Rabbit - Magical Book

The Magical Book That Makes Kids Fall Asleep

by Travelon Jo

Rabbit - Magical Book What if I told you that there was a bedtime story that would send your kids to dreamland in minutes? Too good to be true you might say? Apparently not, there is now a book which that makes kids fall asleep when you read it to them.

The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep: A New Way Of Getting Children To Sleep  is a 22-page story of Roger the Rabbit, who is trying to catch some zzzzzs. Roger however needs the help of his friends Sleep Snail and Uncle Yawn.

The book was authored by a Swedish psychologist Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin. He suggests that parents read the story methodically, and to even YAWN while reading it. (Did that just make you The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleepyawn? See what I mean?)

As children listen to the story, they will mimic their parent’s behavior and end up getting relaxed and sleepy no time. “It’s the verbal equivalent of rocking your child to sleep,” Ehrlin is quoted as saying about his book.

It actually comes with the following warning:

“Warning! Never read this book out loud close to someone driving any type of vehicle.” 

So how does this actually work? Apparently the use of meandering sentence structures and very specific words are used to lull kids into a sleepy state.

For example check out this one paragraph:

Think slowly,

breath slowly and calm, slow and calm’ and ‘let your whole body be heavy,

so heavy it feels like it falls… just like a leaf,

that falls down, slowly down, down…

Your eyelids are so heavy.

Sounds good but does it actually work? Well if you check out the reviews on Amazon, parents who have bought the book are posting glowing reviews and the book is current ranking at the top of the best-sellers list.

I’m actually speechless,” one parent wrote, “I sat here waiting for someone to pinch me. Bedtime just went from take 2-3 hours to taking 12 mins. We made it to the middle of page 2.

It feels almost like a guided meditation,” wrote another pleased parent.

“As a parent you always have to help the child do things with the help of imagination and some positive reinforcements to create a new behavior,” Forssen Ehrlin writes on his web site. “This book is just like that, a help to get the child to focus on sleep and relaxation with the help of imagination. You will also create a comfort for your child to fall asleep easier even when you don’t read the bedtime story.”

Get your copy on Amazon today – it may be the best $13 your ever spent 🙂

The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep 

You can also get a free e-book version at Ehrlin’s website.

FREE DOWNLOAD |Download the e-book and see if it works.

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