Aruba Family Vacation Package

Aruba Family Vacation Package – A Caribbean Paradise

An Aruba family vacation package offers spectacular natural beauty, entertainment, and great sports and is a popular Caribbean paradise.

It is a great holiday destination for families, as it charms parents, grandparents, and children alike, for the quality and range of activities happening almost all throughout the year. On one side of Aruba are the Atlantic crashes over rocks, cliffs, and coral ridges, whereas the other side is surrounded by the serene Caribbean Sea – setting the perfect mood for swimming and snorkeling.

Aruba Divi Divi Tree
Aruba Divi Divi Tree

Find Natural Beauty in Aruba

Sandwiched between the two sides, lies Aruba’s desert landscape with its charming windmills, lighthouse, towering cacti, and the most amazing twisted divi-divi trees. Aruba’s natural beauty, together with its fabulous nightlife comprising lovely dining, glitzy casinos, and modern resorts and hotels, makes it a wonderful family vacation, offering something for everyone in the family.

All the above factors have together contributed to Aruba’s popularity and explain why it enjoys the highest rate of repeated visits, as compared to any other holiday destination in the Caribbean.

What makes the tourists pay numerous visits to this place is also the warm hospitality of the Arubans, who ensure that the visitors have access to everything they need, in order to make their stay enjoyable and memorable. Adding flavor to the excitement is Aruba’s climate, which is sunny and welcoming. The Arubans are dedicated to preserving and continuously upgrading the beauty and environment of their land to offer the best each time.

Aruba Map

The tourist industry in Aruba is one of the most organized, well developed, and diversified ones, to cater to a variety of visitors with varying preferences for your Aruba family vacation package. Those preferring privacy may find the secluded stretch of beaches attractive, and get delighted with the wonderful prospects of exploring the countryside on their own. On the other hand, those who are outgoing may prefer Aruba’s vibrant nightlife with happening casinos, varied theme parties, discotheques, music, and various other forms of entertainment.

What to do in Aruba?

The folkloric festivals of Aruba are also worth watching as part of your Aruba family vacation package, if you are inclined towards exploring the place in depth. Aruba’s wildlife is remarkable as well, and you can have plenty of opportunities for bird watching in the protected sanctuaries. You can also have a wonderful time touring the lovely coconut plantations, hiking through the Arikok National Park, and tracing the absolutely exotic flora and fauna of the island.

Aruba water sports

From Visually.

An Aruba family vacation package is not only a haven for water sports enthusiasts, with its facilities for scuba-diving spread across 42 diving sites, and those for windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing, or deep-sea fishing and much more. The island also offers two golf courses, of which one is of professional caliber. There are also racquetball courts, trails to go horseback riding, a sanctioned tennis center, and several bowling alleys.

Money Saving Tips for an Aruba Family Vacation

Eat local  and eat fish – You’re on a Caribbean island, so local specialties such as grouper, mahi-mahi, and snapper are less expensive than other seafood options such as salmon. Local specialties will also be fresh!

Get the VisitAruba Plus Card – The tourism board has a visitor’s program where you can get discounts and special offers and considerable discounts and special offers! As a member you can save up to hundreds of dollars on your Aruba trip by using your card at more than 65 participating locations.

Enjoy nature and what is free – Take the family to the beach, go hiking, or take in a sunset or two. Aruba’s natural beauty is breathtaking – and as we said, it’s FREE!

Book your excursions online – If you’re planning doing any activities, be sure to check online for discounts from various suppliers. Some companies offer discounts for direct bookings and booking ahead.

Don’t be Afraid to Drink the water – Tap water is safe in Aruba and there no need to purchase bottled or expensive water.

An Aruba family vacation package island also offers plentiful accommodation facilities in both luxury and affordable categories, each of them offering varied activities for singles, married couples, as well as families. With a wide variety of activities to get yourself involved in, Aruba has everything you need to have a wonderful family beach vacation.

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