How to Find Family Attractions at Your Destination.

You may not need to plan your family attractions if you are staying at an all inclusive property or going on a cruise. You will have lots of things planned for you to choose from.

family attractions

If however, you are visiting a new destination and visiting different areas, there may be lots to do once you get there and the time to find out what there is before you go!

There is great information about things to do at lots of destinations worldwide. Your kids won’t stand a chance to be bored!

If you are looking for attractions in the USA, Trusted Tours and Attractions offers an exclusive Kids Go Free promotion on many of thier products.

Tips for visiting family attractions, tourist attractions and places of interest on your vacation:

When visiting family attractions on your trip, find out as much information about them as you can before hand to prepare your children. Let them help plan out which family attractions they would like to see, they will be more interested if they know they helped choose.

Learn a bit about the cultures you will be visiting so it things will be more familiar and comfortable for your children once they arrive. For instance, tell them they wear big hats in Mexico called sombreros, they will be excited when they spot someone wearing one!

For younger children, try to plan out the family attractions you want to see most early on so you don’t miss out on the “star” attraction because they got too tired. Make a game out of visiting sites to keep them interested. For example, when visiting a museum, make a game out of who can find certain attractions.

For older kids, find some sites on the internet about your destination and let them explore.

Another great idea to get kids excited, especially teenagers, is to watch some movies that have been shot on location at your vacation destinations.

Check out these guides to find movie locations worldwide.

50 Dates

For instance if you are going to Hawaii, you may want to buy 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler which was shot in some wonderful locations in Hawaii, including Kualoa Ranch and Heeia Kea Harbor.

It’s a lot of fun for them to watch movies afterward too and say – I was there!

Family Attractions – Events and Things To Do

Find out information about the world’s greatest cities.Timeout has city guides divided into ten sections including tourist attractions: Living Guide, Sightseeing, Essential Information, Entertainment, Eating and Drinking, Shopping, Kids. In the Living Guide there is a listing of the some of the most interesting features of the city , and includes up-to-the-minute listings of the best concerts, exhibitions, clubs and events happening now or in the near future.

Looking for events going on at your destination? Events Worldwide has details of locations, dates, and how to get tickets for leading, unusual, and exotic arts sports, entertainment and special events and tourist attractions around the world, search their database and discover the best ways to have fun.

For information about community festivals, fairs and special events, check out With more than 40,000 community events worldwide, provides ways to find festivals around the corner or around the world, to plan travel, to make reservations and to learn something about how communities around the world celebrate.

Holidays and Festivals have a habit of happening after you’ve worked out your travel schedule to the last second. Don’t get caught out when the banks are shut for a national holiday. Find out how your trip figures with calendars around the world with JourneyMart’s exhaustive list.



Family Attractions – Museums, Planetariums and ZOOs


Find links to Museum websites in USA and Canada at Museum Link. Find Museums for Kids around the world at Children’s Museums Around the World. Search the database for worldwide museums at Wikipedia.

Kids love Zoos! See the Wikipedia List of Zoos all over the world. Select a region or the area of the world you want to know more about.

Some kids also love planetariums. A planetarium is a theatre built for presenting shows about astronomy and the night sky and a list of Planetariums Worldwide will help you find one at your destination.

The best way to get deals for the various attractions at your destination is to purchase savings cards in advance such including:

City Pass – Save up to 50% on combined prices for admission to must-see attractions!

Go City Card – Pay one low price and get entrance into as many attractions as you can fit into your schedule.

Trusted Tours and Attractions – Buy discount tickets for the best Sightseeing Tours, Attractions and Museums


Family Attractions – Find a Restaurant the Kids Will Enjoy at Your Destination



If you are staying at an all-inclusive resort or taking a family cruise vacation, there is no need to search for a restaurant but if you are touring on your own, it is useful to scout out some restaurants in your location that will appeal to your family, especially the picky eaters!

Find restaurants that are kid friendly with these following sites:

At Out to Eat with Kids you can search for where kids can eat free in the USA and make sure your meals are both healthy and economical.

International restaurant listings can be found at It is searchable by location, cuisine, and special features and includes user submitted reviews and ratings.

Tips for Travelling and Eating in Restaurants with Small Children!

After so much excitement and being on the go all day, eating out with the kids can by trying on parents, some of these tips may help;

Stop to eat before the kids get too hungry – the hungrier they are the harder the experience will be.

Try to choose family style restaurants whenever possible, the will often have more reasonable price children’s menus, food your kids will like and will not mind some spilled juice.

Try to bring along some non-noise making, age appropriate toys to entertain the kids with while you are waiting for a meal, distracting them during the waiting period is half the battle.

Take them to the bathroom before the meal comes that way the meal will not be interrupted.

If an adult needs to take care a baby during the meal, ask for the meals to come staggered that way you can take turns eating and someone will have free hands.

Bring along your own sippy cups to avoid spills from younger children.

Take along an inexpensive surprise toy that will be given out at the end of the meal – as long as everyone behaves! (It’s a bribe but it works amazingly well).


More Family Attraction Information

About the Family Vacation and expectation
It’s that time of year again: Time for the family vacation. It’s a good time to rethink some things like perfectionism, expectations, and the meaning of the word “vacation.”

Sanity tips for eating out with kids
The journey of a thousand meals begins with a single bite – or something like that. Here are some clues to guiding that first morsel safely into the hangar.


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Cocoa Beach Florida Family Fun

Cocoa Beach Family Vacation

Hilton Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach Florida is located about one hour east of Orlando on Florida’s wonderful Space Coast. Driving there is scenic and is worth the drive as it will give you many opportunities for fun and relaxation for your family beach vacation.

Cocoa Beach is considered to be one of the most affordable family beach vacations in Florida. In addition, there are a lot of fun things to do or see in and around Cocoa Beach. You can go deep sea fishing, surfing, para-sailing, or take a river tour and get up close and personal with the amazing Florida wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, during your visit in Cocoa Beach, you can also visit the Brevard Zoo or take to the skies at the Kennedy Space Center.

If you are looking for a more relaxing Cocoa Beach vacation with your family, you can just sit by the seashore and read a good book, watch the ships go by, take a walk to the pier, collect seashells or build some sandcastles.

This will be easy to do since the Cocoa Beach Area has 72 miles of pristine beaches along Florida’s Atlantic coastline.

For a bit of history take a stroll through historic Cocoa Village located along the beautiful Indian River Lagoon. With stunning architecture and charming specialty shops and boutiques, casual eateries and award-winning fine dining, it is the perfect place to spend an afternoon and find that unique treasure to bring home as a memory of your visit.

And, since you will be so close to Orlando and to all of the Orlando attractions, and you can even drive back to Cocoa Beach at night to enjoy dinner in one of the many dining spots on the beach or stay nearby with an ideal Cocoa Beach Hotel and wake up to a splendid sunrise on the beach!


With plenty to offer you and your entire family, Cocoa Beach Florida provides an excellent family beach vacation or getaway in Florida. There is plenty to do on and around the beach, with enough activities nearby to keep your family coming back for more.

Family Weekend Getaways with Small Kids

Family Weekend Getaways with Small Kids

You don’t have to give up on family weekend getaways with small kids because you think they will not enjoy themselves. If you and your partner have always found travel exciting and fulfilling, then you can be sure that your children will too.

Travelling with smaller children is all about finding the right destination – look for places that you and your children will enjoy equally.Family weekend getaways are actually ideal for pre-schoolers and toddlers because they’re pretty brief and usually take place closer to home.

If you’d like to try a couple of days’ holiday with your tots, here are some great ideas for family weekend getaways.

Visit Theme Parks with Small Kids

A theme park can be fun for small children as long as you’re mindful of their attention spans and their comfort.Pre-schoolers are sure to find places like Disney World truly magical.

They’ll enjoy the lights, sounds, costumes and colors.

Theme parks are also sure to have smaller rides appropriate for their age. Just make sure that you don’t over-tire your kids.Take frequent rests and remember that the point is to have a nice time – not to check all the park attractions off your list.

Beaches Make Great Weekend Getaways

Youngsters simply love trips to the beach. You don’t really need to go to an exotic foreign locale.Just head on down to Virginia Beach or Naples in Florida.

As long as there’s sun, sad, and surf, your little ones will be pretty satisfied. Bring along some sun protection and keep your kids hydrated; the heat can affect them far more quickly than it does adults.

Water Parks are Ideal for Family Weekends

If the beach is too far or if summer is over, then you can give your family the chance to enjoy swimming and splashing in the water by taking them to one of the many indoor water parks in the country.

Choose a water park that has splash pools and play areas made especially for little kids. Interactive features like sprays, fountains and buckets are sure to give them hours of good fun.

Visit the Zoo

What child doesn’t love animals?A zoo is still one of the best places to take your family on a vacation.Little kids will marvel at the exotic creatures that you don’t see every day – mischievous monkeys, graceful giraffes, and roly-poly bears.

Thankfully, many zoos today are much more pleasant than they used to be, with animals getting more freedom to move about and plenty of opportunities for visitors to interact with them in a more natural way.

Museums are great for Weekend Excursions with your Family

Who says museums are just for older people? While it’s true that your toddler may not enjoy historical museum or an art museum where everything is hushed and intimidating, there are plenty of museums that cater specifically to kids of all ages.

One fine example is the Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas, with interactive exhibits and opportunities for kids to exercise their creativity and work off their energy. Make sure to visit one on your next family getaway.

Incorporating these places on your next family weekend getaways with your kids can be a lot of fun, so be sure to add them to the list.

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Palm Beach Attraction – Family Vacation in the Gold Coast

Palm Beach Attraction

Gumbo Limbo Nature Preserve

There are lots of Palm Beach Attractions! Florida’s Gold Coast – Cities in Florida’s Palm Beach area include, Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton.

West Palm Beach is at the northern end of Florida’s “Gold Coast” which also includes Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. To the east lies Palm Beach and the Atlantic Ocean; to the west Loxahatchee Wildlife Preserve and Everglades National Park.

The city of West Palm Beach has revitalized its downtown area and added a 55 acre shopping, living, and entertainment center known as CityPlace. There is plenty of free parking for and replicas of vintage trolleys make transportation fun.

So what is there to do for your Florida family vacation in this area? How about golf, polo, and a full spectrum of water sports including snorkelling, diving, swimming, surfing, boating and fishing which are all available all year round.

Museums and galleries provide additional family fun, and there are many other activities to keep the kids amused. Among these are the 22 acre Dreher Park Zoo, the South Florida Science Museum, Aquarium and Planetarium, and Lion Country Safari.

The Lion Country Safari includes lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, chimpanzees, ostriches, and water buffalo. Visitors drive through on 8 miles of paved roads while the animals can be seen to the car and some very close as they approach the car.

The island community of Palm Beach, is famous for Worth Avenue that has countless designer boutiques.

Palm Beach Florida

A few blocks from downtown, are Palm Beach’s mansions and beaches leading down to the Atlantic Ocean.

South of Palm Beach, are Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, and Delray Beach, which offer more shopping, dining, and more recreation activities. North of West Palm Beach are Singer Island, Juno and Jupiter with their miles of inviting beaches and parks. The Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge, which is part of the Everglades, is also located in the surrounding area.

Find a Palm Beach attraction for your Florida family vacation

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center – A Palm Beach Attraction

Children will enjoy the four huge saltwater sea tanks containing many forms of sea life including coral and stingrays. A long boardwalk winds through dense forest to a 50-ft tower that you can climb to overlook the tree canopy.

In the spring and early summer, staff members lead night time turtle walks to see nesting females come ashore and lay their eggs.

Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park – A Palm Beach Attraction

Discover why The Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park is the number one family attraction in Palm Beach County.

This intimate, 23-acre tropical zoological garden is home to more than 400 animals representing Australia, South and Central America, Asia and Florida.

The zoo is committed to the preservation of several endangered species including the Komodo dragon, Bengal tiger, lemur, cotton top tamarin, golden lion tamarin, Florida panther, and features the nation’s first outdoor exhibit of Goeldi’s monkeys. Enjoy the children’s area and reptile house.

Hoffman’s Chocolate Shoppe & Gardens – A Palm Beach Attraction

Each year more than 150,000 visit the Hoffman’s Bavarian-style Tudor factory to watch chocolate creations being made and to tantalize their senses with more than 80 varieties of confections.

Located just in the back of our chocolate factory are the lush tropical gardens through which visitors stroll alongside colorful foliage, stopping to view the waterfall, fish pond, and a G-scale train village with 500 feet of track, while enjoying a chocolate treat.

From Thanksgiving through the New Year, Hoffman’s transforms the gardens into a Winter Wonderland with over 200,000 lights and brilliant displays. Visitors from near and far arrive at Hoffman’s to view and enjoy this free event.

Lion Country Safari – A Palm Beach Attraction

America’s first “cageless zoo.” Enjoy an exciting drive through one of the world’s great wild animal preserves with more than 1,200 wild animals roaming free within inches of your car.

Then visit Safari World amusement park with narrated boat cruise, miniature golf, animal and bird displays, paddleboats, reptile park, petting zoo, picnic area, restaurant and gift shops.

Lion Country is one of America’s leading centers for the education and preservation of wildlife. Rare births at Lion Country, such as the African elephant, white rhinoceros and giraffes, are some examples of the success of the cageless zoo prototype that has helped revolutionize the zoo industry.

South Florida Science Museum – A Palm Beach Attraction

At the South Florida Science Museum, dozens of hands-on permanent exhibits as well as special traveling exhibitions appeal to all ages.

The McGlinty Aquarium features tanks with Pacific and Atlantic species as well as Mangrove & Coral Reef habitats.

The Aldrin Planetarium offers exciting star shows and spectacular laser light concerts.

Playmobil FunPark – A Palm Beach Attraction

The FunPark is a magical world filled with toys that inspire children’s imaginations and surround them with exciting adventures. A hands-on indoor play area.

Fun Depot, Inc. – A Palm Beach Attraction

There are seven acres of attractions with their 175 arcade games and amusement simulators, NasCarts, go-carts, batting cages and laser tag. Call for group rates and birthday parties.

Sawgrass Recreational Park – A Palm Beach Attraction

Everglades tours at Sawgrass Recreation Park show the “real” Florida – the “sea of grass.” See the Everglades by airboat, visit an Indian village, alligator and reptile exhibit and birds of prey. Allow two hours for everything. Gift shop, craft stand, food, freshwater fishing.

Rapids Water Park – A Palm Beach Attraction

Rapids Water Park is South Florida’s foremost family water park with over 12 acres of attractions. Plunge down 1,600 feet of spiralling flumes, dare to ride out the storm in Tubin’ Tornadoes or blast off in the new Body Blasters enclosed slides.

Get totally tubular in the quarter-mile action river, wave channel, aquatic rain forest and 25,000-square foot Big Surf Wave Pool. Little ones can also make a splash in the new Splish Splash Lagoon with 5 slides, a fort, shipwreck and water shooting canons.

Butterfly World – A Palm Beach Attraction

Within the giant walk through aviaries brimming with tropical flowers, are thousands of dazzling butterflies from all over the world. They often land and rest awhile on the shoulder of a visitor.

They are most active on warm, sunny days. There are also cabinets of emerging pupae. The gardens are extensive and well worth the rail trip from the West Palm Beach area.

Find out more about a family friendly Palm Beach Attraction

Find the best deals for Palm Beach hotels

For more information visit the Palm Beach tourist board.


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Panama City Beach Florida Family Vacation

Panama City Beach FloridaPanama City Beach Florida Area includes Panama City, Panama City Beach, Chipola and Youngstown. A favorite Florida beach front area for families, especially in spring and summer, Panama City Beach Florida offers an extensive selection of parks and play zones offering amusement rides, go-kart tracks, batting cages, paintball, laser tag, a maze, a zoo excursion, museums and miniature golf.

Other family friendly activities in the area include a wide variety of water sports including glass-bottom boat tours, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, parasailing, kayaking, waverunning and anything else you can imagine would be fun on the water.For those looking for non water outdoor activities, there are plenty to choose from including: rounds of golf on one of five 18- hole courses, tennis, sightseeing and much more.

Panama City Beach Florida, which claims to be the “Seafood Capital of the World”, has a large variety of restaurants with a seafood and non-seafood menus.

From casual eateries to award-winning establishments, you can be certain of finding restaurants that the whole family can enjoy.

Some of the annual events one can enjoy while visiting include: the Gulf Cost Triathlon, the Indian Summer Seafood Festival, the Bay Point Billfish Invitational Tournament and Nature’s Gallery Historical Arts and Crafts Festival.

Florida Kid

With more than 18,000 hotel, motel and condominium units, as well as campgrounds and RV parks, your are sure to find the Panama City Beach vacation to fit your budget and accommodation needs.

With average water temperature of 72 degrees and average air temperature around 78 degrees, Panama City Beach Florida is a great family friendly Florida destination at any time of the year.

Need more information about Panama City Beach Florida?

Find out more about family friendly attractions at Panama City Beach

Find a great deal for Panama City Beach Hotels

For more information visit the Panama City Beach Florida Tourist Board

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San Diego Family Vacations

San Diego Family Vacations

San Diego family vacations take you almost to the north of the Mexican border with its fabulous beaches and theme parks. Located in southern California, San Diego has the first Sea World ever in addition to a fantastic Zoo and a Wild Animal Park.

If that shouldn’t excite the wild child in you, take your family vacation up a notch at the Cabrillo National Park. What more could you possibly look for when planning a family trip to San Diego? Legoland, perhaps?

Have the time of your life as you relive your own childhood experiences with this wonderful invention.

  • San Diego is best embodied in the cities with its classy shopping, entertainment venues, theatre, and art houses.
  • Downtown Gaslamp is a good place to get your share of culture and history on your San Diego family vacation.
  • Visit the Children’s Museum and the historic Old Town here for some quality family time. La Jolla and Del Mar are other cities in the vicinity you should include in your family trip to San Diego.
  • Packed with great choice of outdoor activities, beaches, parks, and wildlife, your family trip to San Diego can and will surprise you with a few extraordinary features.
  • Take the high bridge to Coronado Island. You are way above the ground surrounded by scenic beauty that may even bring about a lull in the back seat bickering.
  • For more in the same genre, you have to visit the Balboa Park—a perfect spot to enjoy San Diego family vacations

The best part of your travels in San Diego would have to be the mild, sunny weather. July to September is when you can enjoy the beaches of San Diego in all its golden glory. This is when the heat makes everything simmer and sparkle.

If you prefer cooler climes, take your San Diego family vacations in the month of October.

The time to not plan a family trip to San Diego would be May to July when grey clouds cover the coast and the area is inflicted with what the local’s term, “June gloom”.

Find out More About San Diego

San Diego Tourist Attractions
If you are in the area, another great spot for a California family vacation is San Diego. Check out what is fun to do with the kids in San Diego.



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Family Vacations in Guadeloupe

Family Vacations in Guadeloupe

What about family vacations in Guadeloupe? The butterfly shaped island of Guadeloupe is the destination if you’re looking for contrasts. With each of its “wings” offering you a different type of scenery and climate, visit both and you’ve got a two holiday’s in one!

On one side you have Grande-Terre which is home to gentle rolling hills and beautiful beaches offering all kind of sporting activities.  all kind of sporting activities. On the other you have Basse-Terre with its rugged mountain backdrop and rainforest to explore.

A family beach vacation to Guadeloupe is perfect for any family who loves the outdoors because it offers so much diversity.

Unlike some of the other Caribbean islands, Guadeloupe has extreme differences in climate and this may affect the time of year you wish to go, especially if you are hoping to explore some of the more extreme parts of Basse-Terre. Temperatures in Pointe-a-Pitre range between a high of 28 and a low of 19 degrees in the winter, and a high of 31 and low of 23 in the summer.

With Basse-Terre being higher the temperatures there are lower, and it is also is subject to more rain than across on Grande-Terre (390 inches annually as opposed to 71 inches!) so if you’re intending to have a camping/hiking family vacation in Guadeloupe, make sure you seek out professional advice about the right time of year to go for the area you’re planning to explore.

For the perfect family vacations in Guadeloupe you should try to spend some time on both sides of this beautiful island. Focus your main holiday on the “wing” that best fits with your interests, but spend at least a couple of days exploring the terrain on the other side.

There are also a few islands for you to explore off the mainland that will give you the opportunity to see how life used to be before tourism hit the main island.

Save up to $325 on Caribbean Packages!

On Grande-Terre, be sure to take some time out from your sunbathing and water sports to visit Porte d’Enfer. Also known as “Gate of Hell”, this is a stunning cove that’s sheltered by cliffs. It’s the perfect Caribbean backdrop for a family picnic, but watch out for the strong currents if you’ve got small children with you.

Pointe de la Grande Vigie is the islands most northerly point and on a clear day you can see all the way to Antigua about 45 miles away!

On Basse-Terre there are three main routes you can follow, but what you can’t miss on your family vacations in Guadeloupe is a visit to Parc National de la Guadeloupe.

With rainforest, jungle waterfall, swing bridge and even a small zoo, this is either a great place to spend a few days exploring, or just take a one day trip to get a feeling of being in another part of the world completely.

When considering your choices, a Caribbean family vacation in Guadeloupe may not immediately spring to mind, but take a look at what it’s got to offer- you’ll probably be surprised!

Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other families have to say about hotels in Guadeloupe

Best Family Beach Vacations Top Family Resorts in Guadeloupe

Club Med La Caravelle

Cruise to the Caribbean! Click Here

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What to Do on Family Vacations in Ontario

Family Vacations in Ontario

Parliament Buildings in Ottawa

You’re bound to enjoy family vacations in Ontario because there’s nothing more pleasant or memorable than spending a holiday with the ones you love and having fun doing it.  Ontario is a favourite destination for people who would like to enjoy a family vacation with a minimum of fuss.

In Ontario, you won’t have to negotiate a language barrier or worry about getting vaccinated for exotic diseases.

You’ll also have all kinds of modern conveniences to help you cater to your family’s needs while you’re on the go.  Most of all, family vacations in Ontario promise to be full of all kinds of fun activities that will please kids of all ages, as well as parents who are essentially young at heart.

Here is a list of a few things that you can do with your family while you are in Ontario:


If you want to give our spouse and your children a one-of-a-kind adventure, then why not take them canoeing?  Riding a canoe is an outdoor activity that can give you a lot of exercise, and yet it’s also a great way to enjoy the natural wonders of Ontario and get in touch with one’s ancestors.  Put yourself in the shoes of the early European migrants to North America as you take a canoe ride on the river in Algonquin National Park.

The ride is bound to be idyllic, with views of natural rock formations and pine.

The park is perfect for a family vacation since it gives you some amount of solitude without sacrificing safety.  It also allows you to pick the intensity level of your canoeing challenge, from short paddling trips to backpacking and hiking affairs that could last several days.

Learn about natural history

For a hands-on lesson in natural history, simply head to the Toronto Zoo or the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa.  The Toronto Zoo is worlds away from a simple local zoo.  It’s Canada’s biggest zoo, and one of the largest in the world as well.  It is home to 460-plus animal species, and it is also very family friendly – it comes with a special children’s zone featuring a splash park, demonstrations, and interactive fun.

Meanwhile, the Museum of Nature offers a different sort of thrill.  It is housed in a century-old building and has taxidermy animals, live tarantulas and cockroaches, as well as dinosaur skeletons.

Enjoying “cottage time.”

One of the time-honoured traditions for family vacations in Ontario is time spent in a cottage in Muskoka, the Kawarthas, or the Rideau lakes.  Living in a rental cottage amidst the untamed gorgeousness of nature is the perfect opportunity to indulge in good old family bonding: cook meals over the campfire, have a sing-along, or play some old-fashioned board games indoors.

This list should give you a basic idea of what you can do on family vacations in Ontario.  Besides these activities, you can also indulge in sightseeing in such special places as the Saulte Saint-Marie, Black Creek Pioneer Village, or Rideau Canal.


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Top Family Attractions In Melbourne

Family Attractions in Melbourne

Healesville Sanctuary

In order to enjoy the natural beauty of family attractions in Melbourne, Victoria’s walking and riding trails offer the best way. Melbourne is located on the banks of the Yarra River is the capital of the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia so the location is ideal for this.

The trails cover diverse landscapes ranging from National Park wilderness to spotless gardens, from clear lakes to a multitude of beaches, from rolling mountain ranges to deserts. Several hiking trails can be found close to Melbourne within driving distance of the city. Many other great family attractions in Melbourne are outside the city limits.

Nature lovers will enjoy the penguin parade at Phillip Island, the open-range Werribee Zoo and the popular Healesville Sanctuary. Food lovers want to visit the Yarra Valley wineries to try pinot noir and eat at the region’s many restaurants. Hundreds of beautiful mountains, lakes and valleys lie within an hour’s drive of Melbourne.

Green and gold trams circle the city providing efficient transportation in the easy-going character of days gone by.

Children will love the riverboat cruises, water taxis, and gondola rides that provide the best in water travel on the Yarra River.

They will also relish a visit to a shark at Melbourne Aquarium and an afternoon at the Melbourne zoo for family attractions in Melbourne. It’s only a short ferry boat ride across Port Phillip Bay to Williamstown and St Kilda, the beach suburbs that serve as the playgrounds of Melbourne.

Melbourne is affordable, welcoming, and the place to relax and be yourself while exploring one of the great cities of the world. With Over 3000 restaurants offering excellent cuisine accompanied by splendid local wines. This friendly multicultural city is home to people from over 140 nations, a fact that is reflected in the excellence and variety of the menu choices that are available. There are plenty of family attractions in Melbourne to please everyone.

Como House

Como,with its impressive architecture and extensive garden was the home of the Armytage family for 95 years. It is now possible to explore the life and social history of this family as it was in the 1920s and 1930s and take advantage of the many family activities and programs that have been developed to bring to life the history of those times.

Gold Treasury Museum

The Gold Treasury symbolizes the wealth of the gold rush era, and showcases a diverse ongoing program of exhibitions. Built on Gold explores the legacy of Victoria’s gold.

Healesville Sanctuary

Stroll with kangaroos, meet an emu on the path and encounter colourful birds in a natural bushland setting. An easy drive from Melbourne. Day tours make a great family attraction in Melbourne.

Imax-The Museum Complex

The sights are bigger at Imax Melbourne. See the world as you’ve never seen it before, on the world’s biggest screen at the Imax theatre.

Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium provides an innovative environment where fish are heroes and visitors can achieve the ultimate underwater experience. Walk through clear tubes,surrounded by 7 metres of water, watch great sharks, stingrays and other aquatic life. A total immersion experience from the moment visitors meet their electronic host fish and disappear into the exhibit zones, until they exit experiencing the excitement of state-of-the-art simulator rides.

Melbourne River Cruises

No visit to Melbourne would be complete without an award-winning trip on the Yarra with fantastic views and informative commentary in the comfort of a Melbourne River Cruiser. Choose from the Scenic River Gardens up river cruise, the Port and Docklands down river cruise, or for the complete city experience, the Melbourne Highlights up and down river cruise. All vessels are fully enclosed with on board amenities and snack bar.

Melbourne Zoo

A visit to the internationally acclaimed Melbourne Zoo is a fantastic experience. Wander through an African Rainforest where gorillas bask in the sun, mandrills forage on the forest floor and pygmy hippopotamus drift through the river. Observe otters playing in the rapids or enter the steamy brilliance of the Butterfly House. View Australian animals in the exhibit entitled Australian Bush.

Family Attractions in Melbourne – Old Melbourne Gaol

Victoria’s oldest surviving penal establishment. Today it houses a fascinating exhibition on the 19th century jail life including the death masks and memorabilia of some of Melbourne’s most notorious criminals. Alternatively, book a Night Performance and explore the gaol by candlelight which is fun for family attractions in Melbourne.

Puffing Billy Railway

This world famous steam railway travels through the magnificent Dandenong Ranges from Belgrave, only one hour east of Melbourne, to Emerald Lake Park and Gembrook,every day of the year, except Christmas Day. Together with traditional rail journeys, First Class options available are, Devonshire Tea, Luncheon or Dinner,in luxury fully enclosed dinning carriages. Easily accessible by fast electronic train from Melbourne. .

Rialto Towers Observation Deck

For family attractions in Melbourne, check out the spectacular 360-degree panoramic views of Melbourne and surrounds, from the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere and makes for one of the great family attractions in Melbourne. Facilities include Rialto Vision the award winning sight and sound extravaganza, gift shop, licensed cafe, function room and Zoom City live action cameras.

Rippon Lea

Rippon Lea is the last of Australia’s great privately owned 19th century suburban estates. The Victorian Pleasure garden, of international significance, includes a lake, island and bridges as well as a large Victorian Fernery. The mansion retains much of the Victorian splendour of the Sargood family but also reflects the 1930s Hollywood style of its last owner, Mrs. Louisa Jones.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Discover one of the great gardens of the world, only minutes from Melbourne’s heart.Stroll through landscapes displaying plants from across the globe, join a guided walk or take a self-guided audio tour. Exclusive gift shop and cafes in magnificent setting.

Captain Cook’s Cottage

This family attractions in Melbourne is a historical cottage that Captain Cook purportedly once lived in was transported to its present site from Yorkshire in 1934. The cottage is located in the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens close to the city center and the MCG, you can get to the cottage via the free City Circle tram, which stops a short walking distance from the cottage.The cottage is a place to visit for those interested in Melbourne and Australia’s History, though it may not interest very small children.

Scienceworks Museum

Scienceworks,another great family attraction in Melbourne, is an award winning hands-on science and technology museum. Encompassing the Melbourne Planetarium,Scienceworks features changing exhibitions, historic objects, live shows, tour sand events.

Victorias Open Range Zoo at Werribee

Experience a unique wildlife safari. Enjoy close up views of grassland animals from Africa,Australia and Asia. Rhinos range free with giraffe, zebra and antelopes, while hippos wallow in waterholes and kangaroos graze nearby. Facilities include guided safari, walking trails, discovery centre, Meerkat Bistro & Function Centre and Safari Shop, lots of family attractions in Melbourne

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