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Best Cruise For Teen – Take a Carnival Cruise

by Travelon Jo

Best Cruise For TeenSo why are Carnival Cruise some of the best cruise for teen vacations? The rooms for the younger ones aboard the newer ships, are very spacious, cheery and well-equipped. The Destiny-class ships also have an outdoor play space for younger kids with a slide, climbing gym, splash pool and kid-sized picnic tables.

For older kids and teenagers, there is the trademark Carnival waterslide on each cruise ship, and that’s just a start.

Camp Carnival for 12-14 – Best Cruise For Teen Vacations

Carnival offers two seperate teen programs. For 12-14 year old guests, Camp Carnival offers a extensive choice of activities from late night movies, sports night, teen disco, Karaoke, late night swimming beneath the stars, scavenger hunts, and many additional age suitable activities.

Carnival even has a exceptional shore excursion program planned just for teenagers. Your 12- to 14-year-olds can select from a option of Camp Carnival recommended tours; they can go as a group to tour numerous of thier thrilling destinations with a Camp Carnival chaperone.

If your teen loves to boogie, they will enjoy themselves every night aboard a Carnival cruise as 12- to 14-year-old guests have the chance to “mix and mingle” at Carnival’s shipboard dance club from 9:30pm to 10:45pm. After 11:00pm, teens 14 and under can hook up with the youth staff for a variety of activities, such as a late night movie, karaoke or outdoor games.

  • Additional activities for teens include: Playstation 2 and IMac time
  • Board games
  • Talent show
  • Trivia games
  • Dance parties
  • ExerSeas – Competitive indoor/outdoor games
  • Ping-Pong tournaments
  • Karaoke


Club 02 for 15-17 year olds – Best Cruise For Teen Vacations

The older teens get a opportunity to show off during a Karaoke party, pool parties, late night dances, outdoor sporting events such as basketball and ping pong.

Best Cruise For Teen

Club O2 Directors are specially hired and trained to be the heart of the Club O2 program. They create the sparkle that gets all the teens interested. Each director brings their own special style to Club O2. Their energy and devotion to the program ensures that they put together the teen cruise experience unlike anything they have ever done before. Most of them act as hosts, entertainers, and DJ’s for the teens.

Other activities for Club O2 Teens include:

  • Teen Activity Schedules
  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Music Hangs
  • Themes parties
  • Lido Deck Activities
  • Reality Games Shows
  • Trivia’s and scavenger hunts
  • Pool Parties

A lot of Carnival ships have lounges which are dedicated to both age groups. Several of these lounges have video monitors with Playstation 2 or X-Boxes, as well as cosy seating. High energy dance floors with state of the art lighting and sound have also become a anchor in many of Carnivals “Teen Only” lounges. All of this makes for the best cruise for teen vacations, they will agree!


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