Best Teen Cruises For Family Vacations

teen cruisesWhy are family vacations with teen cruises so popular? Cruises are often a great holiday for teens, but they usually will have a better time on the largest ships in popular Caribbean, Mexican, and some high season (think Christmas break) and Alaskan Cruises.

A two-week European sailing will draw an older crowd and probably bore your teen to tears unless they can really appreciate the culture and history of the ports of call.

Teen cruises with flexible dining options are a good choice also because formal dining with mom and dad can be downright stifling for them so the more options the better.

The freedom to be able to roam around, combined with lots of entertainment choices, a variety of ports of call and tours, are a big hit with teenagers on vacation.

In fact, some cruise lines are creating special programs, facilities and amenities specifically for the teenage cruise traveler and some include shore excursions that are geared and/or limited to teens.Youth spa programs on several cruise lines also now offer treatments such as mother/daughter facials, father/son massages, spray tans and pedicures on these teen cruises.

Some family cruise ships also offer teen-only discos, lounges and sun decks. These cruise ships and lines that offer these include:

  • Norwegian Star & Dawn
  • Every Royal Caribbean ship (except Nordic Empress)
  • Carnival Conquest & Glory
  • Grand, Golden, Star Princess (have the largest)
  • Disney Magic & Wonder
  • Holland American Zuiderdam & Oosterdam
  • Every Celebrity ship

carnival_cruise_teensSo which cruise line and/or cruise ship should you choose for your teen cruises? It will depend on your family and of course your teen. If there are younger and brothers and sisters in tow, choosing a ship with child and teen programs will be important.

With that being said, you also need to match the ship with your teen’s personality. Some teens enjoy organized activities, while others prefer roaming independently on a ship the size of a small city. And some are drawn to adventure and excitement of the ports of call without the mega-ship distractions.


Recommended Teen Cruise Lines and Teen Cruise Ships for Family Vacations

Royal Caribbean Cruises For Teens

Carnival Teen Cruises

Celebrity Cruise for Teen

Disney Family Cruise

…….other Recommended Cruise Ships for Family Teen Vacations.

Find which resorts are great for vacations with teens

Best Resort for Teens – Why Beaches Resorts are Great For Teens and Tweens

 Best Teen Resorts Beaches

Looking for a great resort for teens or tweens? Are you and your family itching to go on a vacation this year? Are you looking for a fun yet tremendous experience for your kids as well as your significant other that will leave you wanting for more, is that what you’re looking for?

Teenagers nowadays are very choosy when it comes to what they really want so to help them decide, how about a resort for teens that offers a fun hang out, a teen club and tons of activities to keep them busy and occupied?

A vacation is generally all about relaxation and you will have that plus you can make your teenager’s spare time into a productive one, making the vacation both fun and meaningful.

Beaches Resorts Teen Activities

Beaches Resorts have come up with a way to help teens and tweens so that they could ‘find their way’ on a vacation offering all kinds of special hangouts like gaming centers, dance clubs, DJ lessons and even cool teenage lounges.

Such programs and activities that varied resort for teens can offer based in Jamaica, Turks and Caicos are the Scratch DJ Academy, Club Liquid, Xbox 360 Game Garage, Trench Town, The Beach Shack and The Teen Concierge Lounge.

Video and Game Center

Beaches Resort for Teens

The Xbox 360 Game Garage is especially designed to keep you company if ever you’re feeling lonely and you can also make some new friends to play with together which is equally fun with the latter.

Another cool hang out called the Trench Town will make you not want to go home with all the special features that they programmed in the place.

Imagine yourself in fantasy land where all the fun is happening like laser hockey, foosball and electronic basketball. Such high-tech gaming systems which include two large flat-screen televisions, a booming sound system and of course a lounge to simply chill and chat reminding you of the atmosphere and vibe of the ecstatic Caribbean haven.

Teen Clubs

Now to start off with Scratch DJ Academy, if ever your teenage son or daughter has shown interest in music lately, particularly mixing songs or DJ’ing, you can help them realize their dreams and potentials as a DJ to hone their skills for fun.

They will be trained with the basics by professional DJs who have such amazing skills that will leave your child gawking plus other added extras like cool-looking dog tags and graduation certificates.

Tweens and Teens at Beaches Resorts

Their skills will be put into a test through mock DJ battles that can boost your teen’s self-confidence.

Next up is the aqua-themed Club Liquid which its coolness can even rival the other popular dance clubs in New York and Miami. How cool is that?

A safe environment where a teenager can party and just dance to the rhythm of the beat of music just available in the vicinity of the resort at any time to avoid boredom and the feeling of being out of place.

Surfside Hangout for Teens and Tweens Only

The Beach Shack is basically where you can find teenagers playing in the water for fun in the sun action, teens and tweens tanning and just making full use of the convenient rays of the sun. Some teens could use a little bit of the sun after all those indoor, high-tech gaming systems plays and this is usually where the real fun begins.

Making friends, playing beach volleyball, the traditional sand castle building, and even burying yourself under the white sands just for plain fun and entertainment as experience, you’ve got lots of other possible options in the beach, that’s what mainly makes it fun just to be there.

Family Reunions at Beaches Resorts

The Teen Concierge Lounge

Finally at this resort for Teens, there’s what you call The Teen Concierge Lounge for pure relaxation, just sitting back and enjoying the moment while watching wide plasma TVs.

As the title suggests it, it is specifically made for teenagers who are lazy enough to go outside for you will feel truly welcomed in this space which you can call yours openly if you don’t mind making friends with other teens and sharing the place with them, that is.

Although the best resort for teens depends on a person’s taste and style, finding the location that would fit your kind of personality is not that difficult when there are countless of available beach resorts offering those kinds of added benefits.

The fun doesn’t stop there if you’re wondering about Beaches Resorts making you and your family – especially your teenager – have the best family beach vacation. We cannot forget about all the Watersports, the Pirate’s Island Waterparks, the Red Lane Spa and the luxurious dining.

Watersports Teens Will Love

So another brief explanation about each program stated above starting with the Watersports is that if ever you feel like riding a banana boat out of the blue or kayaking, don’t worry because you can do it at Beaches Resorts. Snorkeling to waterskiing to even scuba diving courses, you can find everything here.

The Best Waterparks

The Pirate’s Island Waterparks on the other hand are huge and are all about the crazy but fun water slides, lazy river, surf simulator and water cannons. Fun and more fun!

The Best Teen Spas

The Red Lane Spa for teen spa experience offers stylish manicure and pedicure for you to not worry about looking your best at the beach, just thinking about fun and fun alone.

Teen facial and a soothing body massage are also made readily accessible at any time of day for any kind of body soreness you have.

Beaches Resorts for Great Family Vacations

The Best Food

You can also eat whenever you’re hungry choosing from a wide range of international dishes like the famous Caribbean, Tex-Mex, Teppanyaki, Italian, Sushi, American and more.

You won’t even have to worry about the bills because Beaches Resorts for teens with luxury included covers just about everything with regards to that so you can eat as much as your stomach resorts for teensdesires.

Another point of interest is that the resorts are Green Globe Certified. Teens can participate in programs which focuses on putting the youth of today back in track of caring for nature and for them to realize just how important it is to help protect marine life and preserve the ecosystem by planting trees, participating in reef clean-up programs and the like.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book that Beaches Resort vacation and know that your kids – of any age – will love it – especially your teenagers.


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Best Cruise For Teen – Take a Carnival Cruise

Best Cruise For TeenSo why are Carnival Cruise some of the best cruise for teen vacations? The rooms for the younger ones aboard the newer ships, are very spacious, cheery and well-equipped. The Destiny-class ships also have an outdoor play space for younger kids with a slide, climbing gym, splash pool and kid-sized picnic tables.

For older kids and teenagers, there is the trademark Carnival waterslide on each cruise ship, and that’s just a start.

Camp Carnival for 12-14 – Best Cruise For Teen Vacations

Carnival offers two seperate teen programs. For 12-14 year old guests, Camp Carnival offers a extensive choice of activities from late night movies, sports night, teen disco, Karaoke, late night swimming beneath the stars, scavenger hunts, and many additional age suitable activities.

Carnival even has a exceptional shore excursion program planned just for teenagers. Your 12- to 14-year-olds can select from a option of Camp Carnival recommended tours; they can go as a group to tour numerous of thier thrilling destinations with a Camp Carnival chaperone.

If your teen loves to boogie, they will enjoy themselves every night aboard a Carnival cruise as 12- to 14-year-old guests have the chance to “mix and mingle” at Carnival’s shipboard dance club from 9:30pm to 10:45pm. After 11:00pm, teens 14 and under can hook up with the youth staff for a variety of activities, such as a late night movie, karaoke or outdoor games.

  • Additional activities for teens include: Playstation 2 and IMac time
  • Board games
  • Talent show
  • Trivia games
  • Dance parties
  • ExerSeas – Competitive indoor/outdoor games
  • Ping-Pong tournaments
  • Karaoke


Club 02 for 15-17 year olds – Best Cruise For Teen Vacations

The older teens get a opportunity to show off during a Karaoke party, pool parties, late night dances, outdoor sporting events such as basketball and ping pong.

Best Cruise For Teen

Club O2 Directors are specially hired and trained to be the heart of the Club O2 program. They create the sparkle that gets all the teens interested. Each director brings their own special style to Club O2. Their energy and devotion to the program ensures that they put together the teen cruise experience unlike anything they have ever done before. Most of them act as hosts, entertainers, and DJ’s for the teens.

Other activities for Club O2 Teens include:

  • Teen Activity Schedules
  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Music Hangs
  • Themes parties
  • Lido Deck Activities
  • Reality Games Shows
  • Trivia’s and scavenger hunts
  • Pool Parties

A lot of Carnival ships have lounges which are dedicated to both age groups. Several of these lounges have video monitors with Playstation 2 or X-Boxes, as well as cosy seating. High energy dance floors with state of the art lighting and sound have also become a anchor in many of Carnivals “Teen Only” lounges. All of this makes for the best cruise for teen vacations, they will agree!


Find more best cruise for teen vacations on Best Family Beach Vacations.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Inclusive Family Vacations

Inclusive Family VacationsThere are many advantages of all inclusive family vacations. The main one is you never have to ask yourself, “How much will this cost?” when your kids want more drinks, or activities. Not having to pull out your wallet or sign your bill 6 times a day adds to your piece of mind and enables you to truly relax and enjoy your family beach vacation.

Some all inclusive family resorts offer kids free accommodation when staying in parents’ room; kids typically pay a rate that’s a fraction of an adult’s price. Be sure to check when you are traveling with more than two children and the special rates may only apply to two children.

Another advantage, depending on your destination, can be the security of staying at an all inclusive family resort. There are some destinations that make families uncomfortable whether or not they are safe once you leave the resort grounds. In those instances, an all-inclusive resort is an ideal choice.

It allows you to have all of your meals, entertainment and activities in one spot, and while you won’t be “exploring the culture” of the destination, you’ll have a worry-free vacation.

There are of course some things to watch out for when looking for you all inclusive family vacation. It is important to find out detailed information about the kids programs. Some are better than others and will have different hours of operation, activities, age ranges and supervision. Make sure to pick a resort that will have a program suitable for the kids in your family.

Traveling with very young children and teenagers also requires special consideration as each age group has special requirements and so you want to make sure that accommodation and activities are geared to these age groups. For example, it may be important to have a kid’s wading pool or a room with a fridge when traveling with toddlers.

Caribbean All-Inclusive Sale

Meanwhile, with older kids, try to get a room that is more central so they can have some independence. With teens, review available activities with them so they know what to expect and can let you upfront if they will enjoy the program.

According to – these are the top beach vacations in the Caribbean

Also be sure to have a look at the Top 10 Family Vacation Resorts we recommend for families.

Find out more About All Inclusive Family Vacations

Finding the Best All Inclusive Family Vacation
All inclusive family vacations means that your airfare, hotel, meals and activities are included in the cost of your trip. However, there is no standard industry definition for the term “all-inclusive”.

Top Resorts for Family of Five or more…
Traveling with many people? Best Family Beach Vacations has compiled this list of beach resorts that will accept up to three children with two adults in one room.

Is an all inclusive resort right for you?
All-inclusive resorts can really help vacationers get the most out of their travel dollars. Today, over 400 hotels in the Caribbean and Mexico are either all-inclusive resorts or offer all inclusive packages.


All Inlcusive Deals:


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