What to Do on Family Vacations in Ontario

Family Vacations in Ontario

Parliament Buildings in Ottawa

You’re bound to enjoy family vacations in Ontario because there’s nothing more pleasant or memorable than spending a holiday with the ones you love and having fun doing it.  Ontario is a favourite destination for people who would like to enjoy a family vacation with a minimum of fuss.

In Ontario, you won’t have to negotiate a language barrier or worry about getting vaccinated for exotic diseases.

You’ll also have all kinds of modern conveniences to help you cater to your family’s needs while you’re on the go.  Most of all, family vacations in Ontario promise to be full of all kinds of fun activities that will please kids of all ages, as well as parents who are essentially young at heart.

Here is a list of a few things that you can do with your family while you are in Ontario:


If you want to give our spouse and your children a one-of-a-kind adventure, then why not take them canoeing?  Riding a canoe is an outdoor activity that can give you a lot of exercise, and yet it’s also a great way to enjoy the natural wonders of Ontario and get in touch with one’s ancestors.  Put yourself in the shoes of the early European migrants to North America as you take a canoe ride on the river in Algonquin National Park.

The ride is bound to be idyllic, with views of natural rock formations and pine.

The park is perfect for a family vacation since it gives you some amount of solitude without sacrificing safety.  It also allows you to pick the intensity level of your canoeing challenge, from short paddling trips to backpacking and hiking affairs that could last several days.

Learn about natural history

For a hands-on lesson in natural history, simply head to the Toronto Zoo or the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa.  The Toronto Zoo is worlds away from a simple local zoo.  It’s Canada’s biggest zoo, and one of the largest in the world as well.  It is home to 460-plus animal species, and it is also very family friendly – it comes with a special children’s zone featuring a splash park, demonstrations, and interactive fun.

Meanwhile, the Museum of Nature offers a different sort of thrill.  It is housed in a century-old building and has taxidermy animals, live tarantulas and cockroaches, as well as dinosaur skeletons.

Enjoying “cottage time.”

One of the time-honoured traditions for family vacations in Ontario is time spent in a cottage in Muskoka, the Kawarthas, or the Rideau lakes.  Living in a rental cottage amidst the untamed gorgeousness of nature is the perfect opportunity to indulge in good old family bonding: cook meals over the campfire, have a sing-along, or play some old-fashioned board games indoors.

This list should give you a basic idea of what you can do on family vacations in Ontario.  Besides these activities, you can also indulge in sightseeing in such special places as the Saulte Saint-Marie, Black Creek Pioneer Village, or Rideau Canal.


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Canada Family Vacations


IfCanada Family Vacations you are going on Canada family vacations, the thought of family beach vacations in Canada might raise quite a few eyebrows, not to speak of a few highly dramatized shudders.

Known for its proximity to the polar region than the typical palm fringed tropics, Canada is well known for its snow capped mountains and Niagara Falls than any sunny beaches.

That being the general impression, however, the fact remains that there are a multitude of Oceanside and other water venues that are perfect for Canada family vacations at the beach!

Have a family beach vacation along Wasaga Beach in Georgian Bay in Ontario with the Canadian Blue Mountains rising majestically in the background. A renowned fresh water beach, this has been a family beach vacation destination for over a hundred years.

The place still retains its old world charm in addition to all modern recreation facilities. Bruce peninsula along the Georgian Bay is another family beach vacation destination with great swimming, nature parks, and other activities.

Canada Family Vacations

A great family beach vacation destination in Ontario would be Point Pelee on Lake Erie. From butterflies to birds, boating to bicycling and beyond, this island is a treasure trove of activities that is perfect for a Canada family vacation. Large numbers and varieties of migratory birds add to the fun and excitement.

Sauble Beach has much more to offer a family beach vacation than the average beach scene. They have Sand Fest where you get to try out your sand castle building skills and win prizes.

Sauble also has two national parks and plenty of golfing if you need a change of scene from all that sand. Sandbanks with three lovely golden beaches welcomes you to your fill of surfing, canoeing, and many more water sport activities you can think of on your family beach vacation.

Cape Enrage in New Brunswick has spectacular sandstone cliffs, while Plage de la Dune-du-Nord sports dramatic red cliffs. The view from the lighthouse at Cape Enrage is simply amazing to say the least. Bennet Beach in Yukon is known for its sand dunes and shimmering white sands that form a sand bar extending almost a kilometre into the warm waters.

For a family beach vacation in British Columbia, check out the Qualicum Beach with its gravel beach and deep turquoise water. There won’t be any sand castle building, but this beach is famous for its water sports and spectacular scenery.

Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba has some amazing beaches. The area is one of great natural beauty and a mystic serenity reinforced by the woods and caverns that beg exploration.

Grand Beach and Little Limestone Lake Park Reserve are quite popular with the locals and tourists alike.

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