Beach Vacation in Spain
Don Quixote - Spain

A Family Beach Vacation in Spain Will Be Memorable

Beach Vacation in Spain
Don Quixote – Spain

There are many wonderful resorts, so many coastal towns to choose from, that a family beach vacation in Spain is an experience that you will treasure for years. Spain is famous for its beaches and boasts a never-ending coastline of sand and rock faced shorelines.

In Spain you can be assured of nearly 365 days of warm bright sunshine. This is what attracts millions of families in Spain, all year round to come for a family beach vacation. With so many locations to choose from, it is very difficult to say which spot is ideal for family vacations in Spain.

Family Beach Vacation in Spain – Mallorca

Mallorca has miles and miles of sandy beaches. Mallorca is famous for its craggy coastline but you do not have to spend all your time at the beach. There are a number of activities like bird watching, scuba diving, sailing and golf that will keep you busy during your family beach vacation.

If you are into cycling, you have come to the right place. Mallorca, with its mild Mediterranean climate is excellent for cycling. Cycling is a wonderful way to get around and discover this heavenly island for yourself. Do not forget to go hiking to the Tramuntana mountain range that rises to nearly 5,000 feet at Puig Major. This will giving you a fabulous view of Mallorca’s coastline. After visiting Mallorca, your family will want to return here year after year.

Family Beach Vacation in Spain – Ibiza

Once you go to Ibiza on your family beach vacation,you would never want to go home! The capital of Ibiza, Ciudad de Ibiza, has beautiful art galleries, clubs, boutiques and restaurants. You can enjoy the old town of D’Alt Vila with its unique cobble streets. Once you are done with beach, you can spend your time at the marina in Ciudad de Ibiza enjoying the ambience and all there is to do there.

Cadiz Beach
Cadiz Beach

Family Beach Vacation in Spain – Costa Brava

Costa Brava is known as the “wild coast” of Spain. The coastline of Costa Brava stretches for 160 kilometers from the French border to Barcelona. It is known for its rugged beauty. Costa Brava can offer you an affordable family beach vacation and you can spend time on the sandy beaches or rocky bays and never get tired of admiring the beauty of its striking cliffs which are adorned with tall pine trees.

Family Beach Vacation In Spain – Costa Blanca

If you are looking for the real Spain and want to spend your family holiday at places not spoilt by excessive tourism, then Costa Blanca is the place to go. Costa Blanca boasts of a 160-kilometer coastline and offers something for every member of a family. Time seems to come to a standstill in Costa Blanca, such is the tranquility of the place. You and your family can take time off from the beach and go on a nature walk, hiking or climbing.

In Spain, no matter where you decide to take your family beach vacation, the fact is that you will be yearning to return to Spain year after year.


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