British Virgin Islands Family Vacations Are Unique

British Virgin Islands Family Vacations

British Virgin Islands family vacations can be whatever you want them to be. If you’re considering the British Virgin Islands as your next family vacation destination because you think it’s an area that combines British culture with Caribbean climates, you need to reconsider.

The British Virgin Islands are a real experience in Caribbean living, without the need for neon signed bars and themed discos. This is a part of the world where things slow down and allow you to experience paradise in a serene environment.

The weather in the British Virgin Islands is more or less fluid. With temperatures that only range from 25 degrees (winter) to 28 degrees (summer), and a tropical shower season between July and October (the British Virgin Island hurricane season is September/October), there’s a long tourist season to choose from.

Late spring is usually the best time to visit however because the weather is at its best, and the cruise ships aren’t on their full itinerary and so there are less “day trippers” to spoil the tranquility.

The main island Tortola is used by many as a hub from where they can gain access to one of the other islands in the group. However a trip to Road Town shouldn’t be left off your itinerary. It has the JR O’Neal Botanic Gardens which amongst other things has a cactus grove and a small rain forest.

Another interesting visit for your family vacation is a look around the walls of 17th century HM Prison on Main Street. Ferries leave Tortola for the outlying islands which means that even if you’re staying on one of these, you can also plan a day trip into Tortola and Road Town as part of your vacation.

One of the main must do items for your British Virgin Islands family vacations itinerary is a trip to Spanish Town on the Virgin Gorda Island. Here there are two big attractions, first of all the “Baths” which are giant boulders that create a series of sea filled grottoes.

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If the cruise ships are anchored, forget this place until after they pull anchor and leave for the day, alternatively stay overnight in the area and get there early morning to enjoy the beauty of the area before the main mass of tourists arrive. A similar area to the Baths is Spring Bay. This isn’t usually as crowded as the Baths and offers great snorkelling. If you do get to the Baths and Spring Bay and find them too overcrowded to enjoy, take off on a south trail until you arrive at Devil’s Bay!

The other place you must see on your British Virgin Islands family vacations is the Copper Mine National Park. At this southern point of the island you’ll see the remains of a Cornish copper mine that was worked between 1838 and 1867. It is a bit of local history in a beautiful setting.

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