A Family Vacation in San Francisco Will Delight the Whole Family

San Francisco

A family vacation in San Francisco will take you to the sunny side of North California along the Pacific coast. There’s something about this city that draws visitors in hordes.

The warm friendly ambience and a host of fun activities make this a family vacation destination second to none. The famous Golden Gate Bridge is as good a spot as any to start your family vacation in San Francisco. Two walkways on the east and the west lets you bike the distance, or you can choose to simply drive along. Bikes are available for rent at the American Bicycle Rental on Hyde Street.

While you’re here there’s no missing the Golden Gate Park, especially if traveling with young kids. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Japanese Tea Garden and visit the Steinhart Aquarium.

For more excitement on your family travel to San Francisco, visit the Zoo. A range of exotic animals from white rhinos to nocturnal primates will capture the imagination of your kids. If you’re on the lookout for excitement on your vacation in San Francisco, you’ll get plenty of that on the “The Rock,” aka Alcatraz Island. This entails getting aboard a cruise that takes you across the bay. Don your woolens as it can get chilly.

Popular spots like the Pier 39 and the Fisherman’s Wharf are known more for their seafood and air of romance. Nevertheless, a family vacation in San Francisco does not have to steer clear of these places. Pier 39 has nothing less than a Disney Store and Chocolate Heaven in addition to the fascinating Underwater World to give kids a great time. Young ones will love the double-decker carousel.

Fisherman’s Wharf goes one step further to make your family travel to San Francisco an unforgettable one with a chocolate factory, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and of course, scrumptious seafood.

San Francisco China Town

San Francisco China Town

Another huge hit on a family vacation to San Francisco is the ebullient China Town. A whole new world is recreated here in all authenticity with dragons, lions, and other exotic art. There’s plenty more to explore, see, and absorb on your family vacations in San Francisco. So make sure you plan accordingly.

It would not be a good idea to drive around the city due to a dearth of street parking. Grab a map and get aboard a Municipal Railway coach. The Bay Area Rapid travel or BART is another way of getting during your family vacation in San Francisco.

Be prepared for quick changes in weather while on your family travel in San Francisco. Sudden appearances of fog can take you unawares and chill you to the bone in the middle of a nice, temperate day. Summer is of course, a great time to visit, but even then the fog might make things a bit too cold for short shorts.

California Family Vacations

California fTn Father Girl Californiaamily vacations are the kind that remain etched in your memory for various reasons. It really wouldn’t be out of line to say that California is to North America what Disneyland is to California. Now that wasn’t intended to be a mind bender, but how can you possibly pin down all that exciting entertainments, sunny weather, shopping and dining available on a family travel to California under a mundane label?

Located on the Southwest of the United States and along the fabulous Pacific coast, the State has a wonderful list of must-sees that dare you to give it a miss.

As part of a family travel to California, enjoy a luscious grilled crab on Fisherman’s Wharf, explore an infamous prison, and stroll along the enchanting Embarcadero waterfront in San Francisco. Move on to Lake Tahoe or come down to San Jose.

The southern part of the State is where California family vacations take on an element of exhilaration. Los Angeles should definitely be right up there on the list if you enjoy a Lakers game, want to go shopping on Rodeo Drive, and visit Hollywood. If you leave it to the kids, they’ll probably make a bee line for Anaheim and Disneyland.

You should just tag along for there’s plenty here for everyone including fuddy duddies. San Diego is another great destination for a family travel in California, mainly for that fabulous Zoo and Sea World.

California family vacations can be safely planned any time of the year. The State is blessed with excellent weather across all seasons and you will not generally speaking, be caught unawares, except for a touch of fog now and then.

Here’s a tip however: the winter months are less crowded than the summer months when tourists from all over the world flock the golden beaches and amusement parks just as surely as birds fly south for winter. Indeed, family travel to California seems to be a given for most folks in summer.

California has everything on a family vacation wish list.

The State is literally littered with National Parks of all descriptions. Yosemite National Park with its fabulous waterfalls is one that should not be missed. Movie buffs will love the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood Boulevard. If amusement parks and theme parks are what thrill your family, you’ve come to the right place. Yosemite national park

There’s one for every kind of fun. From impressive icons like the Golden Gate Bridge to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a California family vacation has no room for disappointment.


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Family Vacation in San Francisco
There’s something about this city that draws visitors in hordes. The warm friendly ambience and a host of fun activities make this a family vacation destination second to none.

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