San Diego Tourist Attractions – Top Things to Do For Family Fun

San Diego TouristGoing on a San Diego family vacation? Looking for San Diego tourist attractions? Here are the top things to do in San Diego with your family. As a popular vacation destination, San Diego is rightly famous for its benign weather.

Unlike the northern states, with their harsh winters, San Diego enjoys pleasant outdoor living conditions year-round. The weather in San Diego is also relatively stable and predictable. In its southwest location, San Diego avoids most extreme weather events, such as the hurricanes that occasionally come ashore in the South and the seasonal tornadoes experienced in parts of the Mid-West. Southern California is also far enough north to avoid the high humidity and heavy seasonal rains that characterize the tropical regions.

San Diego is a maritime city, with a large number of attractive beaches where the great weather conditions can be enjoyed. It is a popular destination for surfers, and also for those seeking more sheltered beaches for families or just for soaking up the sun. Beaches play a big part in the San Diego lifestyle and can be considered one of the best San Diego tourist attractions.


So what are the other most popular San Diego tourist attractions that you can enjoy with your family? Here are some we really like:

  • Other outdoor maritime activities abound – including sailing, kayaking, harbor cruises, seasonal whale watching and much more. San Diego is a major port and naval base with a long history that is reflected in the Maritime Museum and other displays of important historic ships.
  • San Diego Sea World is a theme park attraction that builds on these associations with the ocean. It features displays and performances by a fascinating collection of creatures from the sea, including the popular Orca whales, dolphins and seals.
  • The links between San Diego in the animal world continue at the San Diego Zoo, which is an internationally famous zoo renowned for its large collection of animals displayed in habitats that mimic their natural environment. The San Diego zoo is especially popular with visitors for its special collection of rare pandas.
  • Associated with the San Diego Zoo is the San Diego Wild Animal Park where animals can be viewed in a natural setting resembling an African safari is definitely one of the best family oriented San Diego tourist attractions.

    Close to the Zoo is Balboa Park, sometimes referred to as the jewel of San Diego. Balboa features gardens, museums, restaurants and other attractions, and is a great place for meeting up and people watching.

  • For families, visiting the fun parks at Belmont Park and Legoland is a sure way to get the kids excited.
  • Dining choices in San Diego match the best the world has to offer, such as in the Gaslamp District, which is the main downtown entertainment and shopping center. However, for an authentic early southern California experience with a Mexican twist, there is nothing to compare with Old Town San Diego, where historic buildings have been preserved to recreate the pioneering San Diego of the past.
  • For sports enthusiasts San Diego frequently offers games featuring the high profile San Diego Chargers football team and the San Diego Padres baseball team; but, with its favorable outdoor environment, most sporting activities are available to watch or participate in somewhere in the San Diego region. Golf, naturally, is one of the most popular sports for visitors, and San Diego offers several top golf courses, such as the tournament circuit course at Torrey Pines.

Whichever of these San Diego tourist attractions you choose to do on your family vacation, you are guaranteed a good time.


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San Diego Family Vacations

San Diego Family Vacations

San Diego family vacations take you almost to the north of the Mexican border with its fabulous beaches and theme parks. Located in southern California, San Diego has the first Sea World ever in addition to a fantastic Zoo and a Wild Animal Park.

If that shouldn’t excite the wild child in you, take your family vacation up a notch at the Cabrillo National Park. What more could you possibly look for when planning a family trip to San Diego? Legoland, perhaps?

Have the time of your life as you relive your own childhood experiences with this wonderful invention.

  • San Diego is best embodied in the cities with its classy shopping, entertainment venues, theatre, and art houses.
  • Downtown Gaslamp is a good place to get your share of culture and history on your San Diego family vacation.
  • Visit the Children’s Museum and the historic Old Town here for some quality family time. La Jolla and Del Mar are other cities in the vicinity you should include in your family trip to San Diego.
  • Packed with great choice of outdoor activities, beaches, parks, and wildlife, your family trip to San Diego can and will surprise you with a few extraordinary features.
  • Take the high bridge to Coronado Island. You are way above the ground surrounded by scenic beauty that may even bring about a lull in the back seat bickering.
  • For more in the same genre, you have to visit the Balboa Park—a perfect spot to enjoy San Diego family vacations

The best part of your travels in San Diego would have to be the mild, sunny weather. July to September is when you can enjoy the beaches of San Diego in all its golden glory. This is when the heat makes everything simmer and sparkle.

If you prefer cooler climes, take your San Diego family vacations in the month of October.

The time to not plan a family trip to San Diego would be May to July when grey clouds cover the coast and the area is inflicted with what the local’s term, “June gloom”.

Find out More About San Diego

San Diego Tourist Attractions
If you are in the area, another great spot for a California family vacation is San Diego. Check out what is fun to do with the kids in San Diego.



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California Family Vacations

California fTn Father Girl Californiaamily vacations are the kind that remain etched in your memory for various reasons. It really wouldn’t be out of line to say that California is to North America what Disneyland is to California. Now that wasn’t intended to be a mind bender, but how can you possibly pin down all that exciting entertainments, sunny weather, shopping and dining available on a family travel to California under a mundane label?

Located on the Southwest of the United States and along the fabulous Pacific coast, the State has a wonderful list of must-sees that dare you to give it a miss.

As part of a family travel to California, enjoy a luscious grilled crab on Fisherman’s Wharf, explore an infamous prison, and stroll along the enchanting Embarcadero waterfront in San Francisco. Move on to Lake Tahoe or come down to San Jose.

The southern part of the State is where California family vacations take on an element of exhilaration. Los Angeles should definitely be right up there on the list if you enjoy a Lakers game, want to go shopping on Rodeo Drive, and visit Hollywood. If you leave it to the kids, they’ll probably make a bee line for Anaheim and Disneyland.

You should just tag along for there’s plenty here for everyone including fuddy duddies. San Diego is another great destination for a family travel in California, mainly for that fabulous Zoo and Sea World.

California family vacations can be safely planned any time of the year. The State is blessed with excellent weather across all seasons and you will not generally speaking, be caught unawares, except for a touch of fog now and then.

Here’s a tip however: the winter months are less crowded than the summer months when tourists from all over the world flock the golden beaches and amusement parks just as surely as birds fly south for winter. Indeed, family travel to California seems to be a given for most folks in summer.

California has everything on a family vacation wish list.

The State is literally littered with National Parks of all descriptions. Yosemite National Park with its fabulous waterfalls is one that should not be missed. Movie buffs will love the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood Boulevard. If amusement parks and theme parks are what thrill your family, you’ve come to the right place. Yosemite national park

There’s one for every kind of fun. From impressive icons like the Golden Gate Bridge to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a California family vacation has no room for disappointment.


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San Diego Family Vacations
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San Diego Tourist Attractions
If you are in the area, another great spot for a California family vacation is San Diego. Check out what is fun to do with the kids in San Diego.

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