Fun Activities in Lake Tahoe for Family Vacations

There are a lot of activities in Lake Tahoe for family vacations planned to spend their holidays at this popular vacation destination.The area around the lake is covered with interesting features like forests, streams, and meadows. You’ll also find several historical spots that may be of interest to culture or history buffs.

Here are some fun activities in Lake Tahoe that you can look forward to:


Family Activities in Lake Tahoe

This is naturally one of the greatest attractions for tourists to Lake Tahoe. If you’re feeling burned out by city life, then you’ll definitely enjoy the chance to reconnect with nature.Your children will also benefit by this firsthand encounter with the great outdoors.

You can choose from several trails, including the favorite mile-long hike to Eagle Falls.This journey is just the right length for families with children, and you get a fantastic view of the falls at the end.

Gondola rides

You don’t have to go all the way to Europe to experience the wonder of riding a gondola over a breathtaking vista of forests and mountains. The Heavenly Scenic Gondola Rides take you on a trip up to Heavenly Mountain.At The Deck, you get to see the spectacular view of Lake Tahoe while having lunch at one of the convenient picnic tables.

Helicopter rides

If you want to see more than a gondola ride can offer or if you’re simply feeling a bit adventurous, take a helicopter ride instead. Your kids will feel like they’re in a movie as they get into a real chopper and fly over Emerald Bay for ten minutes or Sand Harbor for half an hour.

You can also take an hour-long sunset cruise depending on what you prefer or what your budget allows.

Go skiing

Of course, no mountain vacation is complete without a bit of skiing. Families who come to the lake in wintertime can enjoy the cool air and the majestic view of snow-covered mountains, as well as a variety of snow sports.

Skiing is naturally one of the everyone’s favorite activities in Lake Tahoe. Kids and adults alike can have fun on the trails, as anyone from beginners to top-flight skiers are welcome.

White water rafting

You can have fun on the water too.Get your adrenaline rush with a bit of white water rafting.There are competent tour companies that will take care of the equipment and the guides, so all you have to do is to show up and have a good time.

Make sure that you mention how old your kids are so that they can tailor the experience to your family’s level of skill.

Enjoy the beaches

There are quite a few beaches on Lake Tahoe, and although not all of them are suitable for swimming, you can still have a pleasant time lounging on the shore while your children do a bit of exploring and scrambling around on the rocks.

These are just a few of the great activities in Lake Tahoe that you and your kids can enjoy during family vacations.

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