Popular Destinations for Family Vacations in Tanzania

Family vacations in Tanzania

Family vacations in Tanzania can be a very unique and fulfilling experience.  After all, travel is the time to broaden your horizons and if you can bring your spouse and children on for the ride, then all the better.  Instead of spending your family vacation in the same old place, why not try something radically different this year?

Tanzania is a location that is at once gorgeous and exotic.  It’s the storybook setting of wide open grasslands and high mountains that your children have only dreamed of but never seen.  The following list will tell you the best spots for family vacations in Tanzania.

The Olduvai Gorge

The Olduvai Gorge is a wonderful place to visit if your children have an amateur interest in archaeology.  The gorge is thought to be one of the oldest inhabited places on the planet.  It contains one of the earliest signs of human life on earth, which are a set of hominid footprints preserved in volcanic rock.

There are also other signs of prehistoric life discovered in this area, including a number of bones and stone tools.

The Usambara Mountains

The mountains make for a stately and edifying view, but they’re also a great place to travel to especially with older children or teenagers. The Usambara Mountains offer day walks and treks that are some of the favourite activities of tourists who go to the mountain ranges.  On these extended walks, it’s possible to encounter a wide variety of birds and discover breathtaking views of the Maasai steppe and even the Indian Ocean.

The Tarangire National Park

The Tarangire National Park.  There are several national parks and preserves in Tanzania, but Tarangire has the distinction of being home to the most number of breeding species in a single spot anywhere in the world.  It has herds of zebras, elephants, antelopes, impalas and even warthogs.  Sometimes, a startled tourist will spot the Tarangire python coiled in the branches of a shade tree in the Southern swamps.

Tanzania Family Vacations

Ngorongoro Crater

In the Ngorongoro Crater, travellers get to witness an entirely different way of life.  This area is home to the Maasai people, who continue to live a pastoral life.  Their wealth is counted in their cattle, and they stick to traditional customs and dress.  A visit to one of their “bomas” or villages is a wonderful way to get in touch with the Maasai culture.

Besides seeing the Masai, visitors to the Ngorongoro Crater will also be treated to amazing vistas that include grasslands, plains, canyons and lakes that are home to a lot of wildlife.

The Lake Manyara National Park

The Lake Manyara National Park.  Bird lover will certainly enjoy Lake Manyara, with its 400 species of birds that include pink flamingos and red-billed quelea.  The trees around the lake are also home to a number of tree-climbing lions who seek the shade in tree branches.

These are only a few of the places to see on trips to Tanzania.  Family vacations in Tanzania can open your family’s eyes to a wonderful new world, so it’s definitely worth the trouble to travel far to see it.

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Africa Family Vacations

Africa Family Vacations

Africa family vacations can be taken as a beach vacation or as part of a wildlife safari for which the country is known for. Whether beaches or wildlife, Africa has plenty of both to offer.

Often characterized by a beauty that is wild and barbaric, the coastal regions however, are marked by a tranquility that might be found on the face of a dozing lion.

There’s definitely more to experience when on a family beach vacation in Africa.

Best Places to Visit for Family Vacations

The best venues for a family beach vacation in Africa are to be found in Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, and South Africa. There are also the fabulous islands, Seychelles, Mauritius, and others floating in the expanse of the Indian Ocean—each a perfect piece of paradise and ideal family beach vacation destinations.

Kenya is firmly on the tourist map for its multi-faceted attractions. With its fabulous tropical coastline, family beach vacation is certainly one of them.

The southwest region of Kenya is where you have the dramatic landscape of Mombasa Island. Here’s where you’ll find some of the world’s best beaches.

The Diani Beach resort is a popular Africa family vacation region with luxury accommodation, all modern facilities, and plenty of water sport opportunities. What’s more spectacular would be the coral reef which breaks the strong surf and offers relatively calm waters for you to frolic in. The silver white sands are perfect for kids to wallow in and for you to work placidly on a golden tan.

Other areas in Kenya that are ideal family vacation beaches would be Malindi and Lamu each with its own brand of beauty.

Where Are Other Beaches to Visit in Africa?

Some of the most family friendly beaches are to be found along the coast of South Africa. Pleasant weather, golden sunshine, and dramatic landscapes make this the ultimate family beach vacation destination.

  • From whale watching to swimming with sharks, the amount of excitement on offer is truly amazing. Take the fabulous Garden Route to Plettenberg Bay with two superb beaches—Lookout and Robberg. Monkey Land and Elephant Park in the vicinity definitely qualify as added attractions.
  • St. Lucia grants a shade of turquoise to your family beach vacation as you laze in this small fishing village with a large heart.
  • Cape Vidal offers snorkeling and deep sea fishing opportunities, or you may want to check out the Game Reserve.
  • Margate is another coastal region with a handful of excellent beaches. Try your hand at kayaking, abseiling, surfing, or snorkeling.The Main Beach here is the proud owner of a blue flag, which means it’s safe and perfect for kids.
  • Hermanus in Western Cape is where your Africa family vacation gets up close and personal with wild life such as whales and dolphins. An annual Whale Festival is when the town celebrates this integral aspect of life in Africa.
  • The Old Harbour holds plenty for history buffs, while the Fernkloof Nature Reserve tells you all about the local flora. Popular beaches in the area are Grotto and Voelklip.

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