speak Mayan, with Spanish as a second language. We are told there are 42 languages spoken in Mexico. A look at California in 20 years? Staff serves soft drinks and fruit. Drive continues and “emergency” toilet gets a work-out on the way. Lucky me.

Carla Humphry March 21, 2014 - 2:25 am

(Alberta, Canada)
JW Marriott Cancun Resort and Spa!!! Best Vacation Ever!

I have been saving up for many months so that we could have our grand family vacation. We considered a lot of destinations but decided to choose Mexico since we would like to bask in the sun.

My husband and I were reluctant to have this type of vacation because we have three children ages, 12,8 and 6. We thought that it would not be easy, however, we considered that the kids are growing up and we want to cherish those special moments while they are young.

We expected that it would be very expensive but good thing that we got a family package that was very affordable. We checked in at the JW Marriott Cancun Resort and Spa and we really had a blast.

While my husband and I were having our own relaxation at the spa, our kids were doing other fun-filled activities. The staff of the hotel were happy to assist us to look out for our kids so that we could do other things.

The food was also great. We tasted native delicacies and other Caribbean cuisines. I was quite worried since our kids are picky when it comes to food but, lo and behold, they ate everything that was served to them.

We really had a blast during our family vacation in Cancun and now, we are planning to have another trip in Cancun by the end of the year. This time, my parents are coming with us too. My parents are 61 and 62 years old, can you give me a suggestion on where to go and that they too will enjoy?

Rekei March 21, 2014 - 2:26 am

Los Cabos

I would go to Los Cabos Mexico. There are a lot of attractions there that your parents would love.

Matthew Michaels March 21, 2014 - 2:29 am

(San Francisco, CA, USA)
Flamingo Cancun Resort- Best Family Vacation!

I am a single parent and my kids have been pestering me for quite some time for a family vacation. They said that since my wife and I divorced, we never had any out of the country vacation. So I decided to surprise them with a trip to Cancun.

We stayed at the Flamingo Cancun Resort and we really loved it there. What was nice is that I could do some activities with my kids without me worrying that I would hurt myself considering that I am not really a sporty type.

The hotel was great. They have great amenities and facilities and of course, their food was superb! Now, I am looking forward to take another vacation with my kids.


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