Beach Themed Living Room Ideas


You may be in the mood for beach themed living room ideas if you’ve just returned from your vacation at the beach, you may be having withdrawals from the sun, surf and sand. Why not bring the vibe home by creating a living room motif that allows you to spend time surrounded by that gorgeous atmosphere all year long? Consider a few ideas that will help you set the tropical mood.

Bring the Sea Indoors

If you loved snorkeling to see brightly-colored sea creatures up close, consider adding a tank to your living room. Choose a container, accessories, food, filter, pump and cleaning supplies on your own at a local pet store or consider professional aquarium installation Denver to create and help you maintain a larger system. Ensure you have a big enough spot away from windows, air vents and direct sunlight to help built the best possible environment for the fish.

Try Coastal Colors

Evoke the feel of the ocean with colors that reflect the look of the sea. Try to paint your room with soothing blues and greens in solids, stripes or a gentle wavy pattern. You can also choose a subdued gray or aqua to serve as a pretty backdrop for beach-themed prints or stenciled shells, fish or waves as a playful border. For texture, you can also consider a neutral grass, burlap or jute wallpaper.

Add Tropical Trinkets

Complete the look with furnishings and accents that feature a sea or nautical motif. Consider whitewashed woods for your tables, armchairs and frames surrounding beautiful photos from your beach vacation. Include sea grass in tall vases, large conch shells or coral pieces to perch on bookshelves and a neutral-colored jute or rope throw rug.

Don’t wait for summer to hit the beach. Design a room with these beach themed living room ideas featuring the colors and sights of the sea that will enable you to feel like you’re in paradise without ever leaving home.

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