Family Vacations in Maui for Lots of Fun Filled Activities

Family Vacations in Maui

Family vacations in Maui should be included in any family beach vacation where you want to have fun. Maui is a place with beautiful beaches and lots of attractions that your family may really enjoy. You can have fun filled activities here aside from the trip to the beautiful beaches.

However, to make this vacation trip more enjoyable and successful, it has to be planned well, and arrangements made in everything needed in this family vacation trip. Maui is a popular destination for an enjoyable family Hawaii vacation, but travel arrangements have to be done properly.

Family Vacations in Maui Offer Lots of Options

Family vacations in Maui can be very enjoyable and there are lots of options in terms of accommodations. There are Maui resorts you can choose or you may just opt for Maui vacation homes. These are also good family accommodations you can get in here.

If your family opts for the Maui resorts, you can expect lots of beach activities, including night time activities which can be really exciting. While the resorts can be one of the best options, vacation homes can be great as well. These places are private and you can also choose on the sizes, especially if you have a big family.

Vacations in Hawaii can be great adventure for the whole family and family vacations in Maui can also be the types your whole family can really enjoy having.  T

Another great fun experience can be shark spotting in the Maui Ocean Center where your family can have a fun sea experience even before going out to sea. In this place your kids will see sharks, sting rays, star fish, and other sea creatures even without getting to the sea yet. A sailboat trip to Lanai Island can also be a great experience. Snorkelling can be great here for your family.

Aside from these great attractions, family beach vacations can be the really great experiences that your family wants. This is because Maui can be the really ideal family vacation place for you. Your family will have great days of exploration and fun filled activities in this place.

You can have these adventure experiences and fun activities before you have your beach filled days. It can also be great if you explore other adventures in the area. Family travel in Maui is a great adventure experience aside from a trip to the beach.

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Hawaii Aquariums

Waikiki Aquarium

Waikiki Aquarium


Hawaii tourist destination, other than scenic views of the falls and the volcanoes, especially from the wonderful beaches of Hawaii, you should visit Hawaii’s aquariums. Hawaii is the best place or one of the best places to visit an aquarium since Hawaii boasts some of the beautiful sea creatures there is since it is surrounded by water. You can add Hawaii aquariums to your list of your family vacation.

Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center is one of Hawaii’s premier aquatic displays and a top Hawaii tourist destination.

In this island state full of natural wonders that’s a high achievement indeed. Located in Maalaea Harbor Village on the southwest shore of Maui, it offers both indoor and outdoor exhibits, either one of which would be well worth the visit. This center is one of Hawaii tourist destination of the best aquariums there is on the island.

Walk through the 16-meter (54-foot) tunnel and gaze into the 2.5 million liter (750,000 gallon) tank full of native species. This being Maui, that naturally includes lots of sharks, including the known man-eater Tiger Shark. Sharks often seem unpredictable. Yet here they swim peacefully with the Mahi Mahi and Spotted Eagle Rays that share the enclosure.

If you’re feeling nervous, just take a trip topside to view any of the 40 marine tanks. Enjoy the many colorful creatures in the tidal pool. Or, visit the Turtle Lagoon. Spend some time with the Tropical Reef’s marine life, which includes live sponges, anemones, mollusks and the country’s largest collection of live coral. Under supervision, you can pet one of the sea stars or sea urchins.

Hawaii Aquariums

Maui Ocean Center

Take a stroll and visit the Whale Discovery Center to see the life-sized model of a humpback whale calf, the state’s official marine animal. Adults are 45 feet in length and weigh 40 tons. See the educational displays here before taking a whale watching tour not far off the coast. The whales enjoy a swim through the channels between the islands as they migrate from the polar feeding grounds to breed in winter.

Don’t miss one of the many interactive displays in the Marine Mammal Discover Center that features video of monk seals, dolphins and other native marine life of Hawaii. Certified divers can even get into the Open Ocean Exhibit for a live shark encounter with over 20 sharks and several stingrays. Staff will do everything to make sure the live encounter stays that way!

Waikiki Aquarium

Built in 1904, the Waikiki Aquarium is the country’s oldest public aquarium. Located in Honolulu just blocks from Waikiki Beach, it houses over 3,000 organisms from over 450 plant and animal species.

Pause at the entrance and spend time examining the Potter’s Angel, Yellow Tang and other tropical fish. Get a close-up view of the Longnose Hawkfish, found only in waters below 100 feet. Enjoy the colorful coral, native to the waters only a few hundred yards away.

One exhibit, The Edge of the Reef, offers displays of five separate reef environments, showing the immense diversity of marine life even just within this one type of ecosystem.

The large shark tank here is populated also by rays and many other species that share space with some of Hawaii’s most famous natives. Come in the evening and get an in-depth tour during the Shark Nite or Stingray Tracking programs.

The jellyfish tank houses unusual species from the saltwater lakes near Palau. There are also Moon Jellies, Cassiopeia and many more of these delicate, semi-transparent marine animals.

Don’t miss seeing one of the few Chambered Nautilus born in captivity in a display not far away. A resident of the deep waters of Micronesia, it was recovered from the ocean at 1,500 feet. A distant relative of the octopus, they’re rarely seen in an aquarium.

Choose among Hawaii tourist destination of aquariums and discover why the natural wonders of this island state can sometimes only be found in a tank. Make the Hawaii aquariums visits part of your Hawaii family vacation. It is also educational for children as well. Not only will you spend your Hawaii family vacation enjoying but you will make this a learning experience as well.

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