Cheap Travel Vacation – Save Up To 50% When Traveling On Vacation

 cheap travel vacationTalk about a cheap travel vacation – did you know you can go on a 7-day cruise for half the price?

Or visit Europe for 15 days for only $2,000 per person including airfare, hotels, car rental and meals?

If you follow these steps, you can save more up to 50% in travel expenses.

1. Travel during low season for a cheap travel vacation.

Choosing to go on vacation during low season, will save you a great deal of money on airfare, hotels, cruises, car rental and more. The best dates to travel are between:

  • February – May
  • September- the week before Thanksgiving
  • December 1 – 15

For example, a 7-day cruise in the Caribbean can cost around $1,000 during summer and winter but it can cost $495 during low season.

A ticket to Europe can cost between $800-$1,200 during high season but you can buy it at $395 roundtrip during low season.

2. Hotels

The same applies to hotel rates. When it comes to hotels, you should look for 3-star hotels that will offer most amenities you need at a lower price than 4 or more star hotels. You should keep in mind, that 3-star hotels are smaller, but you can findvery good hotels for a great price.Keep in mind that hotels that are very near local attractions will be more expensive than hotels located 2 or 3 blocks away.

3. Attractions and Places to Visit For a Cheap Travel Vacation

Make a list of the places and attractions you want to visit and do some research. Find out about the schedules, locations, special events,etc. You’ll find out that there are certain dates during the year that they will have discounts and even free admission.

4. Restaurants

Don’t visit tourist-oriented restaurants. Instead, ask locals to recommend family-owned or small restaurants. Not only will you pay less but the food, quality and service will be much better.

Two years ago, I visited Monaco, France and we went to a small restaurant on a side street and we only paid $100 (for 4 people) for appetizers, great pasta, drinks and dessert (including tip).Not a bad price considering that Monaco is very expensive.

5. Metro vs. Taxi

In most places, there is a metro or train system which will be a lot cheaper than traveling by taxi. All you need to do is get a map and trace the route you’re going to visit and find out the train or metro you need to get on to.

By planning your vacation in advance, choosing the best dates to travel (low season), doing research about places and attractions to visit, going to local restaurant versus tourist-oriented ones, and using the metro or train system instead of taxis, will save you a great deal of money and allow you to go on vacation at least twice a year.

How to Find Family Attractions at Your Destination.

You may not need to plan your family attractions if you are staying at an all inclusive property or going on a cruise. You will have lots of things planned for you to choose from.

family attractions

If however, you are visiting a new destination and visiting different areas, there may be lots to do once you get there and the time to find out what there is before you go!

There is great information about things to do at lots of destinations worldwide. Your kids won’t stand a chance to be bored!

If you are looking for attractions in the USA, Trusted Tours and Attractions offers an exclusive Kids Go Free promotion on many of thier products.

Tips for visiting family attractions, tourist attractions and places of interest on your vacation:

When visiting family attractions on your trip, find out as much information about them as you can before hand to prepare your children. Let them help plan out which family attractions they would like to see, they will be more interested if they know they helped choose.

Learn a bit about the cultures you will be visiting so it things will be more familiar and comfortable for your children once they arrive. For instance, tell them they wear big hats in Mexico called sombreros, they will be excited when they spot someone wearing one!

For younger children, try to plan out the family attractions you want to see most early on so you don’t miss out on the “star” attraction because they got too tired. Make a game out of visiting sites to keep them interested. For example, when visiting a museum, make a game out of who can find certain attractions.

For older kids, find some sites on the internet about your destination and let them explore.

Another great idea to get kids excited, especially teenagers, is to watch some movies that have been shot on location at your vacation destinations.

Check out these guides to find movie locations worldwide.

50 Dates

For instance if you are going to Hawaii, you may want to buy 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler which was shot in some wonderful locations in Hawaii, including Kualoa Ranch and Heeia Kea Harbor.

It’s a lot of fun for them to watch movies afterward too and say – I was there!

Family Attractions – Events and Things To Do

Find out information about the world’s greatest cities.Timeout has city guides divided into ten sections including tourist attractions: Living Guide, Sightseeing, Essential Information, Entertainment, Eating and Drinking, Shopping, Kids. In the Living Guide there is a listing of the some of the most interesting features of the city , and includes up-to-the-minute listings of the best concerts, exhibitions, clubs and events happening now or in the near future.

Looking for events going on at your destination? Events Worldwide has details of locations, dates, and how to get tickets for leading, unusual, and exotic arts sports, entertainment and special events and tourist attractions around the world, search their database and discover the best ways to have fun.

For information about community festivals, fairs and special events, check out With more than 40,000 community events worldwide, provides ways to find festivals around the corner or around the world, to plan travel, to make reservations and to learn something about how communities around the world celebrate.

Holidays and Festivals have a habit of happening after you’ve worked out your travel schedule to the last second. Don’t get caught out when the banks are shut for a national holiday. Find out how your trip figures with calendars around the world with JourneyMart’s exhaustive list.



Family Attractions – Museums, Planetariums and ZOOs


Find links to Museum websites in USA and Canada at Museum Link. Find Museums for Kids around the world at Children’s Museums Around the World. Search the database for worldwide museums at Wikipedia.

Kids love Zoos! See the Wikipedia List of Zoos all over the world. Select a region or the area of the world you want to know more about.

Some kids also love planetariums. A planetarium is a theatre built for presenting shows about astronomy and the night sky and a list of Planetariums Worldwide will help you find one at your destination.

The best way to get deals for the various attractions at your destination is to purchase savings cards in advance such including:

City Pass – Save up to 50% on combined prices for admission to must-see attractions!

Go City Card – Pay one low price and get entrance into as many attractions as you can fit into your schedule.

Trusted Tours and Attractions – Buy discount tickets for the best Sightseeing Tours, Attractions and Museums


Family Attractions – Find a Restaurant the Kids Will Enjoy at Your Destination



If you are staying at an all-inclusive resort or taking a family cruise vacation, there is no need to search for a restaurant but if you are touring on your own, it is useful to scout out some restaurants in your location that will appeal to your family, especially the picky eaters!

Find restaurants that are kid friendly with these following sites:

At Out to Eat with Kids you can search for where kids can eat free in the USA and make sure your meals are both healthy and economical.

International restaurant listings can be found at It is searchable by location, cuisine, and special features and includes user submitted reviews and ratings.

Tips for Travelling and Eating in Restaurants with Small Children!

After so much excitement and being on the go all day, eating out with the kids can by trying on parents, some of these tips may help;

Stop to eat before the kids get too hungry – the hungrier they are the harder the experience will be.

Try to choose family style restaurants whenever possible, the will often have more reasonable price children’s menus, food your kids will like and will not mind some spilled juice.

Try to bring along some non-noise making, age appropriate toys to entertain the kids with while you are waiting for a meal, distracting them during the waiting period is half the battle.

Take them to the bathroom before the meal comes that way the meal will not be interrupted.

If an adult needs to take care a baby during the meal, ask for the meals to come staggered that way you can take turns eating and someone will have free hands.

Bring along your own sippy cups to avoid spills from younger children.

Take along an inexpensive surprise toy that will be given out at the end of the meal – as long as everyone behaves! (It’s a bribe but it works amazingly well).


More Family Attraction Information

About the Family Vacation and expectation
It’s that time of year again: Time for the family vacation. It’s a good time to rethink some things like perfectionism, expectations, and the meaning of the word “vacation.”

Sanity tips for eating out with kids
The journey of a thousand meals begins with a single bite – or something like that. Here are some clues to guiding that first morsel safely into the hangar.


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Sanity Tips For Eating Out With Kids

Eating Out With Kids

I know about eating out with kids, believe me when I tell you that the young gentlemen of my household, ages 12 and 9, are not cosmopolitan or gourmands. The best thing you could ever pack in their lunch boxes is a nice cold package of Lunchables, and they love beef jerky, french fries, and pizza.

But – here’s the surprise – they also sometimes get a yen for sushi, tofu, fried calamari, artichokes, Mexican food, or dim sum.

They love to eat out, and they love to eat well.

I’m afraid I can’t attribute their tastes to any exceptional quality of their attitudes or palates. I guess it’s simply a result of continued exposure to these foods and environments. According to Isobel Contento, a professor of nutrition education at Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York City, “Continued exposure to new foods is extremely important.

Research suggests that children sometimes need to be exposed to food ten to fifteen times before they develop a liking to the food.”

Research by Contento and many of her colleagues supports my hunch: Any kid can learn to dine out and enjoy a broader range of foods, if given the chance.

Unfortunately, resisting the temptation to feed kids only “kid food” ordered from “kid menus” at “kid-friendly” restaurants is no piece of Tastycake. But if you don’t, when eating out with kids you wind up with kids whose narrow palates and general cluelessness about restaurant behavior are the self-fulfilling prophecies of Ronald, Wendy, and the Colonel.

I love going out to eat, but I don’t love anything that comes in a nugget or is served in molded plastic.

My solution is this: While we do consume our share of burgers and pizza, our family also patronizes real restaurants when eating out with kids. If you’re ready to try something a little more civilized and adventurous than another trip to KFC, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Tasting Tips for eating out with kids

The journey of a thousand meals begins with a single bite – or something like that. Here are some clues to guiding that first morsel safely into the hangar.

  • Don’t make a huge deal out of the new food in question when eating out with kids. Start simply – just let your kids see the grown-ups eating and enjoying it.
  • While you don’t want to flat-out lie, remember the old “tastes like chicken” ploy. You might say in your most casual tone, “Want a bite?” Then, when you’re asked what it is, say, “It’s like steak” (in other words, it’s venison). Or try, “Taste a bite and see if you can guess.”
  • Never eschew bribes: “A quarter for the first person who can guess what it is.” “Taste it and you can pick the dessert.”
  • If they absolutely hate it, do not make them eat it. If they’re not sure, you might suggest a second taste, perhaps with soy sauce, pepper, or lemon to personalize the flavor.

Rules for Restaurants

Want to get your kids through an eating-out experience without a meltdown? Here are a few guidelines to make it more fun for everyone.

  • Do keep paper and crayons or pens in your purse at all times. This way, the gimmick of kid-friendly restaurants is yours anywhere. Older kids can play hangman and “dots.”
  • Don’t make a federal case about dressing up. Most restaurants these days don’t mind casual clothes, and by choosing one with a relaxed dress code, you’ll eliminate one area of dissent.
  • Don’t let kids have too much sugary soda before the food arrives.
  • Don’t let the waitperson serve meals to the kids first. If you do, the timing will get screwed up: They’ll lose patience before you’ve finished your main course.
  • Don’t bring other kids who have more limited palates than your own do. You don’t want to get an “ew” thing going.
  • Do allow a field trip or two to the bathroom or the lobby. Accompany your kids the first time to demonstrate acceptable behavior.
  • Don’t let your child order some expensive item she’s never had before without having her first try an appetizer or tasting portion.

By Marion Winik

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