Quick Travel Guide for the Caribbean

Do you love the Caribbean as much as we do? There are so many options for travel in this area – the water is warm and it’s great for kids. But how do you pick the best family vacation spot with so many options?

Do you love the beach? Check out Aruba with 35 beaches or the Cayman Islands with its 7 mile beach. Do you love great restaurants on vacation? Maybe Barbados is the place for you. Love to dive and snorkel? Then you must check out Bonaire and the Bahamas.

Maybe your family loves to golf? Did you know that Jamaica has the most championship golf courses in the Caribbean? You will definitely want to check it out.

If all you really want to do is relax and chill then for sure you should consider the Turks and Caicos and Anguilla. White sandy beaches, warm breezes and lots of chill resort to choose from.

Easy Planet Travel has this great infographic which gives you a great snapshot of the Caribbean and what each island offers with this Quick Travel Guide for the Caribbean :

nfographic Guide to Caribbean



The Caribbean, with more than 700 gorgeous islands, is the perfect spot for a winter vacation. December to April is the best time to visit, and yet, you can go year-round and find beautiful weather too (it’s a little more of a gamble during hurricane season from August to October, but you can still get a sunny and hot week). Scattered across the Caribbean Sea, the islands are close enough to make it the world’s premier holiday spot for cruising, but still so different, that it’s sometimes hard to choose one over another. Here are a few pointers to help you choose between them.

Be sure to also check out Tripadvisors 10 Ten Islands in the Caribbean for even more ideas.

Best Family Vacations in Turks Caicos

Best Family Vacations in Turks Caicos

Family Vacations in Turks Caicos are sure to win the whole family over. One of the most beautiful beach destinations in the Caribbean is the Turks and Caicos.


The spectacular Turks and Caicos Islands are located 575 miles (or 75 minutes) from the southeast of Miami. These Islands stretch over 193 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean, and have the third largest coral reef and some of the best beaches in the world.

These attributes make the Turks and Caicos Islands a premier family beach vacation spot and a sought after snorkeling and diving destination.

The Turks and Caicos are an ideal place for not only spending holidays with the family but also romance and ecotourism. In fact, spending time in the Turks and Caicos is so delightful that, nearly 60% visitors pay repeat visits and come back for more family beach vacations.

About Family Vacations in Turks Caicos

The turquoise waters of the pristine white sandy beaches, spread across 230 miles, are among the most valuable possessions of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The islands in Turks and Caicos are relatively flat, but vary from one another in terms of sand dunes and density of vegetation.

Only eight of the islands are populated, namely – Salt Cay, South Caicos, Grand Turk, North Caicos, Providenciales, Middle Caicos, Parrot Cay, and Pine Cay.

The inhabitants of these islands are known as ‘Belongers’ who are known for their warm hospitality and friendliness, attributes which ensure that the tourists feel de-stressed and relaxed in the true sense. The uninhabited islands such as West Caicos and East Caicos are extremely fascinating and popular. Tourism is the biggest industry in the Turks and Caicos Islands, which is easy to understand once you visit.

Getting There

Getting to the Turks and Caicos Islands is very easy. American Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, Delta Airlines, and US Airways offer direct flights to the island from Miami, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Atlanta, London, Boston, Toronto, and New York. Those within the region can fly to the destination with Bahamas Air, Sky King, Air Jamaica Express, and Air Turks & Caicos.

What To Do on Family Vacations in Turks Caicos

You can indulge in a variety of activities in the Turks and Caicos on your family beach vacation, starting from playing tennis and golf, deep-sea fishing, bird-watching, island style bone fishing, horseback riding, cycling, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, whale watching, parasailing, and touring the biggest cave network. Snorkeling and scuba diving are particularly the most popular activities in the Islands.

Where to Go on Family Vacations in Turks Caicos

The Providenciales Island is the most popular tourist destination in Turks and Caicos with its international standard accommodation facilities, offering unique surroundings and word-class cuisines and spas.

Among the cuisines, you can try native cooking made of fresh fish and rice and peas, served with international cuisines for tropical twists. You will also find more casual, intimate, and rustic accommodations on other islands and smaller cays.

Do not miss visiting Grand Turk, the capital city, for its rich historical heritage. The city also has the Turks and Caicos National Museum, exhibiting the Molasses Reef Wreck, one of the most crucial underwater archaeological discoveries along with artifacts related to Columbus’ first landfall. Your family will love a beach vacation in the Turks and Caicos.

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Where to Get All Inclusive Scuba Vacation That Is Most Enjoyable

Scuba-Diving-BeachesAre you looking for an all inclusive scuba vacation for your next family beach vacation? Did you know that Scuba diving is included at Beaches Resorts?

There are so many ways to enjoy the warm and blue waters in every resort you can go to, especially at Beaches Resort, but you can enjoy more and have exciting adventure with scuba diving.

It can be whether you are an amateur diver or the more experienced professional diver, you can enjoy the stunning coral reefs and multicoloured marine life and other underwater treasures through guided dives. These are the spectacular dives you can avail of with the all inclusive scuba vacation at beaches Resort.

Variety of Dives Are Available

The dives you will experience in the all inclusive scuba vacation will be for depths ranging from 30 to 90 feet and you will get the top diving equipment for these dives.

For the certified divers, diving can be done twice daily and the non certified divers have to take a resort course costing $70 in a special scuba certification pool before they can dive the next day.

Coral Reef Dives is a diving experience where you can see magnificent coral reefs and different varieties of tropical fishes and other marine life.

Wall Dives is where you will experience tropical coral formations starting from shallow water and down to the deep ocean floor.

Wreck Dives is experiencing plane and ship wreck explorations like the wreck dives in the Caribbean shown in many feature films.

Night Dives are offered at these resorts and only for the certified divers and with additional costs.

Two-Tank Dives is for the certified divers only but available in most Beaches Resorts.Scuba-Diving-at-Beaches2

Enjoy the Rich Marine Life

 The Caribbean waters offer varied tropical marine life that you can imagine, although this can also depend on the resort where you have the all inclusive scuba vacation.

The tropical marine life you can experience here are the Barracudas, the Goat fish, Varied Crab species, Angel fish, Eels, Groupers, Lobsters, Octopus, Seahorse, Sea Turtles, Parrot fish, Snappers, Sharks, Puffers, Stingrays, and other marine life you will experience and see.

Diving Equipment that are Top of the Line

If you have your all inclusive scuba vacation at Sandals or Beaches Resorts, you will be provided with the best and top of the line scuba diving equipment like Regulators and BCDs (Cressi SUB), Masks, Snorkels, Fins (also Cressi SUB), Weight belts, Tanks, and Wet Suits that are optional. You will be taken care of by water sports staff members that are the professionals and also certified lifeguards, trained to do CPR and also first aid. There are nurses available at all Resorts and a Doctor that is on call in case there is an emergency encountered in the Resorts.

Hyperbaric Chambers

There are Hyperbaric Chambers located near every Beaches Resort, in case emergencies are encountered. Ocho Rios can be a mere 30 minutes away and Negril is a two hour drive away.  

  All Inclusive Scuba Vacation at Turks & Caicos Beaches

Northwest Point is where you will experience a sheer wall of about 45 to 50 feet of water and descends down to about 180 feet. There are also areas where the wall drops to more than 1000 feet but this is where you will see fabulous marine life, corals, sharks, turtles and stingrays. Dive-Sites-Turks-and-Caicos-Beaches-Resort2

Grace Bay is located in front of the resort, outside the barrier reef. This is about 15 minutes from Beaches Resort and is perfect for a 1 tank dive experience.The wall in Grace Bay can be less dramatic though because it starts at 35 feet and drops to 110 feet and level out after. Here you can see groupers, snappers, nurse sharks, and friendly Barracuda under the dive boat and also dolphins.

Pine Cay is where you can see eagle rays which you can see regularly and can come in a group of about 6 to 8.

West Caicos/French Cay is where you will experience a massive wall that can start at 50 feet but descends to more than 1,000 feet. Here, divers will see large sponges, Black tip, and Caribbean Reef Sharks commonly found in this area.

Negril Dive Sites for Your All Inclusive Scuba Vacation The Arches is the site where at 30 feet, divers will see ledges and overhangs and large stingrays including nurse sharks are seen commonly in this place.

King Fish Point is one where divers will experience a beautiful dive that goes deep and outward into a marvelous coral formation, down to a depth of 90 feet and then drops to sand flats at 130 feet. Nurse sharks, turtles, barrel sponges, gorgonians are often seen in this site.

Shallow Plane is often combined with the Arches Dive where a shallow plane is at 55 feet on the reefs’ edges.

Throne Room is a dive site that you have to see. The diver can enter at the reefs topmost where a chimney is found. This is a large room with the west side open and at 70 feet is the sand floor. In this dive site you can see lobsters and other marine life.  

All Inclusive Scuba Vacation at Ocho Rios Beaches

Big Tree/Student Reef is a dive site consisting of caverns that are coral forming, as high as 20 feet from the bottom.

Ocho Rios Drop Off is a dive that boasts of coral and marine lie varieties like Snappers, Butterfish, and Seahorse occasionally.

Ship Wreck is where you can see the remains of a 110 foot wreck that sunk in 1991.  

Scuba Vacation at Dunn’s River Dive Sites

Big Tree/Student Reef is a dive site where you will see colorful corals and also sponges. Current is slow moving here, and divers can see a nest of the Barracuda here at 80 feet.

Dunn’s River Wall is a dive site that descends to 200 feet and falls off into the ocean. Here you can see larger species of marine life like huge Snapper Jacks, Turtles, as well as Lobsters.

The Mountain is a dive site located outside the beach where “Dr No”, the famous James Bond movie was filmed.There are coral formations in this site and also a four foot Barracuda in this fabulous dive site.

Family Vacation In Negril, Jamaica

Negril Jamaica

Family vacation in Negril : On the western tip of Jamaica you’ll find laid-back Negril, with its dramatic black coral cliffs and world famous Seven Mile Beach.

The perfect spot to take in some of the best sunsets in the world! It also has some of the best Jamaica resorts.

Negril is 50 miles west of Montego Bay and has a stunning beach which offers sailing, water-skiing, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, parasailing and windsurfing. Negril has become a popular family beach resort in Jamaica which seems likely to preserve much of its original character – indeed,the law requires all buildings to be of modest proportions.

Along the street, entrepreneurial Jamaicans sell a variety of craft goods from the many shanty-like shops in Negril.

There is also a hectic nightlife in the many clubs that have, over the years, proliferated along the beach. Rick’s Café is a favourite haunt both for Jamaicans and visitors; located at West Point, which is as far west as Jamaica goes, it is famous as the place to the sun go down. If you’re adventurous, take the 30 ft. plunge from the cliff!

On the North Coast is Falmouth , a charming harbour resort, 26 miles from Montego Bay. From here you can visit Rafters Village for rafting on the Martha Brae, and a fascinating crocodile farm called Jamaica Swamp Safaris. There is also a plantation mansion, Greenwood Great House.

See our recommendations for some of the best family resorts in Negril!!

Best Family Beach Vacations Top Family Resorts in Negril

Club Hotel Riu Negril
Beaches Negril
Riu Palace Tropical Bay

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Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay

Riu Palace Tropical Bay

Hotel Rui Palace Tropical Bay is located 50 miles from Montego Bay Airport. Only 1 mile from Negril, Jamaica, and is on Bloody Bay Beach. The Riu Palace Tropical Bay is an all inclusive resort and all your meals and drinks are included in your room rate.

The chef tempts you with a variety of international and local dishes, all of which include an exquisite selection of breads, cheeses, and cold cuts, fresh fruits and salads, warm and cold appetizers, and hot delicacies at the cooking stations.  Start the day with a choice of Full American or Continental Breakfast. At lunch or dinnertime, a variety of buffets and “on the spot” cooking is offered in any of the 3 different restaurants. A la Carte dining is also an option. In addition, there is a theme buffet once a week offering a taste of specialties from many different countries.

The hotel bars serve a variety of national and international beverages. And for the ultimate in convenience, your in-room mini-bar is always fully stocked.

Nighttime is a great time at this Riu family resort, when you delight in live music, exciting shows, and dancing. The Riu Tropical Bay entertainment package ranges from spectacular shows to live music and dancing all night.

This family resort exceeds all expectations – spectacular lobby, extensive gardens with lush vegetation, outstanding facilities and a varied selection of restaurants and bars.

Nighttime is a great time at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay, when you delight in live music, exciting shows, and dancing. The Riu Tropical Bay entertainment package ranges from spectacular shows to live music and dancing all night.

Negril’s extraordinary crystal waters invite limitless ways to enjoy the Caribbean sea: sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and fishing are available at Riu Tropical Bay. There is a children’s pool and playground. The Kids Club is available everyday for kids aged 4-12.

Hotel Riu Tropical Bay also offers a fitness center, pool games, tennis, volleyball, ping pong, beach games and much more including a multitude of water and land sports, as well as games and activities for all ages. We think it’s one of the best family Jamaica resorts in Negril.

For more information go to the Riu Hotels website.

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Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa – All Inclusive Family Resort

Hilton Rose Hall WaterparkThe Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa is located on the island of Jamaica in the beautiful Montego Bay area, is known for it’s family-friendly activities and relaxing atmosphere.

Offering a range of spacious accommodations, that range from standard rooms to elegant suites, the all inclusive family resort is ideal for families of all sizes, whether it’s just mom, dad and the kids or all the aunts, uncles and cousins too!

Hosted by employees skilled in child care, the Kids Retreat and Teen Zone at this Hilton Resort offer a variety of supervised activities. From snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, kayaking and swimming to volleyball, fishing, basketball and arts and crafts, there’s something to do for everyone.

Children are also invited to visit the Sugar Mills Falls Water Park, which is located on the resort property and features a variety of exciting water attractions.

Navigate through cascading waterfalls. Experience the thrill of a 280-foot slide. Relax along the lagoons. Drift on the lazy river with inner tubes. Lounge in one of three terraced pools.

Hilton Rose Hall waterfun

Family Fun!

Kids will thoroughly enjoy the jungle garden – complete with a rope-and-wood suspension bridge, faux rock formations and replicas of the aqueducts of the former Rose Hall Plantation. This water park truly provides an unsurpassed way to pass the time on your next resort vacation.

Satisfy your hunger and thirst at the swim-up bar – or simply place an order with your personal Pool Concierge – what more could you want on this family beach vacation.

This oasis nestled on the island of Jamaica provides water recreation for all ages and includes:

  • 280-foot water slide
  • Three terraced pools, lagoons, and waterfalls
  • Lazy river
  • Dive-in movies
  • Live music each day
  • Daily activities and games for the whole family
  • Swim-up bar
  • 36.5-meter free-form pool
  • Replicas of the ancient aqueducts located on the property
  • Children’s section
  • Lounge chairs, umbrellas, and cabanas
  • Poolside concierge service

While their children enjoy time with other kids their age, parents are encouraged to golf, swim, bask in the sunlight, indulge in spa treatments, play sports or enjoy cocktails by the pool.

At night, families reconvene at one of three resort restaurants, where they’ll find menus that feature simple dishes for youngsters and more extravagant and exotic fare for the adults.

Find Your Deals for Hilton Rose Hall Resort

Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa – All Inclusive
Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa - All Inclusive
Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa All Inclusive is located on the beach in Montego Bay’s Rose Hall neighborhood, close to Cinnamon Hill Golf Course, White Witch of Rose Hall Golf Course, and Rose Hall Great House. Half Moon Golf Course is also a point of interest near this all inclusive property. Property Features. This property is all inclusive.

TripadvisorFind the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa


FunJet:→ Save even more on vacation packages with our limited time promotion codes and special offers.  Book today!


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Panama City Beach Florida Family Vacation

Panama City Beach FloridaPanama City Beach Florida Area includes Panama City, Panama City Beach, Chipola and Youngstown. A favorite Florida beach front area for families, especially in spring and summer, Panama City Beach Florida offers an extensive selection of parks and play zones offering amusement rides, go-kart tracks, batting cages, paintball, laser tag, a maze, a zoo excursion, museums and miniature golf.

Other family friendly activities in the area include a wide variety of water sports including glass-bottom boat tours, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, parasailing, kayaking, waverunning and anything else you can imagine would be fun on the water.For those looking for non water outdoor activities, there are plenty to choose from including: rounds of golf on one of five 18- hole courses, tennis, sightseeing and much more.

Panama City Beach Florida, which claims to be the “Seafood Capital of the World”, has a large variety of restaurants with a seafood and non-seafood menus.

From casual eateries to award-winning establishments, you can be certain of finding restaurants that the whole family can enjoy.

Some of the annual events one can enjoy while visiting include: the Gulf Cost Triathlon, the Indian Summer Seafood Festival, the Bay Point Billfish Invitational Tournament and Nature’s Gallery Historical Arts and Crafts Festival.

Florida Kid

With more than 18,000 hotel, motel and condominium units, as well as campgrounds and RV parks, your are sure to find the Panama City Beach vacation to fit your budget and accommodation needs.

With average water temperature of 72 degrees and average air temperature around 78 degrees, Panama City Beach Florida is a great family friendly Florida destination at any time of the year.

Need more information about Panama City Beach Florida?

Find out more about family friendly attractions at Panama City Beach

Find a great deal for Panama City Beach Hotels

For more information visit the Panama City Beach Florida Tourist Board

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Best Family Cruise – Best Ships For Teenagers

Best Family Cruise Teenagers

So what family cruises make the best ships for teenagers? The following are an excellent choice for many different reasons. Again depending on your family and on your teens personality, you can choose the best one for you:

Norwegian Cruise Line – Norwegian Dawn

Click to see Norwegian Cruise Line Page

With Freestyle Cruising in this best family cruise, you’ll discover something you won’t find on all cruise lines, freedom of choice. A Norwegian Cruise Line Freestyle Vacation cruise offers diverse and exciting restaurants, a more relaxed dress code and more things to see and do. In fact, there are ten different restaurants, each with its own unique ambiance, over a dozen bars and lounges, a superior collection of amenities and a wide variety of accommodations.

This impressive ship offers the ideal way to escape to Caribbean with more dining options, more balconies, more ocean-view staterooms, new activities and more flexibility than ever before.Teens will be attracted to the teen-only club/disco as well as the ship’s video arcade, basketball court, paddle tennis and giant chessboard. Organized social activities include a farewell teen party the last evening, an afternoon dance party and a pool party. Definite plus for best ships for teenagers

A discounted beverage card is available — for $34.50, your teen can order 20 smoothies and other non-alcoholic drinks. Another plus, particularly for families based in New York and the mid-Atlantic? The ship sails, year-round, to the Bahamas and Caribbean from New York — which means no trips to Florida to get on-board, making it a best family cruise for anyone on the east coast!

Carnival Cruise Lines – Fascination

This best family cruise ship is great for or older teens, 16 to 18 years old. It is easy to meet and mingle with other teens as there is a mixer on the first evening, a Mocktail Party in the disco on the first formal night, and an afternoon Ping-Pong tournament. Each night, the Disco Dance Club opens from 9:30 to 10:45 p.m. for teens 12 to 18. At 10:45 p.m., the DJ announces that the Disco will reopen at 11 p.m. for guests 16 to 18. Younger teens can shift to another activity — like a movie, Karaoke or a swim.

There are also teen spa services and a discounted teen shore excursion program where the kids vote on which tour to take.The Fascination sails affordable, three-night weekend getaways to the Bahamas and Key West/Cozumel year-round.

Windstar Cruises – Wind Surf

Windstar Cruises PageSail the Wind Surf, one of three Windstar Cruises sailing yachts cruising to over 47 countries worldwide offering an affordable luxury vacation – an alternative to the typical cruise or resort vacation. The combination of a cool, five-masted sailing vessel and a can’t-be-beat exotic itinerary makes it a best family cruise. If your teen is into water sports, an interesting mix of shore excursions and complimentary water sports activities are available. Water buffs can enjoy complimentary water-skiing, windsurfing, snorkelling, kayaking and “banana boat rides from the ship’s aft Water Sports Platform.

Wind Surf also offers a Discover Scuba Diving Program, gliding by manta and eagle rays, turtles, dolphins, barracuda and reef sharks. The fairly priced dive program ($140) features a class by the pool, pool session, and supervised dive. The program is open to teens (the rule is 12 and above) though they must be accompanied by a parent.This is definitely not a ship for younger children or pre-teens as there are no planned activities or facilities on-board for kids of any age, but older, more independent teens will love it.  

Princess Cruise Lines – Grand Princess

Click for Princess Cruises PageRated as a best family cruise, this 2,600-passenger ship, which the cruise line dubs a “floating city,” offers something for every conceivable age group. For teens in particular, there’s a dedicated teen facility, a video game arcade, four pools, a huge gym, a sports court, and a nine-hole putting course complete with golf simulator. Its voyages are ideal for more adventurous kids and teens who would love snorkelling with stingrays and swimming with sea lions. In summer, the ship sails European itineraries which are also popular with families. The teen center on this ship really is well equipped. It has a private whirlpool and sun deck, big-screen television, Nintendo, Karaoke and jukeboxes.

Another plus is Princess’ fabulous outdoor theater, “Movies Under the Stars.” Also offered is the flexibility of dining options offered by Princess’ Personal Choice so that families can dine together some nights but kids can eat with other kids on other nights.  

Crystal’s Cruises – Symphony and Harmony

View Cruises on Crystal CruisesCrystal is really trying to appeal to the multi-generational family vacations. It offers top-notch kids programs with facilities that have been revamped and upgraded on both ships and this may just be the best family cruise for you, depending on what you are looking for. Especially during sailings in destinations like Alaska and during school holiday seasons when there are more kids and teens on-board. As a result, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Harmony are great choices for grandparents, parents and kids all travelling together. The cruise line’s Junior Activities Program divides kids into three categories (3 – 7, 8 – 12, and 13 – 17). Ships offer a teen’s video arcade beyond the usual kid-oriented facilities.


Find a best family cruise for toddlers and babies and cruise ships with great kid programs.

And of course there are always great Family Cruise options 


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Paradise Island Harbour Resort – All Inclusive Family Resort

Paradise Island Harbour ResortParadise Island Harbour Resort all inclusive resort is located in the Bahamas, one of the most popular family destinations in the Caribbean. Set overlooking the harbor and ocean inlet, this Paradise Island Resort takes full advantage of it’s oceanside location through water activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, waterskiing, parasailing and kayaking.

However, even if you or someone in you’re family isn’t a fan of the sea, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your stay.

Guests of the all inclusive resort need not worry about carrying money as their accommodations, food, drinks, activities, water sports and entertainment are all included in one, surprisingly low price.

The nearby Atlantis resort  is close to visit or  children can take part in the Camp Paradise Kids Club so that everyone enjoys the family vacation.

Featuring several different activities for children, including reggae dance lessons, sand-castle building, sports, arts and crafts, movies and video games, the kids club allows children to have a great time while their parents enjoy more adult activities.

And while the kids club only runs during the day, the all inclusive resort offers babysitting 24 hours a day so that the adults can enjoy a night out at an on-site lounge or venture in to Nassau, only a few minutes away.

Read what other families have to say about Paradise Island Harbour Resort – All Inclusive Family Resort and other Paradise Island Hot Deals….

Click to Book

Find Your Deals for Paradise Island Resort and All Inclusive Family Resorts in the Bahamas.

Find out what other families have to say about Paradise Island Harbour Resort

Find the Best Family Vacations Deals in the Bahamas! Parrots, turtles, and starfish flock to the Bahamian capital. It’s your turn to go wild with a reservation at Nassau hotels.


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The Reef Resort – All Inclusive Family Resort

The Reef Resort

Located in a secluded area on Grand Cayman Island’s east end, The Reef Resort – now known as the Wyndham Reef Resort Grand Cayman –  is a kid-friendly all-inclusive Caribbean getaway ideal for a tropical family vacation.

Offering a relaxing yet exciting atmosphere, the all inclusive family resort combines fun activities with a calm environment to create the perfect location for both children and adults.

Each of the accommodations at The Reef Resort overlook the Caribbean Sea and the resort’s white sandy beach. Three grand landscaped pools, including one new Infinity pool, are perfect for adults while a child’s pool is safer for young kids. The resort also hosts two beach swimming areas with lifeguards on patrol for sunny days in the sand.

During the day, both kids and adults can enjoy beachside activities, such as snorkelling, scuba diving and various water sports, as well as island bike rides, tours of nearby villages, shopping and horseback riding.

The all inclusive family resort also hosts a number of supervised activities throughout the day, including a daily morning kayak paddle, iguana feeding, tennis and volleyball games and a range of child-friendly activities like Kids CAMP, a movie night for youngsters and fish feeding.

Diving is big in the Cayman Islands and The Reef and Red Sail Sports offer you complete assurance that you will be able to dive every day of your pre-booked dive vacation (Summer Season only). If for any reason they can’t deliver, both your accommodations and the diving are free!

With over 100 dive sites on three coasts (East, North-East and South-East) of Grand Cayman, as well as Red Sail Sports dive operations on the West and North sides, there’s always excellent diving available. Weather will only be an issue on the rarest of occasions as you can always dive on one or more coastlines in the lee of the prevailing weather.

The resort’s location on Grand Cayman’s tranquil and picturesque East End makes it the perfect spot for relaxation.

Combine this with the area’s reputation for the best diving in the Caribbean and being away from all the hustle and bustle of Seven Mile Beach, and you will know you have selected the right spot for the ultimate family beach vacation.

Find Deals for Cayman Islands

TripadvisorFind the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travellers have to say about The Reef Resort


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