Hawaii sightseeing? You Must See a Hawaii Volcano!

Hawaii VolcanoHawaii volcano! Did you know that Hawaii was born out of volcanoes. Interesting fact, right? Hawaii has two, equally grand national parks for volcanoes: Haleakala National Park and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Either is well worth a visit, but everyone should try to sample both.

Hawaii sightseeing : Haleakala National Park

Haleakala is located on Maui and covers 118 km² (45.5 mi²).Originally part of Hawaii National Park, it was established as a separate park in 1961. Since then, millions of visitors have looked in awe upon its natural beauty.

The park has two sections: the Summit and Kipahulu, each with its own distinctive character.

The dormant Haleakala volcano is located in the Summit Area and features a crater that measures 3 km/2 mi wide by 11 km/6.7 mi across and roughly 800 m /2,600 ft deep. Looking down, visitors can easily make out huge cinder cones characteristic of idle volcanoes. The crater is reached either from the Halemau’u Trail or the Sliding Sands Trail. There are even cabin accommodations for the truly adventurous.

Like many spectacular volcanoes, the area is dotted with a large number of evergreen and other tree species. Everything from Pacific Pine, Spruce and Fir to Sugi from Japan and Deodar from the Himalayas make a home on the mountain.

The Kipahulu section offers pools fed by the Palikea Stream and the many falls on the mountain. They provide views of native freshwater fish species that make their home in the rain-fed crater. Swimming among them is a favorite activity of visitors.

Even if you don’t swim, be prepared to get wet, though. Kipahulu gets an average of 187 inches/475 cm of rain per year. Dress in layers for the Summit section. Temperatures can dip below freezing. So prepare for the family vacation beforehand so you won’t get stuck in the cold.


Hawaii sightseeing : Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Unlike Haleakala, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park offers live volcanoes, these are the volcanoes of Hawaii people go to for their Hawaii vacation or Hawaii family vacation. Two of them. Very active ones. They are part of the famed Ring of Fire – a series of volcanoes, many of them underwater, that lie along the edge of several continents. The park covers nearly 1350 km²/505 mi² and has several distinct ecosystems.

Located on the Big Island, it is about an hour drive southwest from Hilo. Once there, visitors can enjoy areas ranging from the lush jungle at sea level to the peak sporting the world’s largest volcano, Mauna Loa (13,677 feet). This World Heritage Site also holds Kilauea, a geological feature in the running for the world’s most active volcano. This volcano should be on your list of Hawaii sightseeing activities to get a view on the world’s most active volcano.

Hiking is a favorite activity along any of thousands of trails here that wind through trees, along ridges of lava deposits and across the black sand beaches of Kalapana. Many enjoy the 350-year old Thurston Lava Tube along one trail. Or, there’s the 4-mile hike along Kilauea Iki trail that descends 400 feet through rainforest into a steaming crater.

Campsites are often booked months in advance, so reserve early.

The park also offers the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, the Jagger Museum and many other facilities dedicated to exploring these fascinating geological formations for more Hawaii sightseeing. There’s even the Volcano House Hotel for those who want to stay in comfort while they explore the park.

There are several scenic drives, as well. Crater Rim Drive is an 11-mile auto route that circles the Kilauea caldera and crater. It passes through many diverse environments ranging from rainforest to desert. Chain of Craters Road offers a 40-mile roundtrip drive that descends 3,700 ft/1130 m from the coast to its dead end at a live lava flow.

Visit either of Hawaii’s National Parks when Hawaii sightseeing and see sights that are simply unavailable anywhere else in the world. Make this part of your family’s vacation.


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Family Vacations in Martinique

Family Vacations in Martinique

You will enjoy family vacations in Martinique which has an average temperature of approximately 26c/78f degrees. You need to be careful however not to hit the rainy season as this could severely limit your enjoyment of what this beautiful island has to offer.

Humidity various between 80-87%. From June until November Martinique is prone to daily heavy showers, with September being the wettest month of the year. With December through May being the busiest tourist months, you may have to decide if you prefer to have a small chance of showers at the beginning or end of the rainy season, or pay higher prices to mingle with larger groups of tourists during peak season. The further inland you go, the lower the temperatures are likely to be.

With an overall area of approximately 417 square miles Martinique is fairly large compared to some of the other Caribbean islands, but this allows you the opportunity to sample two very different sides to the island on your family beach vacation.

The capital of Fort-de-France is a huge hint to the main language spoken on the island.80% of the people here speak French and so if you or your children have studied French, this is a perfect holiday destination for them to try out their skills – of course the other main language of the island is Creole so you’re not likely to hear the locals speaking perfect classroom French.

Many of the tourists are French and so you’ll be able to listen to and exchange conversation in French with the other guests if you’d like some first hand real language experience on Caribbean family vacations in Martinique.

Fort-de-France was named the capital city after a volcano wiped out the existing capital of St. Pierre in 1902. This is a cosmopolitan city that offers a cultural backdrop of museums and architecture to the neighboring fishing villages.

Your family vacations in Martinique may center around the tree hammocks of Les Salines, but you should make sure that you make the effort to see the ruins that remain of the former capital St. Pierre.

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The Musee Vulcanologique shows what the city looked like prior the eruption of Mont Pelee (still active), as well as displaying artifacts taken from the rubble. The ruins themselves include what’s left of the 18th century theatre, and a jail cell that housed the only survivor of the volcano’s destruction!

Another day trip sure to make a memorable impression is the Route de la Trace which runs north from the capital. Here you’ll see the natural beauty of the flora native to the island, as well as experience the rainforest, and see the peaks of volcanic Piton du Carbet.

As with all of the Caribbean islands, your family vacations in Martinique are a great way to spend quality time together trying out new experiences such as diving and hiking. There’s also a number of places you can have the opportunity of a guided horseback adventure. Now that would be great!

Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about hotels in Martinique

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Family Vacations in New Zealand – Discover Nature’s Realm

Family Vacations in New ZealandFamily vacations in New Zealand should start with learning about the country and finding out why it is such a popular family travel spot. It located in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean, mainly comprises of two huge islands – North Island and South Island, together with several small islands such as Stewart and Chatham Islands.

New Zealand, in Maori language, is also popularly known as Aotearoa – meaning a land of long white cloud. The country’s realm includes the self-governing Niue and Cook Islands, the Ross Dependency and the country’s territorial claim in Antarctica.

New Zealand, together with the Easter Island and Hawaii forms what is popularly known as the Polynesian Triangle by anthropologists. New Zealand is known to have the best bits of all the countries in the world, which explains why family vacations in New Zealand are among the most sought after family travel packages today.

Most astounding landscapes, majestic alpine peaks, golden sandy beaches, together with lush tropical rainforests and spouting geysers make family vacations in New Zealand an attractive vacation option.

The tourists often awe at the variety of contrasting sceneries that the country has to offer them. So much so that a family vacation in New Zealand almost assures you of something delightful and spectacular at every bent of a road.

New Zealand family holidays are also popular because of the great outdoor exploration activities that the country provides. With more than a quarter of New Zealand’s land dedicated to development and conservation of national parks, there are unlimited opportunities for adventurous tourists to set out exploring the astounding natural habitats of the country.

The country’s natural wilderness is awe-inspiring, especially for children, which contributes to popularity of family vacations in New Zealand.

So much so that it is impossible to find such a pristine natural environment with a huge diversity of flora and fauna, anywhere else in the world.

New Zealand family holidays

Glacier heli-hiking in Fox Glacier at South Island are among the favorites for those who are in New Zealand for their family vacation in New Zealand. Vacationers find this mix of flying-in and flying-out very exciting as it combines the thrilling experience of walking on the Fox Glacier to that of the exhilarating helicopter flights.

Flying-in gives you an opportunity of exploring the glacier partially, which is otherwise impossible. You get an enthralling experience of circling the magnificent upper icefall and Victoria Falls just before landing.

The thrill of tucking into the boots and boarding the helicopter for heli-hiking is such that most of the vacationers start planning yet another family vacation in New Zealand to relive the experience.

Family vacations in New Zealand have also gained popularity owing to the opportunities for relaxation that the country offers. There are world class facilities for sports of every variety. The country has some of the finest wines, excellent cuisines, and excellent accommodation at reasonable prices.

These are what make your family vacation in New Zealand no less than a trip into the paradise.

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